cyberbullying n.
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A Look At

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  1. Let’s SCREEN out the Cyberbullying A Look At

  2. Let’s think about some things YOU can DO ON THE COMPUTER? Play Games Talk to friends and family Listen to music Do Homework Watch favorite T.V. shows Look up pictures on Google

  3. Are you social at school? Are you social on the school bus? Are you social on the computer? Being in a group, talking to people, you enjoy being with people. Let’s think about the word “SOCIAL”

  4. Connected computers – • school, library, classrooms • Network of friends – • school, neighborhood, sports • TV’s • (ABC, NBC CMS, FOX) • a “supportive system” of sharing information and services among individualsand groups having a common interest: • for example, Working mothers in the community use networking to help each other. What is a NETWORK?

  5. Facebook Twitter Chatrooms Blogs, Email Instant Messenger What is a SOCIAL NETWORK?

  6. Fall down Get hit by someone or something If someone says something mean about you When someone says something mean about you do your feelings get hurt? Can WORDS hurt? YES!! Think about the PLAYGROUND…. How Do People Get Hurt in their life?

  7. Bullying is when a person is picked on OVER and OVER again by an individual or group with more “power” – maybe they are BIGGER, STRONGER or they think they are BETTER than you What is BULLYING

  8. Types of Bullying Physical Verbal Indirect – Cyber bullying

  9. Cyber means = online, using a computer, over the internet Bully = someone who is mean, picks on people, makes people feel sad, hurt or angry. What do you think CYBER BULLYING means? CYBERBULLYING = using a computer to hurt people

  10. Words can hurt someone. Can you hurt someone when you are talking to them on a computer? HOW? Emailing them a mean message that hurts their feelings Writing something on a facebook wall that everyone can see. Writing hurtful messages in a chatroom or when you play online games with another person. How Do People Get Hurt on a computer?

  11. You are mad at them Some people think it is funny to embarrass someone on the internet You want them to feel sad or angry…it gives you a sense of “power” You are bored You want to get them back for something that they did to you. Because you can do this and not have to tell who you are. You hide behind the computer screen. Why would you CYBER Bully someone?

  12. UNDERSTAND ~ that being mean to people is not funny. THINK before you say or do anything online…once it is sent it cannot be taken back. Feelings are important, you must respect other people’s feeling . Don’t you want them to do that for you? What Can you do to Help?

  13. Take 5! - put down the mouse and step away from the computer. Go throw a baseball, run outside, read a book….just walk away. What Can you do to Help? Tell an adult

  14. Cyberbullying S T O P

  15. Cyberbullying S T O P Video