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Healthy Homes Insulation Experts PowerPoint Presentation
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Healthy Homes Insulation Experts

Healthy Homes Insulation Experts

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Healthy Homes Insulation Experts

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  1. New Zealand Healthy Homes Solutions (NZHHS) We provide Healthy Homes Standards Compliance Inspections

  2. About New Zealand Healthy Homes Solutions New Zealand Healthy Homes Solutions (NZHHS)is regarded as one of the market leaders, especially in inspection standards. A careful methodology has been designed to tackle the latest regulation that stipulates that all rental properties in New Zealand has to comply with a minimum standard for their living condition. This includes the five big areas which are heating, insulation, ventilation, moisture ingress, drainage and draught stopping.

  3. About our founders • Our founders are specialists in different aspects of property know-how; one is a licensed and accredited building inspector, while the other is an entrepreneur and visionary. Both are also very successful property investors. With over 15 years of shared experience in the building inspection and property market, they are committed to shaping the rental market of NZ with healthier homes. 

  4. Our Mission • Helping kiwis, young and old, achieve the best quality home standards they so deserved. A healthy home is so important as it boosts your quality of life, provide your little ones with good health, lower medical bills, help you feel rejuvenated at work, and increase your productivity; which eventually leads to a long and fulfilling live with your loved ones.

  5. Why choose us? We take pride in having over 15 years of experience in the building inspection market.  • We’ve completed over 10,000 home inspections in Auckland's region and the number is increasing daily. We use a robust and rigorous inspection methodology built over time by our BOINZ accredited inspector. • Founded by property investors, NZHHS is passionate about maximising the profit potential of your rental portfolio and ensuring that you are compliant with the regulations.

  6. Benefits of our assessment • Well-designed inspections are carried out by our trained NZHHS inspectors • 100% guarantee that our inspections are compliant with the healthy home standards • Save time with our 48 hours report turn around that includes competitive quotes by our accredited suppliers • A comprehensive report and a compliance certificate will be provided and backed by NZHHS • Public liability and professional indemnity insurance cover up to $1m for your peace of mind

  7. Our Process • Each inspection typically lasts 30-45 minutes, and is conducted by our team of NZHHS inspectors. We will provide a detailed report within 48 hours, supplemented with information and competitive quotes for the rental property. An experienced manager will be conducting quality checks on the inspection reports before it is sent out to property owners. NZHHS is also covered with professional indemnity and public liability insurance to ensure that each inspection is conducted to the highest industry standards required.  For more information visit at