mccs status update sofia sitr 2 19 10 kendall mauldin sofia platform project flight systems lead n.
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MCCS Status Update SOFIA SITR 2-19-10 Kendall Mauldin SOFIA Platform Project Flight Systems Lead PowerPoint Presentation
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MCCS Status Update SOFIA SITR 2-19-10 Kendall Mauldin SOFIA Platform Project Flight Systems Lead

MCCS Status Update SOFIA SITR 2-19-10 Kendall Mauldin SOFIA Platform Project Flight Systems Lead

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MCCS Status Update SOFIA SITR 2-19-10 Kendall Mauldin SOFIA Platform Project Flight Systems Lead

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  1. MCCS Status UpdateSOFIA SITR 2-19-10Kendall MauldinSOFIA Platform Project Flight Systems Lead Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy SOFIA

  2. Open Door MCCS Overview • The MCCS Consists of 10 Subsystems • Platform Interface Subsystem (PIS) • Power Distribution Subsystem (PDS) • Mission Audio Distribution Subsystem (MADS) • Workstation Subsystem (WS) • Network Subsystem (NWS) • Time Distribution Subsystem (TDS) (IRIG/NTP) • Video Distribution Subsystem (VDS) • Archive Subsystem(ARS) • Data Acquisition Subsystem (DAS) • Water Vapor Monitor(WVM) 2

  3. MCCS Current Status • Verified and operational in open door configuration • Currently supporting envelope expansion flight series • Modifications and installations in preparation for FORCAST line-ops are on-going (non-interference to envelope expansion) • Currently in a three week downtime where no envelope expansion flights are occurring, allowing us to complete many installations and mods in preparation for FORCAST Line-ops • Engineering build to support FORCAST is being checked out in integration labs

  4. MCCS Network RS-422 Data Subsystem Info External Systems MCCS MCCS Overview-Open Door Configuration IRIG Out Mission Dir Workstation Cavity ECS Time Distribution Cavity Door Drive Platform NW Switch Platform Interface Cockpit Indicator Surrogate DAS Flight Test Instrumentation Telescope Assembly Mission Audio Audio Communication for observatory Power Distribution Power to Observatory 4

  5. Not Started Complete Being Worked Unknown if required MCCS-Open Door Integration Status 5

  6. FORCAST Line Ops/ Short Science MCCS Configuration

  7. Preparations for FORCAST Line-ops • During current three week downtime: • Installation of several additional fiber optic lines, wiring, brackets, LCD monitor, network infrastructure, network printer, MADS at PI Rack, PI Panel Ground Lugs • Informal check-out of PI Patch Panel MCCS Interfaces • Includes safe-to-mate checks prior to connecting FORCAST instrument • Re-installation of MCCS UPS B • Installations of EB configured SDAS, PIS, network switches, Workstation, and TAIPS will be installed during the Observatory checkout period before Line-ops • Risk Mitigation check-outs of EB configured MCCS will be performed during observatory checkout period

  8. Power Distribution Subsystem 8

  9. PDS Status • Currently operational in Open Door configuration • MCCS UPS B currently not installed for open door. Will be re-installed and checked out before FORCAST Line-ops • Most distribution for future configurations is already installed, but formal V&V would be completed prior to use of the future configuration power distribution • Power Quality Notes for SI teams: • Both the UPS and FC power (115VAC, 60Hz) have been tested and verified to the following power quality specs (the 230VAC, 50Hz UPS will be tested to these standards as well): • Voltage stability (zero to full load) +/- 3% of nominal (115 or 230 VAC) • Frequency stability (zero to full load) +/- 1% of nominal (60 or 50 Hz) • %THD: 5% max • The 28VDC power from the aircraft TRUs has been tested to the following power quality specs: • Voltage regulation between 24 - 32 VDC at all load levels • DC ripple amplitude no greater than 3Vpp at all load levels • DC ripple frequency no greater than 5000 Hz at all load levels

  10. MCCS Network Subsystem 10

  11. Network Subsystem • Currently operational in Open Door configuration • Scalable for future configurations • FORCAST Line-ops configured units being checked-out in the integration labs PNS Open door configuration

  12. Network Subsystem 12

  13. IRIG/NTP 13

  14. IRIG/NTP Overview • Operational in open door configuration • Scalable to support future configurations • Supplies IRIG-B and NTP time base signals MCCS Forward Rack 5 IRIG NTP 14

  15. Mission Audio Distribution System 15

  16. MADS Status • Currently in “Open Door +” configuration, which includes expanded capability to support future configurations. • Used for ground and flight ops • FORCAST line-ops config will include MADS at the PI rack 16

  17. MADS FORCAST/Short Science Config

  18. MCCS Platform Interface Subsystem (PIS) 18

  19. PIS On-Aircraft Configuration • Operational in Open Door Configuration • EB unit loaded in integration labs for check-out prior to FORCAST Line-ops • EB unit will be used for FORCAST Line-ops (will include connection to TA) 19

  20. MCCS Workstations 20

  21. Workstation Status • Currently one workstation installed in upper deck area for door controller. Operational for open door configuration • Two additional workstations will be added for FORCAST Line-ops: TA Operators workstation, Mission Directors Workstation 21

  22. GUI Design 22

  23. MCCS S-DAS 23

  24. S-DAS Overview • Provides connection between CDDS status data and flight test telemetry system • Currently configured for Open Door configuration 24

  25. Video Distribution System (TAIPS)

  26. VDS (TAIPS) Status • TAIPS not part of open door configuration (not currently present on aircraft) • EB version of TAIPS is being checked out in integration labs, in prep for FORCAST Line-ops • EB version of TAIPS will be installed for FORCAST Line-ops • Connections to PI patch panel and imagers will be informally checked out prior to line-ops

  27. PI Patch Panel • Defined per MCCS_SI_05 ICD • Installed and ready for FORCAST Line-ops check-outs

  28. Kyle York Software Manager SOFIA Platform Project DFRC Flight Systems Engineering - Tybrin Software 28

  29. MCCS -Platform Interface System • Engineering Build 4 delivered • Blind pointing • SI boresight setup • Early Science Nodding • Engineering Build 5 scheduled to be delivered Feb 24 • Full rewind • 2-point Chopping • TA imager single and multicast processing (TAIPS) • TAIPS data archiving • Corrections to stability issues • Short Science 1 capabilities • Improved Nodding and Chopping • Constant Velocity Scan Mapping 29

  30. MCCS- Workstation • Workstation • Engineering Build 4 S/W Delivered • HIL is in configuration to support checkout of connectivity between MCCS subsystems • Not Formally V&Ved in the H/W or S/W configuration • Code coverage complete • Engineering Build 5 delivery on Feb 24 • Workstation software delivery 30 days after. • HIL configuration and connectivity check to follow 30