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VPFA: Executing Platform Points PowerPoint Presentation
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VPFA: Executing Platform Points

VPFA: Executing Platform Points

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VPFA: Executing Platform Points

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  1. VPFA: Executing Platform Points 1.Student Financial Literacy & Awareness 2.Community Relations/Engagement 3. Academic Credit for Co-Curricular Involvement

  2. Part One is working with the VPEA (including the Research & Policy Coordinator) and SAFA towards the creation and implementation of a mediation service for students who are using OSAP where they will have a more user friendly, and personally involved method(s) of asking questions and becoming educated regarding OSAP policy. Such methods will allow students to ask questions as well as receive help with respect to appealing decisions, staying informed and conveying their circumstance appropriately. Methods could include any or all of the following structures: • A text message friendly phone line (via an app) • Open office hours where drop in appointments • A push for students to become aware of SAFA and their Social Media outlets • PartTwo is adding an online budget generator to the BUSU website/Innovated Brock App for students to genuinely budget where their money is going on a monthly and weekly basis. • There will be a revamping of the annual budget generator Brock has on their website. • There will be an entrepreneur week (likely in February). • The final part of this plan is a year full of workshops and promotion of the services we plan to offer beginning with the Smart Start where many first year students first get to know Brock. Student Financial Literacy & Awareness

  3. Community Relations/Engagement • Affinity Program: The idea is that via The Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce and The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce as well as other means BUSU will develop relationships with businesses that students use while in university. BUSU will create a partnership with said businesses in order to extend corporate discounts to students (i.e. a corporate/student phone plan, discounts of furniture, discounts on gas, discounts on food etc.) • Better Presence in the community • Attending Events in the community • Involving the community/local businesses with BUSU & Brock events • Connecting with businesses in the community • Helping connect Students to service-learning, experiential-learning opportunities

  4. Academic Credit for Co-Curricular Involvement • Working with Experience BU to Link Clubs With Academia - This effort will provide an optional opportunity for students to receive academic credit for designated co-curricular involvement. • A push for more experiential learning in the classroom • The premise of the program is that professors will extend requirements that they themselves have deemed suitable for students to fulfil if they wish to achieve extra credit for the class. BUSAC will have an opportunity to be involved

  5. Sincerely looking forward to working with all of you Questions? Interested in anything in particular? e: p: 905 688-5550 x3184 f: Kyle Denzel Rose