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Bootstrapping a Software Company

ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (EDP). Bootstrapping a Software Company. The Essence of Experiences. Author : Pawan Yadav. A step by step guide to open and run a startup. Author : Pawan Yadav. USPs of this Book Cracking stories of 17 CEOs for booting their first venture.

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Bootstrapping a Software Company

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  1. ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (EDP) Bootstrapping a Software Company The Essence of Experiences Author : Pawan Yadav A step by step guide to open and run a startup Author : Pawan Yadav

  2. USPs of this Book • Cracking stories of 17 CEOs for booting their first venture. • An Entrepreneurs Guide • The essence of Experiences • A step by step guide to open and run a start- up • Eye model

  3. Who is Entrepreneur ?

  4. Few words to aspirants….

  5. Why one should become Entrepreneur ?

  6. Major contribution to country's GDP and export earnings Contributing to employment up to significant numbers. India developed a number of outsourcing companies specializing in customer support via Internet or telephone connections. Why only IT Industry.. With Such a wonderful growth in this sector it makes the wise decision to start a business in this Industry.

  7. Why we initiated this concept…. Some one needs to compile the actual requirements of a budding entrepreneur and the secrets of successful entrepreneur.

  8. How We Make The Difference ?? There are books available in the market which tell you what to do to become good managers……. but none of the books will tell you how to become a good entrepreneur There are books which tell you what to do……. but none of them will tell you what not to do.



  11. Bootstrapping a Software Company The Essence of Experiences

  12. A book which can be used as a guide by the budding entrepreneurs to start up a software company. This book is not based on theoretical aspect to start the company but on a practical approach as it includes suitable formats for planning required during each phase of company and also it carries the essence of the experience shared by the successful entrepreneurs.

  13. What is Bootstrapping ? Bootstrapping stands for: The term derives its meaning from the expression "lifting oneself up by one's own bootstraps", referring “to raising oneself up by one's own means”. A step-by-step approach to open Software Company with little or no money

  14. Aim Making the knowledge available to the potential contender so as to make them a successful entrepreneur in Software Industry.

  15. Objective • Creating Entrepreneurs in software Industry. • Steer to start a software company with almost no money. • Creating a right knowledge platform for Budding Entrepreneurs. • A Real source for strategic approach to minimize the chances for startup'sfailure.

  16. Introduction

  17. This book is divided into following PH 1 : Entrepreneur corner • The Entrepreneurial concept • Face to Face Talk • The Golden Words from Entrepreneur • Why to not start a start up ? • Building up the entrepreneur spirit PH 2 : Software Industry – An Overview • Evaluation of Software Industry • Current situation for Indian Software industry • Future of Indian Software industry • Opportunities of Aspirant Indian PH 3 : Pre Planning • Have a best failure plan • Market Research • Investment planning • Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) budgeting PH 4 : Post Planning • Roles & Responsibilities of Top Management • Roles & Responsibilities of HR Deptt. • Roles & Responsibilities of Marketing Deptt. • Roles & Responsibilities of Software Development Deptt. • Roles & Responsibilities of Finance Deptt. PH 5 : Helping Hands • Link to Funds & Knowledge • Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) • International Organization for Standardization (ISO) • Capability Maturity Model (CMM) • Lean in IT

  18. Let's HAVE A quick Look…….

  19. PH 1: Entrepreneur corner Fact to Face Talk • In the beginning it is important to get the correct information which is required to execute the setup. Now the question is from whom to get the information & guidance. • How about getting the guidance form the one who on their will started from the scratch? For this reason we started interacting with the so called ‘GURUS’ of IT world who can enlighten the way.

  20. PH 1: Entrepreneur corner Golden words from Entrepreneur • These are actually the small stories of the GURUS who had paved path for their own fate & still continuing to achieve their dream goals because success is not destination ,it’s a journey. • These GURUS started their journey with almost zero pennies but still tasted the success. A sharing of experience form them.

  21. Golden words from Entrepreneurs Include following Jewels

  22. PH 1 : Entrepreneur corner Why to not start a startup This chapter dearth the reasons why people says “They Can Not”. It lists out all attributes of people’s all reluctance to start a start up But actually these attributes is a State of Dilemma After Knowing why we can not , we have given the cause why we can start a startup. BE POSITIVE… GO AHEAD TO CHASE YOUR DREAMS… BECOME AN ENTRPRENUER

  23. PH 1: Entrepreneur corner Building up the entrepreneurial Spirit The successful entrepreneurs have the FIRE in them to chase their dream and bring it to reality . They may be from different arenas, having different skill sets and all of them may have different way to achieve their goals but one thing which is common in all of them is ATTITUDEtowards their life • This parts helps to develop the entrepreneurial spirit with help of small anecdote which helps to know more about ……. • Attitude • Team Work • Keep Spark Alive • Failure A night Mare • Don’t let anyone steal your dreams • Secrets of Success

  24. PH 2: Software Industry Evolution of Software Industry Here we have tried to give the major milestone achieved by the Software Industry in it’s so far journey. How the journey started Gain in Pace Acceleration in it’s effect Beginning of new era

  25. PH 2: Software Industry Current Situation of Indian Software Industry The Indian Software Industry has brought about a tremendous success for the emerging economy. The software industry is the main component of the Information technology in India. India's pool of young aged manpower is the key behind this success story. • The Indian software industry specializes in the export of low-end software development services. • Competing primarily on cost and availability of software talent. • Presently there are more than 500 software firms in the country which shows the monumental advancement that the India Software Industry has experienced.

  26. PH 2: Software Industry Future of Indian Software Industry • The rapid globalization of the software industry in recent years has focused a great deal of attention on India whose software industry is now a small but a growing part of the international division of labor. • The rise of the Indian software industry has provided substantial benefits to U.S. firms, both users and developers of software. U.S. firms benefit because Indian software firms compete fiercely among themselves for contracts. • The Future is Bright !

  27. PH 2: Software Industry Opportunities For Aspirants in India WHO ARE THERE TO GUIDE ? ? Various agencies participate in entrepreneurial development across India To coordinate and oversee their activities, the Ministry of Industry – Govt. of India has established the National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development (NIESBUD). There are other Institutes to promote entrepreneurship in India • DARE • Tie • NEN • KICKSTART • EDII

  28. PH 3: Pre Planning Planning Before starting the company • Preplanning is all about aligning your self with • The current scenario of market to begin with specific arena (i.e. Market research for potential business), • Analyzing risks on your head, • Arranging the funds for capital expenditure as well as for revenue expenditure to keep yourself in phase of financial freedom at least for six months. • FAILLING TO PLAN IS PLANNING TO FAIL

  29. PH 3: Pre Planning Planning Before starting the company • Have best Failure Plan- What if you fail • Do the Impact & Risk analysis. • Market Research - Discovering your business arena • Doing the Marketing Homework. • Investment Planning-Raising the Start up Capital • Finding a Angel Investor • Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) Budgeting • Justify to penny plan for spend. • Capital Expenditure Vs Revenue Expenditure: The Financial Freedom • Required to maintain the Financial health of the organization. Your Starting CAPEX should not exceed more than 30% of money committed by Angel OR Venture Capitalist. If it is so please re-justify to your each penny planned to spend in Starting CAPEX.

  30. PH 4: Post Planning Execution of Project once started What is Post Planning ? • Preplanning is required to build up the minimum level of company. • Post planning is a phase where one is ready to execute the project with the help of all the departments of organization. • Post planning is a total teamwork where department’s contribution counts. • Post planning is required to execute the company once it is built up to a minimum level, sustaining and expanding it successfully. • This is a phase where one can plan for all integral departments’ functioning methodology, Roles and responsibilities required for smooth execution.

  31. PH 4: Post Planning Execution of Project once started One must have done the followings before Post Planning • One must have got Angel/venture capitalist who is ready to become your strategic partner/ready invest on your idea. • At least a few links are located few links to get the projects on regular basis . • Market research done during preplanning phase helps to get the Projects , if not projects at least a positive indication.

  32. PH 4: Post Planning Execution of Project once started Department Formations • Every body can not perform each and every task. Each individual has to • Perform it’s function in an organization. Similarly the Departments are formed • to perform specific functions. • Each department may have the different objective but they work together to • accomplish organization GOAL. • The Integral departments of any software organizations are as follows • Top Management • HR Department • Marketing and Sales Department (Business development Department) • Software Development Department. • Finance Department

  33. PH 4: Post Planning Execution of Project once started Significance of each Department The significance of each department can be understood with the help of “ Eye Model” • HR Departments :Mouth - Arrange the resources required to run the company. • Technical &Marketing Department : Eye - Provides methods of execution and links for projects on regular and standard basis. • Finance & Accounts department: Nose - Senses the profitability on execution of projects and its track record. • Top Management : Ear & Brain - Listen; analyze the issues of company and final authority for decision-making. For any startup, Functioning & execution of every department is must rather than creation of department physically. Number of people allocated to department for any start up hardly matters but execution of roles and responsibilities is must

  34. PH 4: Post Planning Execution of Project once started This section of the book will help to know the each department by their function and the resources required by them. PART 1: Roles and Responsibilities of Top Management PART 2: Roles & Responsibilities of HR Department PART 3: Roles &Responsibilities of Marketing Department PART 4: Roles &Responsibilities of Software Development department PART 5: Roles &Responsibilities of Finance Department

  35. PH 5 : Helping Hands Who can help you meet your dreams There are many enthusiastic people out here who start there companies but face lot of problems because lack of proper help in terms of finance guidance, support and exposure to the market. This Phase talks about same. PART-1: Links to Funds & Knowledge : Here we have told the about various organization that helps a startup. PART2 : Software Technology Park of India (STPI) : Brief overview of theme . PART-3 : ISO- International Organization for Standardization : Benefits of ISO to the new setups.. PART-4 : CMM -Capability Maturity Model : Overview & benefits. PART-5 : Lean in IT : Introduction to the concept & it’s applicability in IT industry.



  38. www.bootstrappingasoftwarecompany.com


  40. Pillars behind this concept

  41. Pillars behind this concept

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