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Video games .

Video games .

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Video games .

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  1. Video games. How they make women and men look in Video games. A presentation by: Daisy Joe

  2. Sexism in video games. -Towards women. ^^this is just some examples of how girls are looked upon in video games. • How they make girls look in video games; Most video games make girls look like they don’t have very much respect for themselves, & their body. I also think that they dress them up so crazy that it looks like there barely wearing any clothes. Lots of the girls are also put as prostitutes and hookers. The video game company makes them look stupid.

  3. Is this something you’d really see everyday? <<< None of this is realistic. F A C T: Most of the female avatars have; large breasts, small waistlines and finely toned bodies. It’s highly uncommon to see a women in a video game that isn’t portrayed with “feminine wiles.”

  4. Most video games include topics such as; graphic violence, sex and sexism, violent and gory scenes, partial or full nudity, criminal behavior, racism and much more. • Why do they make them that way? It’s to have a bigger audience (mostly male) to purchase the game. The game developers create an unreal fantasy of “hot” women populated their world. • Have you ever really played a video game without an unrealistic female at all? Face it. You probably haven’t.

  5. Click to view video. This is a toned down version of how girls are portrayed in video games. See what I mean? Have you noticed that when a girl plays a video game, the options of clothing is a minimum and only very revealing items. When a guy plays a video game, the avatar gets a whole selection too choose from, and the clothes are the modern stuff guys wear.

  6. HOW MEN APPEAR IN VIDEO GAMES. When they have guys in video games, they always have to appear tough and Aggressive.

  7. Male Homosexual representation • Have you noticed that you RARELY ever see a gay man in a video game? Even if so, if there was a gay/homosexual man in a video game, he would probably get beat up. • I think they don’t have any homosexual representation because the creators of the video games never thought of having it, and if they did the creators probably aren’t for gay rights and pride. Click to see.

  8. CONCLUSION I think video games are good, for entertainment, but can also be sexist and racist towards people. Some people can and will find some material on video games extremely offensive towards themselves, and others they may know. The video games have so much social media of what people think reality could be, but it’s not. The video games are made for people to enjoy the life there not living.