update on progress in soe drafting group n.
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Update on progress in SOE-drafting group PowerPoint Presentation
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Update on progress in SOE-drafting group

Update on progress in SOE-drafting group

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Update on progress in SOE-drafting group

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  1. Update on progress in SOE-drafting group

  2. Structure of WFD Water Directors Steering of implementation process Chair: Presidency, Co-chair: Commission Expert Advisory Forum“Flood Protection” Strategic Steering Group“WFD and Agriculture” Strategic Co-ordination Group Co-ordination of work programme Chair: Commission Art. 21 Committee Working Group A “Ecological Status” Working Group C “Groundwater” Working Group E “Priority Substances” “Chemical Monitoring” “Chemical Monitoring” Working Group B “Integrated River Basin Management” Working Group D “Reporting” "GIS” Expert Network

  3. Steering Group (DG Env, JRC, Eurostat,EEA) EIONET/NFPs EEA Working Group 2D Reportingchair DG Env NRCs for water and EIONET water Workshop Drafting Group Compliance Dg Env Drafting Group SOE/Trends Chair EEA Sub Group GIS

  4. process • 11 from 21 participants joint both meetings • Discussion on guidance for further SOE-data flow, updating the Eionet-water data flow (station selection probably some parameters, aggregation…)

  5. Sections in guidance document • define common understanding on SoE-data stream in relation to compliance report under WFD and other directives • Review on existing monitoring guidance • Reporting sheets for SoE-data stream; based on Eionet water content structure/DD • Details on data handling and processing following the needs coming out of task 3 • Formulation of requirements and recommendation for WISE

  6. Outcome of 2nd SOE-drafting group • criteria for SoER-water data flow (updating Eionet) have to be revisited and revised to make the data suitable for spatial and integrated analysis. • The new structure is planned to develop into the reporting sheets for the SOER-DG and have to be agreed there and in EIONET-water network • First draft available in Jan 2006

  7. Outcome • Large parts of the meta information on site specification, physical characterisation and proxy pressures can be taken from other WFD related reporting activities (art. 3,5,8) • In terms of full SoE-assessments other determinands, (quantity, biolog. hydromorph. QElements, loads….) should be included into the SoE-data flow step by step and discussed in Drafting Group/Eionet.

  8. Further steps • Next meeting Feb/March 2006 • Autumn meeting again back to back with Eionet-WS to keep the networks together