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Click here to remove an invitation PowerPoint Presentation
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Click here to remove an invitation

Click here to remove an invitation

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Click here to remove an invitation

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  1. To start a google hangout, you must first log into Campus. Once there, in the right-hand column, you will find a list of your contacts. If the person you wish to contact is not listed, you can use the search bar to try to find them. Once you have found them in the list, hover over their name, and a small window with several options will appear. Click on “hangout”. You can repeat this process for as many people as you wish to invite.

  2. A list of all invited people should appear towards the bottom-left. If you accidentally select someone and wish to remove them, click the “x” next to their name. After you have selected the people you wish to invite, click the “Hangout” button at the bottom right. Click here to remove an invitation Click here to start the Hangout session

  3. If this is the first time you have used Google Hangout, there will be a few extra steps to get everything set up. First, you will be asked to install the Hangout Plugin. This plugin should work for most computers. Below you see the install screen, the loading screen, and the screen for when it’s finished. Loading screen Install screen Install complete

  4. You may also be prompted to set up a Google Plus (or G+) account. Accept the usage, complete the first screen which contains required information, then work through the second and third page.

  5. Additionally, you will be asked to accept PortmontHangout’s permissions – click accept and/or continue as necessary. Note, these permissions are only necessary the first time you use Hangout – any following hangout creations will go straight from Campus to the Hangout.

  6. The application will then load. You will see a screen like this – saying who else is already there, the option to join, and a preview image of what your video camera sees (and therefore what the others in the hangout will see). Click join, and begin.