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to A World-class MBA Program in Korea PowerPoint Presentation
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to A World-class MBA Program in Korea

to A World-class MBA Program in Korea

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to A World-class MBA Program in Korea

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  1. Invitation to A World-class MBA Program in Korea March 2005 Presented by SKK Graduate School of Business

  2. Contents • Who are we • Our vision • Mission • Major features of the program • Admission • Our promise

  3. SKK GSB Who are we SKK Graduate School of Business (SKK GSB) is a business school newly founded by SKK University with the assistance of Samsung Group and MIT Sloan School of Management. 1

  4. Our vision To be the best MBA program in Asia by year 2010 Korea China SKK GSB • Tsinghua (淸華) • Fudan (復旦) Hong Kong • HKUST • CUHK Singapore • Nanyang • SMU • NUS 2

  5. Mission To develop the future leaders of Asia-based global companies Global Leaders for the 21st Century Team-work and Cross Functional Collaboration Global Perspectives Innovative and Critical Thinking In-depth Knowledge & Integrative Approach Leadership & Experiential Learning 3

  6. Major features of the program • Strong leadership • Samsung’s commitment • Strategic collaboration with MIT Sloan • English speaking only • Diverse faculty • Curriculum • Student activities • Facilities • Staff • Placement 4

  7. 1. Strong leadership Strong leadership provided by the founding Dean Prof. Robert C. KlemkoskyFred T. Greene Professor of Finance at Kelley School of Business of Indiana University. Prof. Klemkosky will set the global standard in all academic and administrative matters and will help establish a very strong research culture in the School. “I envision an MBA program modeled on the best American and European MBA programs. I think globalization will play a big role in the program, as will promoting team work and experiential learning. It will not entail professors standing in front of a class lecturing, but instead will foster interaction between the faculty member and the MBA students.” 5

  8. 2. Samsung’s commitment Samsung’s commitment to world-class business education Samsung has always strived for No. 1 position in every area it chose to be in. Higher education is no exception in this regard. It has a goal of making SKK GSB be the best and the most prestigious Business School in Asia. 6

  9. 3. Strategic collaboration with MIT Sloan Strategic collaboration with MIT Sloan School of Management SKK GSB has entered into a strategic collaboration with Sloan School. The collaboration will last for eight years until 2011. This project consists of three main components. • Faculty development: Faculty members will be sent to Sloan during the contract period. • Student development: Visit to Sloan to spend a portion of their second year • Teaching by Sloan faculty in Seoul Faculty Development Student Development Sloan Faculty in Seoul 7

  10. 4. English speaking only All courses are taught in English. Besides, students will be encouraged/asked to speak English only once they enter the business school building 8

  11. Highly regarded faculty members SKK GSB Faculty Visiting professors from Sloan School Prominent business scholars 5. Faculty • Highly regarded faculty members recruited from all over the world • Visiting professors from Sloan School • Prominent business scholars will also teach as visiting professors 9

  12. 6. Curriculum Two key words; - Academic depth - Managerial relevance Managerial relevance Academic depth 10

  13. 6. Curriculum SKK GSB MBA curriculum combines a deep understanding of intellectual foundations with teamwork, cutting-edge management research, and practical applications Practical Applications Cutting-edge Management research Teamwork Modeling & Analysis - The variety of teaching methods include; - Intensive case studies that focus on contemporary management issues- Modeling and analysis of business decisions and strategies. - Collaborative projects focused on producing innovative solutions - Lectures by visiting academic and industry leaders. Intensive Case studies Visiting academic & Industry leaders 11

  14. 7. Student Activities The experience at SKK GSB will be greatly enhanced by an enormous range of activities and opportunities found on campus and in Seoul. - Impressive orientation program - Summer internship program- Investment management academy- Global marketing academy - Strategic consulting academy - Student clubs, lectures/seminars/presentations from visiting executives- Daehakro, Samcheong-dong- Palaces, museums, galleries, temples, restaurants, cultural activities, & social events. 12

  15. 8. Facilities The State-of-the-art infrastructure • Multi-media lecture halls • Digital library • Breakout rooms • Student lounge/Locker room • Career development office with interview rooms 13

  16. High Motivation Professionalism Well-trained Customer-oriented 9. Staff All of our staff members will go to great lengths to help maximize the value of the learning experience of the students. They are- Highly motivated and well-trained- Very customer-oriented- Marked by highest degree of professionalism 14

  17. 10. Placement We will do our best to help students get decent and prestigious jobs. Our efforts will be aided by - Our special relationship with Samsung Group, - Our extensive human network, - The effective and efficient operation of the career development office, and above all by. - The high marketability of the students 15

  18. Admission Target Students- Highly promising young employees with proven leadership of leading Korean and other Asian companies. - Outstanding students who have graduated from top-notch universities in Korea and other Asian countries. Students who have graduated from top-notch universities in Asia Young employees in leading Asian companies SKK GSB target students 16

  19. Admission Admission Criteria Students will be selected by criteria comparable to those of MIT Sloan School. The major factors that will be considered are: - GMAT score - TOEFL score - GPA - Job experience - Recommendation letters - Essays written by the applicants - Personal Interview 17

  20. Admission Admission Interviews We will interview ALL applicants. The students’ interview performance will have a heavy impact on our final decision GMATTOEFLGPAJob experience Recommendation lettersEssays written by the applicants Final screening 1st screening Interviews 18

  21. Our Promise World-class MBA Education Guaranteed 19