skk gsb a world class mba program in korea n.
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SKK GSB A World-Class MBA Program in Korea PowerPoint Presentation
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SKK GSB A World-Class MBA Program in Korea

SKK GSB A World-Class MBA Program in Korea

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SKK GSB A World-Class MBA Program in Korea

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  1. SKK GSB SKK GSBA World-Class MBA Program in Korea

  2. 1. Who We Are 2. The Admission Process 3. The Benefits A. Quality of Program B. Financial Aid C. Internship and Study Abroad D. Placement 4. Invitation to Visit Contents

  3. 1. Who We Are The MIT Element • SKK GSB, under Samsung’s sponsorship, has entered into a strategic collaboration with MIT Sloan, which has been set for an initial term of eight years until 2011. • This project consists of three main components. A. Faculty development Faculty members will be sent to Sloan during the contract period. B. Student development Students will spend a semester at Sloan and other collaborating MBA programs such as Kellogg and Kelley. C. Visiting faculty Faculty members from world-famous MBA programs, including MIT Sloan, visit SKK GSB to teach courses over entire terms.

  4. 1. Who We Are (cont’d) The Samsung Element • Samsung’s has made a long-term commitment to building a world-class business school in Korea. They will spare no costs. • The Group has always strived for the “No. 1” position in every area of endeavor; higher education is no exception in this regard (case in point : Samsung General Hospital and SKK School of Medicine). • Their goal is to build SKK GSB into the be the best and the most prestigious Business School in Asia by 2010. • Samsung is providing support in terms of a) faculty recruitment, b) financial aid, and c) placement of graduates.

  5. 1. Who We Are (cont’d) The SKK Element • The vision is to evolve SKK GSB into a premier non-U.S. business school such as INSEAD or IMD, but with a U.S.-style curriculum and U.S.-trained faculty. • Samsung maintains a firm commitment to SKK, to upgrade the university into a high-ranking school, not just in Korea, but in Asia. • SKK GSB is a temporary start-up phase; Samsung and SKK will pursue closer arrangements with MIT, and is also pursuing new relationships with other top-notch MBA programs in addition to Kellogg and Kelley.

  6. 2. The Application Process • Application Deadline for Fall 2005 : May 31st, 2005 • Application Fee : KRW 50,000 or US$ 40 • The application process has been simplified for Fall 2005 with a view of attracting the best available pool of students as possible. A. Completed Application Form (on-line or paper) + Essays B. Transcripts in English C. GMAT Score (optional) / TOEFL Score (recommended) D. Two Letters of Recommendation E. Interview with Dean

  7. 2. The Application Process (cont’d) • We are looking for people who : A. have a strong interest in a career with Samsung and/or in finance/marketing functions with major companies; B. will grow with the school and take strong initiative to help the reputation of the school grow; C. will actively network with both foreign and Korean students, from SKK GSB and other organizations; and D. maintain an unwavering belief that the reputation of MBA Programs cannot be built without students and alumni.

  8. 2. The Application Process (cont’d) • In summary, we are looking for a special breed of people to enter into a special situation with exciting opportunities. • In return, SKK GSB will provide an array of benefits which is unparalleled in any Korean or international business school.

  9. 3. The BenefitsA. Quality of Program • Quality of Faculty - Dean Robert Klemkosky – Fred T. Greene Professor of Finance at Kelley School of Business – to set a global standard. - Highly recruited faculty members from all over the world. - Visiting professors from MIT Sloan and other reputable programs. - Prominent business scholars providing practical classes to supplement theoretical training. All made possible by the support of the Samsung Group, which is aware that the first step to a quality program is quality faculty members.

  10. 3. The BenefitsA. Quality of Program (cont’d) • Quality of Curriculum - Rigorous U.S.-style programs in English which balance theory and practice (case studies), and career/leadership programs. - All-encompassing curriculum with concentrations in finance and marketing. - Designed to prepare students for study abroad, and conduct international business in an increasingly globalized environment. SKK GSB regards itself a competitor of quality States-side MBA programs, not domestic nominally English-based programs.

  11. 3. The Benefits A. Quality of Program (cont’d) • Quality of Students - Corporate-sponsored students are elite students from well-known corporations and organizations (opportunity cost considerations). - Korean are from all major Korean universities, encompassing SNU, Korea, Yonsei, and POSTECH. - Samsung Genius Program foreign students have beaten out 100:1 odds or higher to be selected to a career with Samsung. SKK GSB will not compromise quality for quantity. Current enrollment stands at 35, and enrollment for Fall 2005 will be limited to 50 or less. The international student ratio will be maintained at 30% or higher (presently 35%) and countries of origin diversified to build a truly global MBA program.

  12. 3. The Benefits B. Financial Aid • SKK GSB offers full-tuition scholarships to highly qualified students. The scholarships are made available through the Samsung Foundation. The scholarships also cover tuition for the study-abroad semester. Scholarship eligibility is based on a number of factors. • We will make every effort to enable students gaining admission to attend, with the strong and unequivocal backing of Samsung. • The scale and scope of financial aid made available is unparalleled by any other business school.

  13. 3. The BenefitsC. Internship and Study Abroad • SKK GSB offers summer internship opportunities. The internships represent formal stepping stones to full-time jobs, whereby employers are able to confirm the capabilities of potential candidates, while the candidates can ascertain compatibility with work. 100% of Fall 2004 class have been placed in internships with the Samsung Group for summer 2005. We will expand the internship base to financial institutions, marketing and consulting firms, and non-Samsung Group corporate entities for the summer of 2006. • SKK GSB currently has arrangements with MIT Sloan, Northwestern Kellogg, and Indiana Kelley for entire semesters. We are currently pursuing arrangements with a number of other schools to diversify the study abroad experience. Students will be expected to perform at the same level as full-time MBS students at those institutions, and SKK GSB is confident of preparing its students during their first year to meet the challenge.

  14. 3. The Benefits D. Placement • From the outset, SKK GSB has placed emphasis on placement, and has approached this all-important issue from a number of angles. - Samsung Group will help us absorb qualified students (including full-scholarship students) for internship and employment upon graduation. Samsung will also work to pursue opportunities with affiliated and associated business entities, both domestic and international. - SKK GSB will work with various prominent Korean business groups to pursue placement opportunities. Financial institutions are particularly excited about our school’s finance curriculum.

  15. 3. The Benefits D. Placement (cont’d) - MIT Sloan maintains a working relationship with a number of prominent companies, many of them with extensive presence in Asia and in Korea. SKK GSB will work with to pursue related opportunities. • In addition to existing Global Marketing and Capital Markets Academies, the school has plans to add a Strategic Consulting Academy beginning in Fall 2005. This will open up new placement opportunities with strategic consulting firms, just as happened with finance and marketing firms. • SKK GSB will leverage off Samsung’s growing global presence and prominence; its support is firm and unequivocal in this regard. This is pivotal with the school’s aim of developing future leaders for global companies, with a focus on the fast-growing Asian region.

  16. 4. Invitation to Visit • Open House : April 25th through May 13th (Monday – Friday) – Come visit our school and - sit in on lectures of world-famous MIT professors (May 2nd – 13th); - talk to the dean, faculty members, students, and Samsung and school officials; and - tour our state-of-the-art facilities. (The school will be open with classes held on May 5th, a public holiday.) • For information and reservations, please contact : T. J. Park – MBA Program Director Telephone : 02-740-1509 / 010-4701-3111 E-mail : or (website :