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Welcome Class of 2018 PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome Class of 2018

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Welcome Class of 2018
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Welcome Class of 2018

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  1. Welcome Class of 2018

  2. Graduation Requirements vs. Basic College Preparation College Entrance –4 years English –3 years Math –3 years Social Studies –3 years Lab Science –2 years Foreign Language or Fine Arts, Vocational * This criteria may vary based upon your college of choice. HHS Graduation (26 credits) –4 years English –3 years Math (Algebra I/ Geometry) –American History (Jr. year) – Government (Sr. year) –2 years Science –½ Consumer Education –½ Health –4 years of P.E. –Driver’s Education (classroom portion)

  3. English 4 years of English are required for HHS graduation Writing Expository Narrative Persuasive Compare/Contrast Grammar Book Reports 2 book reports in Grammar 2 book reports in Literature Overview of Freshman English : Short Stories The Most Dangerous Game The Interlopers A Sound of Thunder Novels To Kill a Mockingbird Animal Farm Drama The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet Epic Poetry The Odyssey

  4. English Electives Other English Electives: Journalism, Creative Writing, Speech, Accelerated Speech, Debate, Drama, Shakespeare Freshman choices: Young Adult Literature

  5. Accelerated English Students are selected by the following criteria: Students must read 3 novels over the summer Bronte, Wuthering Heights Golding, Lord of the Flies Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Wright, Black Boy Williams, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Williams, A Street Car Named Desire Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse Five Heller, Catch-22 Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye Buck, The Good Earth Stowe, Uncle Tom’s Cabin Dickens, Oliver Twist Dickens, David Copperfield Twain, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451 Herbert, Dune Kipling, The Jungle Book Hugo, Les Miserables Keyes, Flowers for Algernon Teacher recommendation Standardized test scores Attendance Homework completion

  6. Math 3 years of Math are required to graduate HHS including Algebra I and Geometry Placement is based on teacher recommendation along with test scores, percentage of homework completion and attendance Students looking to attend a 4-year university after high school need to take 3-4 years of Math

  7. Math Adv Algebra Intro to Calc AP CalcAB AP CalcBC Algebra I* Algebra II* Geometry* *may be taken along with Developmental Math Algebra IRP Algebra II RP Adv Geom/Adv Alg Intro to Calculus

  8. Science 2 years of Science are required to graduate HHS Other science classes: Students looking to attend a 4- year university after high school need to take 3 – 4 years of Science. Freshman choices • Physical Science (semester) • Space Science (semester) • Basic Biochemistry (year) • Biology (year) – to take this class the student must have a teacher recommendation

  9. Science College Ready Other science electives: Physical Science, Space Science, Basic Biochemistry, Geology/Meteorology, Anatomy and Physiology, Botany, Genetics, Microbiology Biology Chemistry Chemistry II or Physics Science Elective

  10. Social Science American History (Jr) and Government (Sr) are required to graduate HHS Students looking to attend a 4-year university after high school need to take 3-4 years of Social Science Freshman choices • Illinois History (sem) • Geography A (sem) • Geography B (sem)

  11. Social Science College Ready Career/ Jr. College/ Military SS elective SS elective American History Government Geography A & B or Illinois History World History A & B American History Government Other Social Science electives: Modern Am History, Practical Law, Psychology, Sociology

  12. Physical Education Students are required to take 4 credits of PE Students are also required to take 1 semester of Health Traditional PE Beginning Strength and Conditioning Advanced Strength and Conditioning Aerobics Some students can take waivers for medical/religious reasons or if they are in Band

  13. Freshman Academy Topics: getting to know HHS, positive relationships, learning styles, boundaries, support, verbal and non-verbal communication, values, study skills, note taking, GPAs, transcripts, college and career information To qualify for an Exemption, students must have good grades, attendance, and homework completion. Freshman Academy will educate and prepare incoming freshman for a successful and smooth transition into high school. Emphasis in the first semester will be placed on transition skills necessary to be Successful. It will also serve as a study hall.

  14. Fine Arts and Foreign Language French I Spanish I Spanish II German I Art I Band Chorus Early Bird Chorus Music Appreciation Some colleges require 2 years of Foreign Language for admission; some colleges will accept 2 years of Art, Band, or Vocational classes instead. These classes are not required for graduation.

  15. CTE classes Freshman options: Business Concepts (sem) Keyboarding (sem) Computer Concepts (sem) Family Consumer Science (year) Exploring Technology (year) Home Maintenance (sem)

  16. Other CTE electives: • Yearbook, Accounting I &II, Banking I & II, Adv Computer Concepts, Web Page Design, Programming, Media Communications • Clothing and Fashion, Creative Foods, Foods For You, Child Development, Parenting • Drafting, CAD I &II • Machine Tech, Electricity, Woods, Care Care, Small Engines I & II, Principles of Technology I & II • Child Care • Manufacturing Technology • Auto Tech • Med Lab Tech • Nursing

  17. Driver’s Education The classroom portion is required for graduation Winter Driver’s Ed ($) Must be 15 by mid January and pass 6/7 classes first semester Summer Driver’s Ed ($): Must be 15 by mid June, Pass 6/7 classes second semester and have earned 4 credits Fall Driver’s Ed ($): Must be 15, pass 6/7 classes Second semester and have earned 4 credits Students take PE, go to Dr. Ed class for 8 weeks, then go back to PE