learn how vsts servicenow integration helps teams n.
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VSTS ServiceNow Integration using OpsHub Integration Manager PowerPoint Presentation
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VSTS ServiceNow Integration using OpsHub Integration Manager

VSTS ServiceNow Integration using OpsHub Integration Manager

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VSTS ServiceNow Integration using OpsHub Integration Manager

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  1. Learn How VSTS – ServiceNowIntegration helps Teams Collaborate Better

  2. Why VSTS – ServiceNow Integration The integration of VSTS with ServiceNow enhances collaboration between the customer service and development teams. This, in turn, helps resolve the customer issues faster and gives visibility to both teams into customer priorities. Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) - ServiceNow Integration brings: Rich functionalities to the ecosystem Cross-functional collaboration Real-time Visibility Get full Traceability

  3. OpsHub Integration Manager integrates VSTS and ServiceNow bi-directionally. It ensures that all historical and current data is available to each user, in that user’s preferred system, with full context, in real-time. All ‘tickets’ from ServiceNow automatically synchronize to VSTS and all the entities and details associated with the ‘tickets’ synchronize back to VSTS. How to Integrate VSTS – ServiceNow Bi-directionally Popularly synchronized entities between VSTS – ServiceNow Systems

  4. How VSTS and ServiceNow Integration helps Teams Collaborate Better Problem statement: The support team receives a ticket from a customer, identifies it as a ‘problem’, and shares the details of the ‘problem’ with the development team via email. Three days later, a support team representative writes a follow-up email to the development team to check the status of the ‘problem’. The development team, then, updates the support team representative that the ‘problem’ was resolved two days back. Solution: When VSTS and ServiceNow are bi-directionally integrated using OpsHub Integration Manager, the status of the ‘problem’ would automatically change in ServiceNow as soon as its status is changed to ‘resolved’ in VSTS. Download Detailed VSTS ServiceNow Integration Datasheet

  5. With VSTS + ServiceNow integration, enterprises can: Leverage the best of functionality and Collaboration in the delivery ecosystem Make better and faster decisions Accelerate customer response time Ensure complete traceability of a ‘requirement’ Get full context of the customerrequirements & priorities

  6. Benefits of Integration for VSTS and ServiceNow Users ServiceNow Users VSTS Users Access to the business requirements and associated updates from within ServiceNow Traceability for business requirements throughout the ALM tool chain Visibility into customer issues and priorities Easy to categorize and transfer customer tickets to VSTS No manual efforts needed to keep backend teams updated on customer issues and priorities No dependency on manual communication for making decisions

  7. Contact information: OpsHub Inc. 1000 Elwell Ct, #101, Palo Alto, CA 94303 Phone: +1.650.701.1800 Email: Website: OpsHub