providing evidence n.
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Providing Evidence

Providing Evidence

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Providing Evidence

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  1. Providing Evidence Making Your Case FEED D CATS

  2. FEED D CATS Find different types of evidence to support your claim and reasons.

  3. Facts Examples Explanations Definitions Description Comparisons Anecdotes Testimonials Statistics Types of Evidence

  4. Facts • Honors classes average one hour or more a night of homework while regular classes average about thirty minutes a night. FEED D CATS

  5. Examples • One freshman who signed up for four honors classes found that she had forty pages of reading in history and English, twenty math problems, and thirty vocabulary words in Spanish, all of which she had to do after Field Hockey practice. FEED D CATS

  6. Explanations • Homework is designed to help students prepare for class and practice what they have learned, but too much homework can become overwhelming, having an opposite effect. FEED D CATS

  7. Definitions • While there are lots of types of homework, the homework I am referring to is the kind that is rote practice of something I already understand. FEED D CATS

  8. Description • By the end of the night, my desk— scattered with notebook paper, multi-colored flashcards, marked up drafts, a giant graphing calculator, and graph paper—looks like someone has ransacked the place. It’s hard to even find my copy of Catcher in the Rye buried underneath it all. FEED D CATS

  9. Comparisons • Unnecessary homework is like eating when you aren’t hungry—it can have long term health effects including stress and lack of sleep. FEED D CATS

  10. Anecdotes • One time, after a long night of homework, I fell asleep at my desk and woke up with a paper clip stuck to my head. FEED D CATS

  11. Testimonials from Experts • A researcher at the University of Homework explains in her 2016 study “Homework is Evil” that too much homework actually can cause students to learn less than if they didn’t have any homework at all. FEED D CATS

  12. Statistics • Four out of five students surveyed in the Parkway North parking lot after school one Friday stated that they would prefer not to have homework over the weekend, and one out of five of these students said that he would actually do the homework assigned. FEED D CATS

  13. Pictures culled from Google search results!