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Programs Summary

Programs Summary

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Programs Summary

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  1. Programs Summary Fourth Quarter, 2009

  2. 1 2 3 Solution Partner - Selling Lenovo is as Easy as 1, 2, 3 Pricing • Great TopSeller pricing • Volume TopSeller delegation Marketing Support • Technology Access Program (Demo) • Marketing Development Program (MDP) Rewards and Incentives • New Customer Bonus or Deal Registration • Topseller Target Program

  3. 1 TopSeller Volume Delegation This promotion enables Solution Partners to offer select discounts ranging from 3% to 6% on qualifying Topseller desktops, notebooks, ThinkServers, ThinkStations, related options and services. Program Duration: October 1, 2009 – December 31, 2009. *Pre-Approved Bid numbers L3Q100001, L3Q100002 and L3Q100003 PRICING

  4. 1 October 2009 – Buy 10 TopSeller SL-Series, Get one Free Program Duration: October 1 – October 31, 2009 Lenovo Solution Partners can earn a free select SL model as long as they purchases 10 Topseller ThinkPad SL-Series notebooks made from an authorized Lenovo distributor. PURCHASE 10 OF THESE GET ONE OF THESE FOR FREE *Please refer to announcement letter LEN09-718 for all terms and conditions PRICING

  5. 2 Technology Access Program Lenovo Solution Partners can earn purchase up to 2 client system units (notebook or desktop) , 1 ThinkStation, 1 ThinkServer and 10 options at 35% off list price to use for demonstration or internal use. Program Duration: October 1, 2009 – December 31, 2009 *Please refer to announcement letter LEN09-708 for all terms and conditions MARKETING SUPPORT

  6. 2 Market Development Program Lenovo is interested in helping you reach new customers. We can provide rebates to help you fund demand generation activities such as: Customer Briefings Email Campaigns Direct Mail Campaigns Tradeshows Webinars Bring customers to the Lenovo Briefing Center! Submit proposals to your Lenovo Sales Rep or Lenovo Partner Assist Team. *Please refer to announcement letter LEN07-374 for all terms and conditions *Lenovo Partner Assist Team 1-877-536-9955 opt. 2, opt. 2. MARKETING SUPPORT

  7. 3 TopSeller Target Program Lenovo Solution Partners earn a bonus on purchases of Topseller desktops, notebooks, ThinkServers and ThinkStations made from an authorized Lenovo distributor. Payments are not cumulative, and the maximum payout under this program is $600. Program Duration: October 1 - December 31, 2009. *Please refer to announcement letter LEN09-707 for all terms and conditions REWARDS & INCENTIVES

  8. 3 New Customer Bonus Lenovo Solution Partners can earn up to 4% rebate on sales made to a new customer on Topseller or Corporate desktops, notebooks, ThinkServers and Thinkstations. Rebates are paid from $1. Payouts under this program are capped at $10,000 per approved customer. Partners can nominate up to 15 customers per week via the following URL: Program Duration: April 1, 2009 – March 31, 2010 *Please refer to announcement letter LEN09-279, LEN09-343, LEN09-344 for all terms and conditions REWARDS & INCENTIVES

  9. 3 Enhancement to Deal Registration • Deal registration is now available for Enterprise and Public Sector customer opportunities. The Offer • Deal Registration program applies special bid pricing for Public Sector and Commercial customers with greater than 1000 employees • Partner is demonstrating value-add activities to the customer's hardware requirements • Resulting in Lenovo and the Solution Partner winning the business. • If approved, the Deal Registration special bid will provide • 4% preferential pricing for the value-added activities. • Value-add activities could include, but are not limited to: • New customer opportunity identification and development • Moving a customer off of competitive hardware • Marketing and technical resources • Value-added software, hardware and services • Marketing activities (customer briefings, proposals, benchmarks, demo systems, etc.) • In general, leads should be > $100,000 in total Lenovo Opportunity • You can submit a lead via the following URL: *Please refer to announcement letter LEN09-719 for all terms and conditions REWARDS & INCENTIVES

  10. 3 Influencer Program Earn fees for influencing End Users to purchase Lenovo product(s) directly from Lenovo when the Lenovo Solution Partner-Resellers Location ID (LOCID) is included on the End Users purchase order. Fees range from 1% to 12% of the net End User sales price, depending on products sold and discount off of list. Program runs from April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2010 *Please refer to announcement letter LEN09-340 for all terms and conditions REWARDS & INCENTIVES

  11. 3 Verizon Activation Rebate Lenovo Solution Partners earn a $75 rebate for the successful sale and service activation of ThinkPad models featuring embedded WWAN designed for the Verizon Wireless Network. The rebate is paid once service has been successfully activated for a period of at least 30 days. In order to qualify for the rebate, the Solution Partner agrees to assist the End User with activating Verizon Wireless service after the purchase of an eligible ThinkPad featuring Embedded Mobile Broadband designed for the Verizon Wireless network. The Solution Partner is responsible for gathering all required end user information to enable ModusLink to activate wireless service with the end user. The Solution Partner must complete the web form found at:$FILE/LenovoVerizonActOrderForm.xls Solution Partners will not qualify for rebates when end users contact ModusLink directly to activate service. *Please refer to announcement letter LEN08-767 for all terms and conditions REWARDS & INCENTIVES

  12. In Quarter Tactical Promotions TopSeller Sales Rep Spiffs (coming soon) October – Buy 10 ThinkPad SLs – Get 1 Free • Buy 10 ThinkPad SLs, then tell us where to ship the free unit. • Limit one free unit per partner • Opt-in Program for Partners who are willing to run TopSeller Spiffs with their Sales Reps • ThinkServer - $25 to $75 • ThinkStation - $40 to $100 • ThinkCentre - $10 to $30 • ThinkPad R, SL - $10 • ThinkPad T - $15 • ThinkPad T400s, X, W - $25 Refer to Announcement Letter LEN 09-718 ThinkServer Promos ThinkStation Promos • Buy 3 Hard Drives – Get 1 Free (Refer to PAB#L2Q100028) • ThinkServer RD210 & RD220 – Get Free Hard Drive (Refer to PAB#L2Q100027) • Free Double your memory on 54U • Free 22” Monitor with 56U • Free 24”Monitor with 79U or 39U Refer to PAB#L2Q100029