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Design skills Site analysis PowerPoint Presentation
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Design skills Site analysis

Design skills Site analysis

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Design skills Site analysis

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  1. Design skillsSite analysis

  2. Asillustrated through the Olympic Park electricity substation by NORD Architecture © NORD Architecture Inspired by Design

  3. The primary substation was the first building to be completed on the Olympic Park – the brief was to create a permanent building which would inspire the design of other utility buildings on an old industrial site. © NORD Architecture Inspired by Design

  4. As part of the utilities infrastructure, around 50 pylons were removed from the site and all cabling routed underground. The cabling now connects to the King’s Yard substation via a basement within the building, providing electricity across the Olympic Park and beyond. © NORD Architecture Inspired by Design

  5. Existing buildings had not been demolished when the project began – as part of their analysis NORD visited the site to record and photograph these old warehouses. The architects wanted to respond to this industrial heritage. They decided to design a substation with ‘weight’ which would have its own identity next to the temporary venues due to be built later. © NORD Architecture Inspired by Design

  6. The architects gathered all the site information (dimensions and detail about boundaries such as roads and railways) and created a 70m long building which sits proudly on site. As the building isn’t a venue for London 2012 visitors (it contains plant and equipment) most people will experience it from a distance. The architects therefore wanted the building to work as a sculptural form. © NORD Architecture Inspired by Design

  7. The massing of the substation responded to the proposal for the neighbouring Energy Centre and land bridge. The towers are different heights due to restrictions of a viewing corridor. The substation will ultimately have a green roof to help its sustainability performance and appearance on site. © NORD Architecture Inspired by Design

  8. The architects were keen to use brick – to reference the old warehouses and to help make the building look permanent on site. They researched other brick buildings and liked the black brick used in streetscapes. © NORD Architecture Inspired by Design

  9. They tested different forms and patterns for the black brick work – in a lattice bond design.The 3 layers are illustrated here. © NORD Architecture Perforated Decorative Traditional Inspired by Design

  10. The open pattern of the bricks allows for ventilation across the cooling towers and for illumination at night. © NORD Architecture Inspired by Design

  11. The completed building looks ‘heavy’ but dignified on the old industrial site. © Andrew Lee Inspired by Design

  12. Your turn Take a sketchbook and camera out into your local area and record the buildings – think about their character and materiality. This will be useful for developing a portfolio of work to show at interview.