new secondary school construction update n.
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New Secondary School Construction Update PowerPoint Presentation
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New Secondary School Construction Update

New Secondary School Construction Update

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New Secondary School Construction Update

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  1. New Secondary School Construction Update Scott Nielsen Assistant Superintendent of Secondary November 28, 2018 Scott Elias, PhD Director, Innovative Learning Environment Design

  2. Purpose & Outcomes Review current project status, next steps, and preview draft schematic design of buildings We are excited to share and review… We will not be able to share… Geographic location of the campus Specifics of the site plan or related infrastructure Vision and design principles for the new school building Specifics about building materials, colors, mascots, or personnel Conceptual design for classrooms, common areas, and general “flow” of the building Specifics about academic, co-curricular, or extra-curricular programs

  3. What we know… • Anticipated opening for the 2022-2023 school year likely with grades 6-10 • Grandfathering options will be recommended based on enrollment status and projections when we are closer to opening the campus • The school capacity is anticipated to be approximately 1600 students • Decisions on specific programs and activities will be made when the school is staffed

  4. How we got here… • Cross-functional team of PSD educators has been meeting regularly since October 2017 • Members of the team have visited more than a dozen schools around the country • In collaboration with our architect partners, the team has reviewed current research on learning space design and established guiding design principles

  5. The challenge… • What do we want our community to be? • What learning experiences support this vision? • How should our new schools enable this vision? • What are the smartest strategies for implementing and achieving this vision?

  6. Guiding Principles • ALL learners are accommodated • occupants are safe & feel safe • environments can adapt • innovation is sustained, collaboration is expected • teachers are supported • learning is connected

  7. Guiding Principles (cont) • physical characteristics inspire learning • learning tools are readily available • communities are proud • environmental stewardship is ubiquitous • relationships are a cornerstone of learner success • relevance, personalization, and choice are key motivators for staff and students

  8. Facilities Strategies • grades 6-12 are integrated, not separated (with certain exceptions) • there is one main entrance to the school (additional after hours and specialty entrances) • dining can extend beyond the cafeteria • wellness is emphasized throughout • nature is important to all (strong connections to the outdoors, physically and views)

  9. Facilities Strategies (cont) • vertical connections and multiple stories are encouraged • library media center is not a public library • variety & choice vs standardization • balance of openness and security • blended / flexible commons areas

  10. Prospect Campus Site

  11. Want more information? • We have and will continue to post updates regarding all long-range planning projects on our website at