this is brain pop n.
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This is brain pop

This is brain pop

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This is brain pop

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  1. This is brain pop Marco Polo

  2. You look hungry Moby, what do you say we get something to eat? Bee-beep

  3. Hey did you know that Spaghetti, Ravioli, Lasagna, and all of our favorite Italian meals were ideas taken from the Chinese? Bee-beep

  4. Once upon a time in Italy,

  5. there lived a boy named Marco Polo.

  6. He decided to travel eastto see what was over there.

  7. Bee-beep So he went East into Asia.

  8. He made the trip from Italy to the empire of China

  9. Kublai Khan He made it to China and met Kublai Khan

  10. Khublai hooked him up with oranges and spices, and he discovered many types of recipes that Italians claim as their own now like pizza, lasagna, and spaghetti. You’re my boy Khablai. Holla! Word

  11. He stayed in China for 17 years only to return to Italy, after a tough trip back where pirates stole many of his riches from the orient. Bee-beep

  12. Marco was ready to go back home with many riches but encountered pirates.

  13. Hand over your riches POLO! Snap!

  14. Two years after leaving China, Marco got back with little riches to prove that he went and saw so many amazing things. Bee-beep

  15. He wrote a book calledThe Travels of Marco Polo

  16. It spoke of the amazing sights and riches in Asia

  17. However, the things he saw in China were so amazing that most Italians thought he was a liar

  18. They jokingly called his book “Il Milione”which is Italian for “the million lies” Il Milione

  19. This continued all the way to his death. He was never seen as that amazing an explorer until years later. Bee-beep

  20. So what do you say we go grab some Chinese food! Bee-beep

  21. Bee-beep Perfect