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Alaska's ABC Book PowerPoint Presentation
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Alaska's ABC Book

Alaska's ABC Book

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Alaska's ABC Book

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  1. Alaska's ABC Book Nicole

  2. A A is for Alaska. Alaska is a Neat state in North America. It is mostly below zero there but sometimes it is nicer there than it is here. Alaska’s State Capital is Juneau.

  3. B B is for Blubber. Blubber is fat that is found in whales and and many other animals. Whales have lots of blubber so they can stay warm in the freezing water.

  4. C Cripple C is for Cripple. Cripple is one of the Iditarod Checkpoints. Cripple is on the Northern Route.

  5. D D is for dog sleds. Dog sleds were a form of winter transportation for the fur traders of the Northwest, and was used by both the Hudson's Bay Company and the North West Company.

  6. E Elim E is for Elim. Elim’s Latitude is 64.37 N and Elim’s Longitude is 162.15. Elim’s population is 281.

  7. F F is for Fairbanks. The Iditarod race started this year at Fairbanks because of the weather. The weather was warmer than it usually is so the ice and snow melted from Eagle River to Iditarod. This years trail was first used to get medicine to the people in Nome that had Diphtheria in 1925. Fairbanks

  8. G G is for Glacier. Glaciers flow very slowly. Glaciers are made up of ice, air, water, and rock debris. Temperature and precipitation are the main ingredients for a glacier to form and to keep on growing.

  9. H H is for Huskies. Huskies are a medium-sized working dog. Their quick and light on their feet. They have lots of fur to keep them warm in the brutal weather.

  10. I Iditarod I is for Iditarod. Iditarod’s latitude is 62.38 and Iditarod’s Longitude is 155.05. Iditarod is ghost town.

  11. J J is for Juneau. Juneau is the State Capital of Alaska. The population in Juneau is 30,790 people. Juneau is the third largest state in Alaska. Juneau is 3,248 square miles.

  12. K Kaltag K is for Kaltag. Kaltag’s latitude is 64.19 N, Kaltag’s longitude is 158.45 W and Kaltag’s population is 234.

  13. L L is for lakes in Alaska. There is 7 lakes in Alaska. The 7 lakes are Chena River Lakes,Lake Clark,Daniel's Lake,Gold Creek Valley, Lakes,Lake Iliamna, and Tikchik Lake.

  14. M M is for moose. Moose are the largest member of the deer family. The Alaska Race is the largest of all the Moose. Moose are generally in northern forests in North America, Europe, and Russia. In Europe they are called "elk."

  15. The population now is about 460 N Nenana N is for Nenana. The population in Nenana is 460.

  16. O Ophir O is for Ophir. Ophir’s a ghost town. Ophir’s latitude is 63.08 N and Ophir’s longitude is 156.31 W.

  17. P P is for Penguins. Penguins are birds with black and white feathers and a funny waddle.  But unlike most birds, penguins can’t fly in the air. Penguins spend as much as 75% of their time underwater, searching for food in the ocean.  When they are in the water, they dive and flap their wings.

  18. Q Q is for Qiviut. Qiviut is the outer coat of the ArcticMusk Ox. It’s long, coarse and tough to shed. Qiviut is the warmest, lightest wool in the world It is so soft you won't believe it!

  19. R Ruby R is for Ruby. Ruby’s Latitude is 64.44 N and Ruby’s Longitude is 155.29 W. The population in Ruby is 187 people.

  20. S S is for snow. Alaska has a lot of snow no matter what type of year it is. It is very hard to predict how much snow is going to fall. Fresh snow is an excellent insulator.

  21. T Tanana T is for Tanana. Tanana’s area code is 907, Tanana’s population is 345, Tanana’s latitude is 65.317669, Tanana’s longitude is –151.89179. Tanana’s zip code is 99777. Tanana is Rural and is 252 miles from Anchorage.

  22. U Unalakleet U is for Unalakleet. Unalakleet’s latitude is 63.53 N and Unalakleet longitude is 160.42 W. Unalakleet’s population is 882. Unalakleet is one of the Iditarod checkpoints.

  23. V Valdez V is for Valdez. Valdez is a city in Alaska. The population in Valdez is 4486 people.

  24. W White Mountain W is for White Mountain. White Mountain’s latitude is 64.40 N and White Mountain’s longitude is 163.24 W. There’s 209 people in White Mountain.

  25. X X is for eXtra cold. Alaska is the 3rd coldest state in the world. Alaska is usually colder than SD but sometimes it’s warmer than SD.

  26. Y Yentna Y is for Yentna. 8 people live in Yentna. Yentna’s latitude is 61.46 N and Yentna’s longitude is 150.41 W.

  27. Z Z is for Zuma. Zuma is a dog that can type on a large key board. Zuma lives in Alaska.