the problematic chapters n.
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The Problematic Chapters…

The Problematic Chapters…

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The Problematic Chapters…

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  1. The Problematic Chapters… Image by Missouri artist Thomas Hart Benton

  2. Huck and Tom sneak out at night to begin the epic endeavor of freeing Jim. Tom says they must dig with a little knife to free Jim. When this does not work he reluctantly allows an axe.

  3. Huck steals spoons so that Jim can write with them.

  4. When a slave gets suspicious about all their odd projects, they blame witches. They tell him they will bake a witch pie to appease the spirits.

  5. The boys continually play pranks on Aunt Sally such as stealing spoons and sheets.

  6. Tom has Jim carve inscriptions in the wall and make a Coat of arms.

  7. Tom also gets Jim “pets” such as rats, spiders, and snakes.

  8. Shenanigans ensue when the rats they are capturing for pets accidentally get loose in the house!

  9. To make things more exciting, Tom, ever helpful, writes a "nonnamous" letter to the Phelps family that reads, "Beware. Trouble is brewing. Keep a sharp lookout.

  10. Alerted by Tom’s letter, a group of farmers comes to the Phelps’ house to keep them safe. This complicates the escape.

  11. When Huck is trying to steal food he is caught by Aunt Sally. He sticks the butter under his hat. It melts and she thinks he has a brain fever. Eventually she puts Huck to bed.

  12. Tom is pleased that the escape was made more exciting by all the farmers. He was even more excited that he got shot in the leg as part of the escape attempt.

  13. The next morning Tom, Huck and Jim are all returned to Aunt Sally. The group wants to kill Jim, but the doctor explains that Jim had a chance of going for free- dom, but when he needed help with Tom, Jim chose to stay and help set his leg.

  14. Tom then explains that Jim was already free since Miss Watson died and freed Him in her will. Tom gives Jim $40 for his trouble.

  15. Jim remarks that his hairy chest did bring him good fortune. The dead guy in the house? That was Huck’s dad. Judge Thatcher gives back Huck’s $6000. Aunt Polly shows up and explains the trick of the switched identities between Tom and Huck.

  16. Aunt Sally wants to adopt Huck Final Line of the book: “But I reckon I got to light out for the territory ahead of the rest because Aunt Sally she’s going to adopt me and sivilizeme, and I can’t stand it. I been there before.