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Developing Multicultural Competence

CEW Cream series: title slide. Developing Multicultural Competence. Providing culturally relevant career counseling practice and services. Outline of the Day. Introductions How do issues of diversity impact your work?

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Developing Multicultural Competence

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  1. CEW Cream series: title slide Developing Multicultural Competence Providing culturally relevant career counseling practice and services

  2. Outline of the Day • Introductions • How do issues of diversity impact your work? • Explore phases of multicultural career counseling as a tool for discussion .

  3. Using Career Counseling Phases • Initiation • Self-Understanding • Making Meaning • Generating Alternatives • Obtaining Occ Information • Making Choices • Making Plans • Implementing Plans

  4. I: Initiation • Establishing a relationship • Privilege discussion • What makes it critical and challenging? • Meeting and greeting • How are communicating with your target audience?

  5. Establishing rapport • What are the indications that you are offering credible services? • Creating structure • How are you helping your target audience understand the nature of your services?

  6. Assessment • What kinds of assessment should be consider when conducting culturally responsive career counseling?

  7. II: Self-Understanding • Cultural Issues • How do you know whether the assessments you use are appropriate? • How can you engage in traditional assessments in ways that manage potential bias?

  8. Socio/political issues • How does the historical experience of the individual’s group affiliation impact your ability to facilitate self-understanding? • Clients attitudes/biases about work • How do attitudes/biases impact self-understanding?

  9. III: Making Meaning from Self-Understanding Data • How does maintaining a social justice perspective impact case conceputalization? • Exercise: Using Career Narrative

  10. IV: Generating Alternatives • How can we help facilitate the development of goal-setting skills?

  11. V: Obtaining Occupational Information • How can online systems support the occupational search process?

  12. VI: Making Choices • How do we facilitate choice making?

  13. VII: Making Plans • How do we help individuals establish short-term and immediate behavioral intentions?

  14. VIII: Implementing Plans • How do we link individuals to resources within the community?

  15. CEW Cream series: last slide V. Scott Solberg, Ph. D., is Associate Director of Research and Director of Wisconsin Careers Kimberly A. S. Howard, Ph. D. is Assistant Profession in the Department of Counseling Psychology www.cew.wisc.edu ssolberg@education.wisc.edu khoward@education.wisc.edu

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