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Math and the Common Core PowerPoint Presentation
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Math and the Common Core

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Math and the Common Core

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Math and the Common Core

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  1. Math and the Common Core MSP RAMP (Math-Science Partnership (Title IIB) Grant Evaluation) (Reflection and Application of Mathematical Practice) 2013-2014 Summer Institute

  2. Teachers Learn Best from Other Teachers Invest time to Collaborate Teach Reflect Refine Result: Crafted Lesson

  3. Helpful Resources Overview • Grant Money available for training and math resources for CH Middle School teachers. • Teaching Channel • Classroom Posters of Standards of Mathematical Practice • Power Point –Resources Field Trip with hyperlinks to Internet Resources for lessons. 5. Other Resources – Representation Star Lesson & Core Math Tools

  4. Approximately $3000 available • For training opportunities towards Common Core • Materials for use in the classroom (must meet grant requirements ) • New textbooks/workbooks – consider Navigation Series created by National Council of Teachers of Mathematics • Posters for classroom display • Other materials you may think of

  5. Teaching Channel • -watch other teachers teach lessons that incorporate strategies that maintain high level of cognitive demand in which students work independently, collaboratively with peers, and learn to critique their work and the work of others • Example 1 Gr 6-8 “Conjecturing About Functions” • Example 2 Any Grade “My Favorite No: Learning From Mistakes” • Click on the word “Videos” to search by subject, grade level, or topic to view lessons

  6. Classroom Posters • • Standards of Mathematical Practice contain the language of the Common Core • Small size for students • Grant funding can be used to get large sized colored posters • Teachers and students can reference often. It will help remind teachers what they should be teaching and help remind students how they should be thinking and learning.

  7. Power Point – Resources Field Trip • Created by Dr. Kate Remillard, instructor of math teachers at St. Francis University. The websites offer great Internet Resources of lessons that are aligned with The Common Core for math teachersand other professional resources. • Note: The titles in the Power Point, when in presentation mode, are hyperlinks to the websites. • Click on the graphic to the right to run the power point. Starting at the 11th slide the titles hyperlink you to on-line resources. • By Dr. Kate Remillard Title: Adjunct Assistant Professor Department: Mathematics

  8. More Resources • Power Point entitled “Exploring Mathematical Tasks Using the Representation Star” • Click on the graphic below to see the parts of a lesson that aligns with Common Core using the representation star • by Dr. Kate Remillard St. Francis University

  9. More Resources….. continued • Core MathTools • Free tools such as CAS, Spreadsheet, Interactive Geometry Data Analysis, and Simulation that can be placed on the desktop of computers or laptops are found at this link. Just download Core Math Tools downloadable suite to receive all tools. Both Custom and Advanced Apps are available with the tools.

  10. Common Core which requires a more student centered approach has begun to take effect …………… • Algebra I began during the 2012-2013 school year • Literature, Biology, and Algebra I(2013-2014 school year ) • Three year cyclical teacher evaluations (starting 2013-2014 school year ) • Common Core will take the place of the PSSA during the 2014-2015 school year