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Pennsylvania’s Keystone Exams: PowerPoint Presentation
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Pennsylvania’s Keystone Exams:

Pennsylvania’s Keystone Exams:

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Pennsylvania’s Keystone Exams:

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  1. Pennsylvania’s Keystone Exams: A Change to Graduation Requirements

  2. Approval Chapter 4 Regulations On January 9, 2010 changes to Chapter 4 regulations for graduation became final and effective. The changes create stronger graduation requirements along with new supports for students and school districts. These requirements will be phased in over time beginning fall of 2010 through 2016-2017.

  3. Pennsylvania’s Keystone Exams Students in Pennsylvania will see the testing begin next year with everyone being tested by 2014. There will be ten tests and a student must be proficient in six of them to graduate. The tests cover Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, English Literature, Composition, American History, World History, Civics, Biology, and Chemistry.

  4. Requirements for Graduation Effective with the graduating class of 2014-15 Course completion and grades Completion of a culminating project, which may include completion of a college application process; Demonstration of proficiency as determined by the school district in each of the state academic standards not assessed by a state assessment Demonstration of proficiency in literature (reading), English composition, math, science and social studies as determined through one or more of the following: use of state-developed Keystone Exams, local assessments and Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate Exams. School boards will decide which exams they wish to use for graduation purposes.

  5. Requirements for Graduation The requirements will be phased in:


  7. The Impact of Keystone Exams • Once approval is granted from U.S.D.O.E. Keystone Exams in algebra 1, biology, and literature will replace the 11th grade PSSA. The student’s highestscore will be used for AYP. (2012-13 school year) • Each Keystone Exam is a 2 to 2 ½ hour subject specific final exam. • The Keystone Exam score may account for 1/3 of the final course grade.

  8. The Impact of Keystone Exams • Each Keystone Exam is going to be graded as a normal PSSA test would be graded, Advanced, Proficient, Basic, and Below Basic. However – keystone score will be on 100 point scale – not to be confused with percentage correct score. • If a student scores below basic, he or she is given the score of 0 for the entire test. • The Keystones will be offered three times per year.

  9. The Impact of Keystone Exams • Unlike final exams, students will be able to retake the tests in whole or in part. If a student fails to reach proficient after two, tries a project-based assessment may be given to meet the graduation requirement. Points earned through the project would be added to their highest Keystone Exam score. Projects would be administered at the local level and scored at a regional level by panels composed of teachers, principals and curriculum specialists. • Most students should have the opportunity to meet the Keystone graduation requirement prior to the end of the 11th grade.

  10. Development of Keystone Exams PDE will develop 10 Keystone Exams that districts may use for graduation purposes and administer as final end of course exams. Development of the 10 exams will be phased in as follows:

  11. Keystone Exam Student Supports • Beginning in the 2011-12 school year, a student who does not pass one or more of the Keystone Exams must be offered supplemental instructional support. • Students who score below "proficient" must be provided opportunities to retake the test or modules of the test.

  12. Keystone Exam PDE Assistance • PDE will provide, for voluntary use, model curriculum, diagnostic assessments and related instructional resources aligned with state academic standards in each of the courses and content areas assessed by the Keystone Exams. ( • The department will also provide assistance in the development of effective student tutoring, remediation and extended instructional time programs.

  13. Keystone Exams Timeline

  14. Keystone Exams Key Dates

  15. CDT Overview The Classroom Diagnostic Tools provide a diagnosis of student’s strengths and weaknesses to guide instruction and/or remediation. • Available to students in grades 6 through high school • Online assessments delivered in a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) format • Multiple-choice items • Multiple assessments a year • Real-time reporting • Reports dynamically linked to curriculum resources in SAS

  16. CDT Key Dates

  17. Group Diagnostic Map – Algebra I

  18. Student Diagnostic Map

  19. Data Management • PIMS data was uploaded to DRC’s test setup system (eDIRECT) • Student-level data • Teacher-level data (not required for field test events) • School/district personnel will use eDIRECT to set up and manage all online testing