future trends and challenges facing not for profit fundraising maccabi academy in 2007 and beyond n.
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Future Trends and Challenges Facing Not-for-Profit Fundraising Maccabi Academy in 2007 and Beyond PowerPoint Presentation
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Future Trends and Challenges Facing Not-for-Profit Fundraising Maccabi Academy in 2007 and Beyond

Future Trends and Challenges Facing Not-for-Profit Fundraising Maccabi Academy in 2007 and Beyond

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Future Trends and Challenges Facing Not-for-Profit Fundraising Maccabi Academy in 2007 and Beyond

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  1. Future Trends and Challenges Facing Not-for-Profit FundraisingMaccabi Academy in 2007 and Beyond Janet Oppenheimer,APR,MBA Janet Oppenheimer Public Relations Strategy, Inc. Maccabi Academy Development Consultant

  2. TRENDS IN FUNDRAISING THAT MACCABI ACADEMY SHOULD KEEP A WATCHFUL EYE ON • The increasing number of private foundations • Increased corporate giving -“cause-related” charity • eCRM- electronic Constituent Relationship Management • Direct response remains a strong factor in campaigns

  3. Effect of baby boomer giving • Giving money, not time, still a preferred method of giving • Organization’s marketing efforts, a high factor in the successful fundraising

  4. Foundations Increasing in Numbers and Giving • The Foundation Yearbook 2006, produced by the NY-based Foundation Center shows the foundation sector has recovered from post 911 • Giving increased 5% per year in last 2 years- giving estimated $33.8 billion For Maccabi Academy: spend more time seeking family and private foundations

  5. Corporate Cause-related Marketing • “Philanthropy and Business: the Changing Agenda” report indicates that companies are increasingly positioning their giving on other philanthropic activities to match their overall business goals and corporation branding needs.. Fundraising methods need to shift to adjust to this fact. For MACCABIACADEMY: keep positioning Maccabi Academy as a way for a business to reach potential new customer markets, and seek corporate foundation funds from corporations with a local workforce base.

  6. eCRM – Constituent Relationship Management • Unify the web presence – integrate your contact management with messages • Integrate online and offline databases • Incorporate “tell a friend” in all outbound emails- share events and fundraising activities with other virally • Set up a schedule for messages and emails to various constituent segments i.e. prospects by young donor, baby boomer, background of giving to other educational institutions For MACCABIACADEMY: keep improving website technology and interface capabilities in current database and decide who is responsible for the segmenting of lists and email workflow management

  7. Direct response marketing • According to findings in the Association of Fundraising Professional’s “State of Fundraising 2005 survey,” 82.8% of respondents from U.S. not-for-profit organizations used direct mail in their fundraising efforts. • 49% of respondents raised more funds through direct mail than in any previous year • 55.2% reported they used online fundraising techniques in 2005 – up 34.5% from 2001.

  8. Keys to Direct Marketing The fundraising database is the primary source of contact information • Segment the database • Have a development communication and solicitation plan i.e.: schedule a newsletter to arrive a week or two before a holiday or end of the year appeal • Keep track of the communications you send • Establish policies, procedures and protocol for online appeals and various communications FOR MACCABI ACADEMY: get a good donor database program and someone responsible for managing and working, monitoring and tracking the system

  9. Effect of Baby Boomer Giving • A study “Navigating the Generational Divide in Fundraising and Advocacy” shows that the baby boomer generation now gives more to charities than any other generation, while younger donors are showing a stronger than expected proclivity to support non profit organizations.

  10. Boomers and Generation X and Y • The younger boomers- generation X and Y (born after 1964) are signaling significant potential – interested less in established charities and will look to give to new things. For MACCABI ACADEMY: Boomers are less concerned than their older donors about religious extremism, children’s education, violence in America, hostility toward America or a more diverse U.S. population. THE EXCEPTION is boomer women who tend to be very focused on children's issues and the environment.

  11. Giving Money, Not Time Preferred Method of Giving • According to a national survey in 2006, American adults are more likely to donate money than time to causes they support, which is a reversal from a 2005 study • Young adults (18-24) more likely to give time than money (49%) to a charitable cause • Re-retirees (55 to 64) were more likely to give money than time (56%) For Maccabi Academy: Ask for money and time

  12. Marketing Efforts Key in Fund-raising Direct fund-raising benchmarks will be seen in effective marketing and PR: • Financial goals are exceeded • Increased community awareness and demonstrated interest • Increased volunteer activities including attendance at key functions and fund-raisers • Increased donor base including levels of giving and frequency of giving

  13. Marketing Efforts Key in Fundraising con't • Increased planned gifts • Community confidence in problem-solving • Organization viewed as leaders and top quality For MACCABI ACADEMY: designate volunteers to specifically work on marketing efforts and public relations

  14. Interactive Communications Whether it’s a stamp, a “send” button or click of a mouse, a telephone dial or cell phone key pad, Communications with donors and supporters is becoming an increasingly interactive dialogue requiring a variety of techniques and tools in our overall communications program

  15. Maccabi Academy 2007 • Get involved – get others involved who have grant writing, fundraising, planned giving, marketing, and technology skills • Learn a new skill and use it to assist Maccabi Academy • Celebrate Maccabi Academy and its achievements by giving, and getting others to give. • Help to communicate and promote Maccabi Academy in a positive fashion in the community!