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Patricia Guzzi- An Artist PowerPoint Presentation
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Patricia Guzzi- An Artist

Patricia Guzzi- An Artist

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Patricia Guzzi- An Artist

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  1. Patricia GuzziAn Artist “Patricia Guzzi, a Westwood MA resident, says that the ideal artist is one who is not afraid to look at something from a different perspective and change their overall mode of inspiration.”

  2. Patricia Guzzi of Westwood MA The Designer's Touch Patricia Guzzi has been a set designer for the Westwood MA area for quite some time now, achieving a level of respect in the field that others envy. She is a perfectionist and artist that will not rest until she believes her work is up to standard with all previous ones. She is simply one of those people with a gifted and dialed in eye, one that can detect where and how something needs to be improved. She is an expert in aesthetics, and a professional who always goes above and beyond the call of duty to do what needs to be done. Patricia Guzzi of Westwood MA says that one of the most difficult things about being an artist is finding inspiration when you do something on a regular basis. This is the business aspect of art that isn't as pretty, but is more productive.

  3. Patricia Guzzi of Westwood MA Photograph Lover Patricia Guzzi of Westwood MA says that the real appeal in photos is the art work, both from a design and artistic perspective. She loves both new and old photography styles, as well as old school and vintageo nes as well. Patricia is a professional commercial interior designer and artist who has been in the field for many years now, becoming a true expert.

  4. Patricia Guzzi of Westwood MA Professionalism Patricia Guzzi of Westwood MA says that much the same with any field, there is always a problem with professionalism at the work place. She is an artist and interior designer who has been working in the field for many years now. Especially in the arena of design, you often have to deal with many different egos and clashing visions.