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  3. AN INTRODUCTION TO TYKAR • TYKAR CLEANING SERVICES is a company which offers specialized professional cleaning and garden services to meet the individual needs of a wide cross-section of clients. • The company has its head office in Oaklands, Verulam. • Head Office: 25 Oaklands Drive P.O. Box 2252 Tel: 032 533 6921 • Oaklands Verulam Fax: 032 533 8669 • Verulam 4340 Cell: 082 335 2526 (Anthony) e-Mail: • Regional Offices: Protea Building P.O. Box 1048 Tel/Fax: 016 - 3624807 Office No. 7 Meyerton Cell: 073 456 4133 • 18 Loch Street 1960 (Andre) Meyerton email: 181 Athwood Rd P.O. Box 2409 Tel/Fax: 021 – 462 6340 • Newfields Cape Town Cell: 073 070 706 Athlone 8000 7764 (Mikaeel) email: • Associated with every contract managed by TYKAR is a full range of services that become • available to each client. These services include Cleaning and Gardening management, training, • personnel, industrial relations, general accounts, public relations, relief management.

  4. THE TYKAR PHILOSOPHY • The TYKAR philosophy is to concentrate the company’s efforts in those areas in which the • skills lie and for which it was originally employed, namely cleaning and gardening. TYKAR • makes use of various consultants to perform specialized peripheral functions associated • with the services leaving it to concentrate on the core business of cleaning and gardening. • TYKAR motivates employees by making their working environment equivalent to running • their own business which results in the following: • Enhancement of entrepreneurial skills; • Structured employee empowerment; • Constructive brainstorming; • Improvement of individual competence. • “This creates a win–win relationship between employer and employee and thus benefits • our Company and all our clients”

  5. THE TYKER VISION & MISSION STATEMENT • VISION STATEMENT • Our Christian values, dedicated staff and efficient caring services is to your advantage. • MISSION STATEMENT • Our Mission is to ensure dynamic growth and relation of business through providing efficient personalised, cost effective service to our clients. • We supply values of trust, caring, integrity, honesty and transparency when dealing with our clients, staff and suppliers. • We are “Committed to Service Excellence”. • We contribute to the South African reality by: • acknowledging dedication • enabling and developing staff • creating a supportive and nurturing work environment • implementing competitive reward systems

  6. WHAT DOES TYKAR HAVE TO OFFER? • TYKARoffers the following to meet your cleaning and gardening needs: • 1. A complete cleaning and gardening service which is tailored to meet your specific requirements. • High quality service that is within planned budget parameters. • Reduced workload for management and administrative staff. • A qualified manager to run the cleaning operation. • 5. On going Training and Developmentfor all cleaning and gardening staff.

  7. TYKAR AND BLACK EMPOWERMENT BLACK EMPOWERMENT TYKAR qualifies as an SMME through the manner in which it is constituted, its current shareholding being that 100% of the company is held by previously disadvantaged individuals. It is part of TYKAR policy to purchase all supplies where possible from companies belonging to the previously disadvantaged. Our current level is in the region of 60 %. TYKAR is committed to increasing this procurement percentage. AFFIRMATIVE ACTION Our affirmative action policy is to increase the level of experienced black individuals within the company as well as in the top management level of TYKAR. We currently have an affirmative action policy which we adhere to on all occasions where possible. TYKAR, in line with its affirmative action policy, ensures that staff employed in the contracts will be from the previously disadvantaged sector. The provision of training and development to improve basic skills is viewed by us as extremely important. Training courses are provided at all levels.

  8. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY EDUCATION TYKAR is committed to supporting organisations that provide literacy programmes in all regions that it operates. TYKAR is also committed to the provision of bursaries to previously disadvantaged individuals. SPORT We are committed to assisting with sports development in the institutions that we operate.


  10. PURPOSE • To achieve more equitable employment opportunities for all groups in the population. • MISSION STATEMENT • Our Mission is to ensure dynamic growth and retention of business through providing • efficient personalised, cost effective service to our clients. • We apply values of trust, caring, integrity, honesty and morality in all our dealings with our clients, • staff and suppliers. • We contribute to the South African reality by: • acknowledging dedication • enabling and developing staff • creating a supportive and nurturing work environment • implementing competitive reward systems • ENDORSMENT OF COMMITMENT FROM SENIOR MANAGEMENT • The Senior Management of TYKAR CLEANING SERVICES are totally committed to the Implementation of the affirmative action process within the company. This process will take place over time, as such a process, by its nature, makes the application of hard and fast time scales both difficult and dangerous to apply. Any time scale that is agreed to between employees and management must take all factors into consideration viz:

  11. Employees background - both educational and social as this gives an indication of employees potential. • Employees performance levels. • Compatibility between mentor and protégé – that is employee is being monitored. • Any other factor that impacts on the route the individual is to take within the company. • On the quarterly basis, Management will review the affirmative action process by speaking to first line supervisors / middle management etc. On a half yearly basis, an audit check will be done through interviews at all levels to provide for a broader check on the process. This audit process will be the means through which Management analyses the quality of the company’s affirmative action policy to determine whether the process is achieving its purpose. It must be noted that affirmative action, by its very nature, is both an encouraging and threatening concept depending on where each individual stands in relation to it. It can give too much hope to the less advantaged and does not allow them to take stock of their capabilities in relation to advancement. At the same time it threatens those who have benefited in the past and therefore raises the unwanted specter of animosity amongst employees. It needs to be handled carefully for the good of both employees and management. It is very important that management adheres to its training and development goals once they have been agreed to. Management must also not be afraid of making mistakes as this is a process which needs adjustment as it is implemented. Mistakes must be quickly identified and corrected as soon as possible. Any policies, practices and facilities identified as infringing upon the basic human dignity of employees that could “act as barriers” to the appointment, promotion and retention of blacks and women are to be eliminated.

  12. 5.1ACTION PLAN • A task team will be established which will be made up of employees from all levels as well as management. • Task team members are to be consulted about the significance of this project so that they clearly understand their role. • Workshops are to be held so that members of the task team can have a clear focus on their Goals and any obstacles which may be in the system that they are going to be involved with. They must be clear that at some stage of the process their views are going to clash and they • must not be afraid of this but must be able to handle it and proceed with the process. • A survey form will be designed to obtain the following information from all the employees. • Career aspirations. • Views on place within the organizational framework. Views of superiors, peers, and subordinates regarding aspects such as attitudes, management style and interpersonal relationships. Views of the mission and actual business of the organizations. Main duties. Evaluate the employees interpersonal skills, attitude to and opinions of current realities for possible involvement as change agents or for future selection, a mentors/coaches. All the above data will be translated and necessary information passed on to the relevant division of the organization to be audited where it relates to non affirmative action or non equal employment opportunity. All the above data will be translated and necessary information passed onto the relevant division of the organization to be audited where it relates to non affirmative action or non equal employment opportunity. Change the value system within the company through communication and facilitation of the orientation process for all employees including management. Any resistance to change should be eradicated through counseling to obtain full commitment from those sections of the organization. Identify certain individuals/agents who have been successful with affirmative action process to give some insight into the challenges that will face them and the strategies. 5.2 DEVELOPMENT OF INDIVIDUALS TO FULL POTENTIAL Monitoring and performance appraisals systems to be applicable to all employees Assess individual potential for growth and also identify his/her training priorities. A personal development plan will be drawn for each employee. Address management succession needs.

  13. 5.3 SELECTION AND APPOINTMENT OF NEW INCUMBENTS A. To establish the existing and future manpower plan of the organization. Should a position become available, the demography in that job category should be determined. It may then be decided to give preference to a person from a previously disadvantaged group for appointments to this position. However, this can never be an absolute imperative, since someone from the grouping with the necessary competence and experience may not be available to fill the position. As groups were disadvantaged in education and the fact that educational qualifications are not necessarily indicative of competence, these should not constitute the primary criteria. The Personnel Department together with Line Management will need to identify the competent requirements of the job and to establish methods whereby such competencies can be assessed. Affirmative action candidates will always need to be considered. 5.4 ADVERTISEMENTS Advertisements must always list the competencies and experience level required and must exclude sex and race. It is not advisable to attempt to recruit staff from other organizations as this merely sustains the already employed. It is best to identify from within those persons who display the potential to grow into the job.

  14. 5.5THE INTEGRATING OF APPOINTEES INTO THE ORGANISATION • All new incumbents (not only affirmative action appointees) should be properly integrated into the company. • The most effective way being to, conduct an induction programme. • In the case of Affirmative Action appointees, their integration needs to be monitored. (If they are properly selected, • they will more than likely accomplish their integration). • 5.6 MONITORING AND PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL • All candidates will be appointed on a probationary period and their performance will be monitored on an ongoing basis. One will need to adhere accordingly to the New Labour Relations on the set procedure. Employees will need to be informed of the standards required and given regular feedback as regards their performance. The necessary assistance, training and coaching must be given. • 5.7CAREER PLANNING DEVELOPMENT AND CAREER • Succession planning and career development will need to be implemented. • 5.8SUPPORT TO EDUCATION AND TRAINING • To provide support for adult literacy and education programmes. To become actively involved with institutions involved in the provision of applicable training courses e.g. Technikons etc. • To provide bursaries in the related field of study. • To provide study assistance to employees who want to better themselves in the field of work they are in. • In the long term to provide opportunities to Tykar’s employees to obtain necessary secondary and tertiary education. 5.9 REPORTING Reports should be done on a quarterly basis on the following: The ratio of the previously disadvantaged to whites. The ratio of the previously disadvantaged to white in management. The ratio of females to overall management. The proportion of vacancies filled by blacks – both internally and externally. Comparative analyses of job categories by race and gender.

  15. SERVICES OFFERED Tykar Cleaning Services will provide the cleaning requirements as follows: 1.FLOOR MAINTENANCE Vinyl / Linoleum / Wood Parquet Frequency a.1 Clean and seal Initially a.2 Sweep Daily a.3 Burnish Daily Marble / Terrazzo / Ceramic / Quarry Tile Frequency b.1 Sweep Daily b.2 Damp Mop and machine buff Daily b.3 Scrub Weekly Concrete / Grano Frequency c.1 Sweep Daily c.2 Damp Mop Daily c.3 Scrub Weekly Carpets / Carpets Tiles Frequency d.1 Vacuum Daily d.2 Brush Edges Daily d.3 Stain Removal Weekly d.4 Dry Shampoo and Steam Clean Annually Toilet Floors Frequency e.1 Sweep Daily e.2 Disinfect Daily e.3 Polish Weekly e.4 Burnish Daily

  16. 2. WASTE DISPOSAL Frequency a. Empty and clean ashtrays Daily b. Empty and clean water paper baskets Daily c. Empty and disinfect receptacles Daily d. Remove all refuse Daily e. Disinfect refuse area Daily 3. DUSTING Frequency a. All accessible surface up to 2m Daily b. Fanlights Daily c. Balustrades Daily d. Direction Boards Weekly e. Light fittings and light switches Weekly f. Cob webs Weekly g. Wipe down all areas As necessary 4. OFFICE FURNITURE Frequency a. Polish all furniture Weekly b. Damp clean all vinyl covered furniture Daily 5. LIFT AND ESCALATORS Frequency a. Clean interior and exterior floors and walls Daily 6. FIRE ESCAPES Frequency a. Sweep Daily b. Damp mop Daily 7. DOORS AND METALWORK Frequency a. Spot clean doors Daily b. Wipe and polish all metal fittings Weekly

  17. 8. PARKING AREA Frequency a. Paper and refuse Daily b. Sweep Weekly c. Hose down Weekly d. Remove weeds Monthly 9.WINDOWS AND WINDOW SILLS Frequency a. Clean interior and exterior Forth nightly 10. TOILETS AND WASHROOMS Frequency a. Clean all accessible areas up to 2m Daily b. Sanitize all bowls, basins and urinals Daily c. Clean all mirrors Daily d. Empty and clean all sanitary receptacles Daily 11. TOILET REQUISITES ON A DAY TO DAY BASIS Frequency a. Toilet paper Daily b. Soap for dispensers Daily c. Hand towels Daily d. Sanitary receptacles Forth nightly 12. FOYERS AND ENTRANCE HALLSFrequency a. Sweep Daily b. Clean doormats Daily c. Damp mop Daily

  18. 13. OTHER SERVICESFrequency a. Air conditioning units – air filter Every 6 months b. Curtains – dry clean Annually c. Swimming pool maintenance Daily d. Vertical blinds Every 6 months e. Flower pots – watering Weekly f. Storerooms Monthly g. Tea making Daily h. Messenger services Daily i. High pressure cleaning Monthly 14. MAINTENANCE OF GROUNDSFrequency a. Mowing Weekly b. Removal of weeds Weekly c. Fertilizer Annually d. Maintenance of gardens Daily e. Planting of scrubs and trees Daily f. Maintenance of hedges Daily g. Undeveloped areas Every 3 months 15. MINOR MAINTENANCE SERVICESFrequency a. Door locks and handles When required b. Taps and tap washers When required c. Pan connectors and beta valves When required 16. EATING / REST ROOMFrequency a. Clean floor according to type Daily b. Remove refuse to refuse area Daily c. Wipe tables and chairs Twice daily 17. CANTEENFrequency a. Clean dining room and kitchen floor according to type Daily b. Disinfect receiving area Weekly c. Wipe / clean wall tiles to a height of 2m Weekly d. Wipe table tops and chairs Daily “The frequency will be changed to suit the need of the client”

  19. HUMAN RESOURCES A Company is only as successful as its utilization of human resources. Any commitment to top class service is worthless unless it is supported by the company staff.TYKAR encourages good staff relations and staff development programmes through the application of an active Human Resource policy within the company, which ensure that the service promised is delivered to the client. SELECTION AND JOB DESCRIPTIONS Taking our affirmative action policy into account all staff at TYKAR are selected for their skills, experience and commitment to the industry. They must also have the ability to relate well to other staff and clients. Every staff member is made aware of the TYKARcompany standards and the exact nature of their duties. TYKARprovides all staff with a basic job description which is within their ability and is accepted by them. INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS The Industrial Relations field is ever changing and requires specialized and expert input. TYKAR employs industrial relations consultants to ensure that all dealings with staff are handled taking the latest developments in the field into account. The maintenance of harmonious industrial relations over TYKAR’S ten year existence can be directly attributed to sound human relations. All staff are assured of fair conditions of employment and good opportunities for advancement. TYKAR is proud of the enthusiasm and team approach towards work that characterizes our staff.

  20. JOB DESCRIPTION SITE MANAGER JOB DEFINITION To manage the cleaning and gardening services of a firm or institution to their requirements and satisfaction within the agreed budgetary limits. CORE DUTIES To ensure, the provision of quality, service to the requirements and satisfaction of the client. To making sure that budgetary limits are adhered to. To complete and ensure accuracy of all Company accounts, control documentation and submit before the prescribed dead-line dates. To ensure that staff records are up to date and kept in accordance with company and statutory requirements. To ensure that hygiene standards comply with company and statutory requirements To be aware of and respond to the needs of your staff, including induction, monitoring, performance, coaching and ensuring that appropriate training is effected. To carry out On-the-Job training as requested by the Company. To ensure that regular fire drills are held, evacuation procedures understood and effected. To complete and submit all necessary relevant documentation in the event of, fire, theft, burglary or accident. To ensure that staff are correctly dressed at all times. To recruit, interview and mange subordinates complying with company and statutory procedures. To practice and be seen to be, practicing good industrial relations. To be constantly aware of the needs of the customer, continuously striving to create the right environment. OTHER DUTIES To relieve or assist in another Company outlet. To attend to customer complaints satisfactorily. To take the necessary action in the event of burglary, theft, fire or a breach of statutory regulations. To attend meetings and training courses as required.

  21. ASSISTANT SITE MANAGER JOB DESCRIPTION To assist the Manager in the day to day management tasks of providing a cleaning service to the required standards. CORE DUTIES To ensure that all tasks and jobs are satisfactory completed, assuming these duties when necessary. To assist with the planning and supervision. To place orders with suppliers. To assist with the completion of all administrative returns, salary variations etc. To issue stocks and receive goods, checking quality and quantity, also ensuring that these stocks are correctly stored or rotated. To make regular inspections to ensure that Company and statutory hygiene standards are maintained. To carry out regular On-the-Job training sessions and be constantly aware of staff who have potential for development and ensure that these people are highlighted for promotion. To be sensitive to the needs of subordinate staff and report any problem or breaches of discipline to the manager. To be security conscious at all times and ensure that store rooms, safes and lockable areas are secure. To assist with stocktaking on a regular basis. To attend meetings and training courses as required. To assume control of the services and use own initiative in the absence of the Manager. To take part in cleaning and gardening exhibitions, thus gaining further knowledge and experience. OTHER DUTIES To relieve or assist in another Company outlet if required. To report to the Manager any accident, theft, burglary or fire.

  22. CLEANER JOB DEFINITION To assist with the cleaning and to clean premises and equipment as required to agreed standards. CORE DUTIES To clean designated areas, complying with statutory and Company hygiene requirements, including floors, counters, shelves, fixtures, fittings and walls. To clean all equipment, not only complying with statutory and Company hygiene requirements, but also with safety standards. To move, stack, carry, load or unload utensils, tools, equipment and other articles. To deliver messages or orders on foot or with a non-mechanical mode of transport. To control and check items of equipment. To ensure that all tasks are completed in accordance with statutory and company hygiene requirements. To report any suspicious parcel, package or behavior to management. To take part in fire or evacuation drills at prescribed intervals. TRAINER JOB DEFINITION To manage the Personnel and Training function within agreed budgetary limits, so that the company and the individual can benefit through the employee’s ability to attain optimum performance and growth. CORE DUTIES To ensure that Job Descriptions are up to date and accurately describe each position. To ensure that Job Evaluation categories are correct. To ensure cost effective recruitment through the use of the appropriate source. To ensure that the recruitment and selection of people is done objectively and is based on job descriptions. To ensure that managers are trained and have the ability to conduct effective interviews. To ensure that the Company’s succession plan is meaningful and effective.

  23. TRAINING TYKAR’S CLEANING OBJECTIVES The following are the training objectives TYKAR strives for: 1.) Training of new employees and those who are promoted to new positions or internal transfer. 2.) Train all staff including those on the client’s payroll to ensure that they are competent in their basic work skills and individually assigned duties. 3.) Ensure that all staff are kept up to date with any new technical and specialized developments in their specific fields. 4.) Provide the opportunity for all employees to seek and obtain vocational growth and development. 5.) Develop people towards positions of greater responsibility. 6.) Train those in supervisory posts to master the following: a.) techniques of work, organization and control b.) methods of teaching work-skills. c.) human relations – specifically the development of a work team. TYKAR’S AIM OF TRAINING 1.) Harmonious industrial relations. 2.) Measurable increases in productivity. 3.) Better equip staff to handle new responsibilities. 4.) Improved decision making. 5.) Improved management. 6.) Enhancing the company’s ability to identify and utilize untapped talent.

  24. INTERNAL TRAINING COURSES TYKAR CLEANING SERVICES offers training in the following: Basic Cleaning Skills Intermediate Cleaning Skills Advanced Cleaning Skills Raw material Control Standardization for contract workers Merchandising Quality Awareness Hygiene Safety Job descriptions Hygiene is one of the most important aspects to good cleaning. Contract and personal hygiene are key to running a successful cleaning operation. TYKAR strives to maintain the highest possible hygiene standards, thereby ensuring the health and well-being of our staff, customers and clients. A Hygiene Course is provided to all staff in our kitchens to ensure the following: Correct personal hygiene Correct storage and handling procedures Correct contract and equipment cleaning procedures HYGIENE