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Oracle DW/BI: The Master Keys to Riches! PowerPoint Presentation
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Oracle DW/BI: The Master Keys to Riches!

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Oracle DW/BI: The Master Keys to Riches!
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Oracle DW/BI: The Master Keys to Riches!

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  1. Oracle DW/BI: The Master Keys to Riches!

  2. Agenda • The Market – BI Trends in Higher Education • Strategy • Our Products and What we can Sell • The Roadmap • Playbook and The Opportunities • SC Resources • Questions

  3. Shift in Higher Education Towards “Fact Based” Management High Focus Areas • Recruiting Effectiveness • Enrollment Funnel/Admissions Yield • Student Demographics • Retention • Course Optimization • Outcomes Management • Early Intervention • Key Performance Indicators • Resource Management

  4. Academic DepartmentsI don’t have the data I need to support critical program decisions. CIO/IT audienceWe can’t get the information we need from our administrative systems in a timely manner. Institutional ResearchI spend more time justifying the accuracy of the data than producing it. Administrative DepartmentsIt takes forever to get a custom report; and when I get one, the data doesn’t match my colleagues’ data. Executive LevelWhy can’t I get the information I need, when I need it, to make key decisions? What we’ve heard

  5. Typical Reporting Challenges Financials • Transactional systems don’t provide sufficient reporting capabilities • No ability for self service access to information – users are totally dependent upon others to produce information • Time consuming, manually intensive process to produce reports • Different people produce reports with the same information but have different results • What is the real answer? • How do you know if reported information is correct? • Have to repeat the same time consuming process each time you want a report • No time available for analysis because of the extensive time required to produce information Housing/ Judicial Human Resources Student Admin Alumni Recruiting

  6. Transaction System Reporting Complexity • Student Administration application database structures are very complex • Reporting requires queries for database extracts – need to know SQL language • Reporting results are subject to: • a) users understanding of database structure, • b) “interpretation” of query criteria, and • c) proper SQL syntax. • Its easy to get the wrong answer! • No easy way to combine data across multiple systems and database. • Limited number of people who know how to query databases

  7. Which of These Objectives can be Solved/Aided with BI? Higher Education Survey on Leadership, Innovation, and Technology

  8. Oracle’s Strength in the Market Data Warehouse Database Market Share, 2005 Oracle is the Data Warehousing DBMS Market Leader Source: IDC, 2006 - Worldwide Data Warehousing Tools 2005 Vendor Shares

  9. We Should Be Getting This Revenue 2005 Total BI License Revenue by Company 80-85% of COGN, BOBJ & HYSL’s revenue come from selling their “Tools” on top of an Oracle DW. Source: Company financial reports Oracle Internal Use Only

  10. Agenda • The Market • Oracle BI Product Strategy • Our Products and What we can Sell • The Roadmap • Playbook and The Opportunities • SC Resources • Questions

  11. Oracle BI Product Strategy • Integrated Analytic Applications • Enterprise Wide, Industry Specific BI and Corporate Performance Applications • Integrated Business Intelligence Tools • Best-of-Breed, Next Generation Business Intelligence Infrastructure • Integrated Business Intelligence Database • Business Intelligence Functions Integrated in Database

  12. Information Access Maturity Model Business Intelligence Solutions • Institutional • Performance • Management • Process Improvement • Dashboard/Scorecard • Analytical Applications • Analytical • Reporting • Historical Trends • Forecasting • Self-Service • Reporting • Ad-Hoc Time Custom Reports TransactionReports Level 4 Level 1 Level 3 Level 5 Level 2 Institution Adoption

  13. BI Community / LOBs • Information Access • Heterogeneous & ubiquitous access • Rapid time to benefit • Change managed through product • Report centric approach • Information consumption represents value • Starting point is often BI Applications with well understood model DW Community / IT • Information Management • Single version of the truth • Long term architected approach • Managing through business change • Model centric approach • Information management represents value • Starting point is often a blank sheet of paper Oracle Products Address AllA Coherent Information Management Strategy InformationAccess InformationManagement Information Management Strategy

  14. Agenda • The Market • Strategy • Our Products and What we can Sell • The Roadmap • Playbook and The Opportunities • SC Resources • Questions

  15. What can you sell? Oracle BI EE Oracle BI SE BI Publisher Most BI Vendors only sell the visible part. The VALUE is in the complete BI platform behind the pretty Interface Like an Iceberg – GROWTH is the platform

  16. BI Community / LOBs • Information Access • Being a catalyst for business change through rapid time to benefit • Heterogeneous & ubiquitous access • Information consumption represents value • Report centric approach • Change managed through product • Starting point is often BI Applications with well understood model DW Community / IT • Managing information over the longer term • Managing through business change • Single version of the truth • Information management represents value • Long term architected approach • Model centric approach • Starting point is probably a blank sheet of paper Different Areas of FocusIT & LOB Competing Agendas

  17. Higher Education Lifecycle Fact-based Decisions/Improved Results Information Chain Recruiting Admissions Enrollment Retention Program Completion Fund Raising Institutional Information Users Recruiting Admissions Registrar Institutional Research Financial Aid Office of Planning Alumni/ Fund Raising Provost Deans Academic Affairs

  18. Selling BI Technology Oracle Database Oracle BI Oracle Middleware • Partitioning • Data Quality • Enterprise ETL • RAC • OLAP Option • Data Mining • Spatial • Application Adapters • Data Vault • Audit Vault • Content DB • Records DB • Management Packs • IAS EE • Security/IDM/OID • Portal • Enterprise Mgmt • BPEL • BAM • Map Viewer • XML Publisher • OBI EE • Suite • Al a Carte Options • OBI SE • Suite • Al a Carte Options • BI/XML Publisher • BI Applications* • Oracle BI Applications • EPM • DBI • Others… * All BI Applications require technology (i.e. OBI EE, ETL).

  19. Sales Considerations OracleBI EE BI Publisher (XMLP) Strengths • Development Interfaces include Word, Adobe and Server Interface • Strong Formatting Capabilities • Replacement Oracle Reports • Provides Report Bursting & Dissemination • Directly supports Non-Oracle Sources, can also access BI EE Metadata Layer • Serves as BI EE’s Enterprise Tool • Provides Excel Relational Access Strengths • Ideal Heterogeneous Environments • Enables Integrated access to Summarized, Historic & Transaction Data • Strong Visualization • Gives OracleSales a way to engage the Business with DW opportunities • Eliminates Data Proliferation Issue • Facilitates Master Data Management Cautions • Serving Oracle OLAP Content • BI EE runs better with Oracle OLAP • This can lead to confusion as to which technology should be utilized in the creation of calculations: Oracle OLAP or BI EE • Both offer ways of creating calculations • Both offer strong ways of analyzing the data • Strong understanding as to the calculation and UI requirements will help identify if BI EE is the ideal tool or a complementary tool (such as BI SE or Spreadsheet Add-In should be introduced) Cautions • Although offers heterogeneous support, may not be ideal choice for heterogeneous management • # Reports & Data Sources may make heterogeneous support complicated & costly • Know when to bring in BIEE • Excel Analyzer limited to predefined queries • No new Relational Query Development in Excel Analyzer component

  20. Sales Considerations (continued) Oracle OWB Oracle Data Integrator Strengths • Heterogeneous Support via Native Connectivity • Sold with the Middleware – focus on SOA based data movement • Flexible ETL Development Strengths • Design & ETL in Single Interface • Exposes and utilizes Oracle Features • Provides Metadata Management • Extensible • Licensed part Oracle Database Cautions • Requires Oracle Expertise & Awareness Oracle Functionality • Training or Consulting Highly Recommended • Non-Oracle Support via Heterogeneous Access or Gateways Cautions • Lacks Modeling Capabilities • Does not transparently expose integrated Oracle ETL Capabilities • Scalability needs to be closely examined

  21. Oracle DW Strategy Cautions • Older versions at risk • Oracle FUD Pervasive about Technical Limitations • Very easy to get into in-depth technical debate • Need to address and return focus on Oracle’s ability to provide balanced, scalable configurations • Do not confuse Scalability with Balanced Configurations • Balance Configurations take Reporting, ETL, User Count, # Data Sources, Data Volumes and SLA’s into consideration • Ideal configuration in terms of CPU’s, I/O, and Spindles based upon the criteria • If any factor significantly changes, then the configuration needs to be rebalanced • This falls under Design Best Practices • Quick Sizers & Appliance proof points • TCO very important • Choices include • Invest in proprietary hardware, services for 1-off solution • Invest in Oracle Training for this an alternative Oracle solutions • Enforce: Best Design Practices & Balanced Hardware Configurations = Best Solution Approach • Requires involvement with Business & IT • Business Message • Immediate access to information via BIEE • Lower TCO • Extend investment beyond Oracle DW • Flexible Access • IT Message • 10g Provides framework for balanced configurations • Manageability extension of Oracle Functionality • Ability to scale • 100+ Terabytes • 10,000+ Users • Up or Out • Address all aspects of solution • Design, Implementation, and Support • Oracle Support, On Demand, Partners • Stress the value of BI EE • Faster Value to BI • Eliminate Data Proliferation

  22. Agenda • The Market • Strategy • Our Products and What we can Sell • The Roadmap • Playbook and The Opportunities • SC Resources • Questions

  23. Product RoadmapPhased Product Roadmap • Today • 10gR2 • OracleBI EE • Heterogeneous Support • Ad-Hoc & Next Generation Reporting • Updatable Scorecards • Complement to DW • Oracle Database EE • Enhanced Performance • Reduced Complexity • 100+ Bug Fixes • Superior Metadata Management • Data & Audit Vault • Release ILM • Reference Configurations • Emerging Appliances • Q1CY07 • 10gR3 • OracleBI EE • Integration with Oracle DB & AS • Enterprise Reporting w/BI Publisher • Enhanced UI • Enhanced support for data sources • BI Server Enhancements • Security enhancements • Oracle Data Integrator • Native ETL for non-Oracle sources/targets • Compliments OWB • Q4CY07 • 11gR1 • Oracle Database EE • Enhanced Manageability • Continued Performance improvements • Integration of Heterogeneous Drivers • OLAP – More SQL Aware • Improved Security • Enhanced Reference Configurations • Enhanced Appliance Configurations

  24. Agenda • The Market • Strategy • Our Products and What we can Sell • The Roadmap • Playbook and The Sales Opportunities • SC Resources • Questions

  25. BI Opportunities for Higher Ed TSMs Peoplesoft Enterprise/JDE Fusion Intelligence Applications (Incl. EPM, OBI EE, pre-built content) Sungard ODS/EDW Oracle BI EE, OLAP, Data Mining, OWB Options More Common Custom Data Warehouse Oracle BI EE, OLAP, Data Mining, OWB Options Oracle eBusiness Suite Oracle BI Applications OR Oracle DBI Less Common BI Tool Replacement Oracle BI EE, OLAP

  26. Opportunity 1Oracle Apps, Custom DW, Incumbent BI

  27. Opportunity 2Oracle Apps, No DW

  28. Opportunity 3Oracle DW, Oracle Tech Shop, Incumbent BI

  29. Opportunity 4SGHE, ODS, Incumbent BI

  30. Opportunity 5SGHE, EDW, Incumbent BI

  31. Opportunity 6Datatel, Incumbent BI

  32. Opportunity 7SEBL CRM, SEBL Analytics, ORCL Apps

  33. Agenda • The Market • Strategy • Our Products and What we can Sell • The Roadmap • Customers and Top Ten Lists • Playbook and The Opportunities • SC Resources • Questions

  34. Analytic Architects Apps Focus CPM / EPM OBI EE Discoverer Application data plays primary role in solution BI Solution Specialists Technology Focus OBI SE OBI EE Oracle Database & 3rd Party data plays primary role Team Structure – Working Together Start with Lead SC and BI Representative OBI EE Solution Specialists • Applications and Technology • Oracle Business Analytic Applications • OBI EE Experts • Tim Falbo - SC Manager • Dave Katt - SC Manager • Scott Hilner – SC Director

  35. Agenda • The Market • Strategy • Our Products and What we can Sell • The Roadmap • Customers and Top Ten Lists • Playbook and The Opportunities • SC Resources • Questions

  36. The use of Management Information and Technology in Higher Education

  37. Agenda • The Market • Strategy • Our Products and What we can Sell • The Roadmap • Customers and Top Ten Lists • Playbook and The Opportunities • SC Resources • Questions

  38. Top Ten List: Oracle Database • Independently measured scalability of over 100 TBs • Widely available Oracle data warehousing skills • Most mature warehouse product on popular hardware • Integrated Oracle tools, strongest support by partners • Complete & manageable database & MDM • Minimized hardware resources at lowest cost • Proven reference configurations • Best choice of highly available solutions • Most secure solution • Innovation will continue!

  39. Top Ten List: Why BI EE & Oracle Database? • Oracle is most popular database for Oracle BI EE • Oracle provides single point of support • Many common implementationpartners / consultants • Single source of training • Shared Field Sales = simplified purchases • Shared Development = common Fusion vision • Single sign-on / integrated security • Most flexible performance optimization • Increased leverage of Oracle database = lower TCO • Common focus on openness and standards

  40. Heterogeneous Sources Existing DW DW/BI Sales Playbook Initial Opportunity Follow-on Opportunity Data in E-Bus. Suite DBI / Oracle BI Extend Data Warehouse & Oracle BI Critical KPIs in PeopleSoft EPM / Oracle BI Bus. Analytic Apps / Oracle BI Data in Siebel CRM Custom DW or Bus. Analytic Apps / Oracle BI Extend Data Models / Other Data Sources Oracle BI

  41. Business Intelligence for Institutional Excellence Solution • Instead of continually spending budget on developing reports for business users, develop the infrastructures that • simplify how information is accessed • supports the entire enterprise • provide a common framework • utilize a methodology for solving Information Access problems • By simplifying the access, both IT and business users can get at the information they need, when they need it, with less of an effort.