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CAPT R. Hemstreet Deputy Commander for Operations Naval Facilities Engineering Command

SAME Forum Philadelphia, PA 12 Mar 2008. CAPT R. Hemstreet Deputy Commander for Operations Naval Facilities Engineering Command. About NAVFAC …. NAVFAC’s Roles, Products & Services Shore Facilities’ Trends Projected Workload Major Programs and Future Work Overview. ROLES, P&S.

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CAPT R. Hemstreet Deputy Commander for Operations Naval Facilities Engineering Command

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  1. SAME Forum Philadelphia, PA 12 Mar 2008 CAPT R. Hemstreet Deputy Commander for Operations Naval Facilities Engineering Command

  2. About NAVFAC … • NAVFAC’s Roles, Products & Services • Shore Facilities’ Trends • Projected Workload • Major Programs and Future Work Overview NAVFAC

  3. ROLES, P&S Who is NAVFAC? Naval Facilities Engineering Command • Our Roles • DoD Construction Agent • DoN’s Facilities Engineering SYSCOM • Naval Expeditionary Combat Enterprise lead SYSCOM • Member of the Provider Enterprise • Global Engineering/Acquisition Command • 17,000 Civilians, 1,600 military, and 500 Contractors • Our products and services: Over $10 billion annually NAVFAC

  4. NAVFAC…Region Aligned ROLES, P&S NAVFAC Europe – Southwest Asia NAVFAC Northwest Navy Crane Center NAVFAC FE OICC Bethesda NAVFAC Washington NAVFAC MW NAVFAC Marianas NAVFAC Atlantic NAVFAC ESC NAVFAC ELC Naval Fac. Inst. NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic OICC MCI East OICC MCI West NAVFAC Southwest NAVFAC Southeast OICC Katrina NAVFAC Hawaii 2 ECH III Commands NAVFAC Pacific 10 ECH IV Commands 4 OICC Forward Deployed Delivery Model 4 Specialty Centers (ECH III Commands) NAVFAC

  5. NAVFACHQ Washington, D.C. Region Aligned Navy Crane Center Norfolk, VA NAVFAC Engineering Service Center Port Hueneme, CA NAVFAC Expeditionary Logistics Center Port Hueneme, CA NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic Norfolk, VA Naval Facilities Institute Port Hueneme, CA NAVFAC Washington D.C. NAVFAC Southwest San Diego, CA NAVFAC Far East Yokosuka, Japan NAVFAC Northwest Silverdale, WA • NAVFAC Atlantic and Pacific Commanders are dual-hatted as Fleet Engineers. • Facilities Engineering Commanders are dual-hatted as Regional Engineers. NAVFAC Europe & SW Asia Naples, Italy Facilities Engineering Commands NAVFAC Midwest Great Lake, IL NAVFAC Southeast Jacksonville, FL ROLES, P&S We are the Navy’s facilities engineering professionals. Fleet, Fighter and Family focused; innovative; surge enabled; ever faster; and committed to continuous cost reduction. NAVFAC Atlantic Norfolk, VA NAVFAC Pacific Pearl Harbor, HI NAVFAC Hawaii Pearl Harbor, HI • Business Lines: • Capital Improvements • Public Works • Environmental • Contingency Engineering • Asset Management • Expeditionary Programs NAVFAC Marianas Guam NAVFAC

  6. Spec. Ctrs. Integration Vertical Roles Horizontal Roles ROLES, P&S NAVFAC CONOPS (Concept of Operations) NAVFAC HQ NAVFAC LANT NAVFAC PAC Vertical: Leadership 1. Capital Improvements 2. Mission Accountability 3. Client Interface 4. Project Mgt/Execution Public Works 5. Execution Metrics Environmental Horizontal: Contingency Engineering 1. Business Processes 2. Resource Allocation Asset Management 3. Community Mgmt 4. Program Mgmt 5. Program Metrics Expeditionary Programs 6. Program Resources NAVFAC

  7. Current Readiness • Future Capability Demand Signal ROLES, P&S Products and Services/Support for Facilities Lifecycle Applying Technical, Contracts and Real Estate Authorities and Expertise • Asset Management • Demolition • Facilities Excessing • Outleasing • Enhanced Use Leasing (EUL) • Planning • Land/Installations/ Facilities • Facilities ILS • Encroachment Planning/ Management • Contingency • Project Development • Anti-Terror/Force Protection (AT/FP) • Environmental (NEPA) • Recapitalization • Restoration • Modernization • Facilities Sustainment • Environmental Compliance & Conservation • Base Support Vehicles/ Equipment • Facility/Specialized Technical Services • Strategic Sourcing • Utilities/Energy/Real Estate Management • Shore Weight Handling Equipment • Acquisition/Execution • Engineering/Design/ Construction • Environmental Cleanup/ Quality • Public/Private Ventures • Disaster Response • Ocean Engineering • Expeditionary • Base Ops Support (BOS) • Construction NAVFAC

  8. TRENDS Environmental • Supported Commander priorities • ENV Compliance • ENV Restoration, including munitions • ENV Planning: facilities and military training/operations • Current ENV Climate • Increasing Workload • Funding Outlook Good • Cleanup Program: $300M per year (ENV Restoration) + $150M per year (BRAC Reimbursable) • Compliance: $121M per year NAVFAC

  9. TRENDS Environmental • Acquisition Strategy • Continued, strong Small Business participation • Balanced use of fixed-price contracts • Increased use of performance-based service contracts • $1.6 B in new contracts • 51 new contracts planned • 38 FP IDIQs • 6 EMACs • 4 RACs • 3 CLEANs NAVFAC

  10. TRENDS Energy Goals • Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 – Codifies the EO 13423 guidance on energy and water consumption reduction. CAFE standard of 35 mpg by 2020, renewable fuel standard of 36 billion gallons by 2022, energy efficiency standards for appliances and lighting • Executive Order 13423 (of 24 Jan 2007) – replaces E.O. 13123: reduce energy consumption 3%/year and water consumption 2%/year water, 50% of renewables must come from new (post 1999) sources on installation, reduce petroleum consumption by 2% • Energy Policy Act of 2005 – Reduce energy consumption 2%/year from 2006-2015, meter all buildings, construct buildings 30% below ASHRAE standards. • National Defense Authorization Act 2007 – Produce or procure from renewable sources not less than 25% of electricity consumed by 2025. • DOD Energy Security IPT – Increase number of geothermal plants, and energy MILCON projects • ASN(I&E) – Build to LEED Silver standard To achieve these goals, we need to renew our energy awareness at all levels, and re-emphasize the execution of energy projects. NAVFAC

  11. TRENDS Department of Navy –Energy Usage Reduction Based on Projects Awarded Through FY 07 NAVFAC

  12. TRENDS Energy Goals/GuidanceImpact to Installations • New energy implementing guidance is being developed • New Buildings - will incorporate sustainable design and energy efficiency features • Energy Plans – each base will have a plan for achieving energy goals • Renewable Energy – 25% of all electricity usage needs to come from renewable sources by 2025. This goal means each base needs to develop all cost effective renewable resources. • Resource Efficiency Managers – each installation should have REM(s) These are contractor energy managers who are required to identify projects that return 200%-300% on their cost • Transportation - Increase use of neighborhood electrics, and high fuel efficiency vehicles for high use applications NAVFAC

  13. TRENDS NAVFAC Policy of LEEDand Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct) FY08 • Designs started after 03 Jan 2007 must meet EPAct • 30% more efficient than ASHRAE (supported by LCC analysis) • LEED “certifiable” for Sustainable Development FY09 and Beyond • Must meet EPAct and be LEED Silver certified (USGBC) • Executive Order requires • Renewable energy sources • Compliance with Federal High Performance and Sustainable Buildings MOU • Form 1391, Block 9, shows 3% of ECC to meet EPAct and LEED • Supporting documentation must show actual cost of equipment NAVFAC

  14. Yesterday • Design-Bid- Build • Low bid • Adversarial Relationship TRENDS Construction Trends Benefits • Reduced Acquisition Time • Life-Cycle Costing Decisions • Improved Safety / Quality / Schedule Performance • Improved Energy Efficiency Tomorrow Today • CM @ Risk • Focus on Building Performance • Deliver Sustainability / Lower Life Cycle Cost • Leverage Technical Skills thru Cross Functional Teams • USGBC LEED Silver Level on all projects • Streamlined Design-Build • Best Value Selection • Multiple Award Contracts • Anti-Terrorism • Fast Track Construction • Increased Client Participation • Improved Project Development NAVFAC

  15. WORKLOAD NAVFAC FY07 Execution • In FY07, NAVFAC Executed contracting actions of $8.7B, a 22% increase over FY06. • DON O&M: $3.5B • OPN: $1.0B • MILCON: $1.5B • DOD: $2.2B • Other Cust.: $0.5B • Over 90% of the FY07 MILCON program ($1.1B) was awarded, a significant increase over FY06. • NAVFAC obligated $1.45 billion in SRM, including $291 million at end-of year for targeted facilities projects. NAVFAC

  16. WORKLOAD MILCON Construction ProgramProgrammed Amount for Construction As Of Jan 08 FH CON $ BILLIONS GWOT MCNR NAVY BRAC 05 Notional GOJ Guam (Not Navy MILCON) MCON Guam MCON USMC Grow the Force Defense Katrina MCON FISCAL YEAR PR09 PRESBUD NAVFAC

  17. WORKLOAD MILCON Workload DistributionProgrammed Amt for Major Construction Only – No Design or UMC $Billion Far East Hawaii Midwest Northwest Europe/SWA Southeast Southwest Marianas (Includes Notional GOJ $ which is not Navy MILCON) Washington Mid-Atlantic FISCAL YEAR PR09 PRESBUD NAVFAC

  18. ACQ STRATEGY: • 2-Phase Design Build (Best Value) • Project Packaging for Economy of Scale • Standardized Components PROGRAMS OICC Stand-Up & USMC MILCON (FY08-14) OICC's ... • OICC MC WEST: ~$3.5B GTF • OICC MC EAST: ~$2.1B GTF • Both stand-up 3rd Qtr FY08, stand-down FY14 • OICC BETHESDA • Execute BRAC V Walter Reed National Military Medical Center • Stand-up 2nd Qtr FY08, stand-down FY12 • Includes PW Mission NAVFAC

  19. PROGRAMS Walter Reed National Military Medical Ctr(WRNMMC) Bethesda, MD • Project scope: • New outpatient addition (approx. 525K SF) • New inpatient areas (approx. 157K SF) • Renovations to existing infrastructure (approx. 333K SF) • New circulation pathways, utility tunnels, and parking garages • Supporting facilities (ex. new gym, administrative building and Warrior Transition Unit / Brigade • FY08/09/10 BRAC V Construction ($940M) • BRAC-directed milestone: Complete by Sept 15, 2011 NAVFAC

  20. Defense Policy Review Initiative $20B investment in Japan $10B investment in Guam CVN Homeporting in Japan P-998 Wharf Projects (awarded) Wharf Upgrades ECD Mar 08 Power Upgrades Energy Saving Perf. Contract ECD May 08 Joint Basing (Hawaii and Guam) JMSDF P-3 Squadron Tokyo CVW-5 Jets / C2 Det / E-2 Squadron VMGR-152 (KC-130 Squadron) CHINA Okinawa Iwo Jima Helo Sqdrn TAIWAN Northern Mariana Islands Manila Guam III MEF/ III MARDIV / I MAW / III MLG PROGRAMS Pacific AOR Highlights Japan NAVFAC

  21. PROGRAMS Outyears Planning (FY09 & beyond) Joint Efforts • Guam Joint Master Plan (MP) --NAVFAC preparing • NAVFAC preparing Guam MP • Phase I: Requirements and Concept of Ops Completed May 07 • Phase II: Facility Development Plan ECD Jul 08 • Joint Bases per BRAC decision • Guam (Marianas and Anderson AFB) and • Hawaii (Pearl Harbor and Hickam AFB) with Navy as lead service • End State • Construction and renovation opportunities for facilities NAVFAC

  22. Navy Lead Joint Bases • JB Pearl Harbor – Hickam • JB Guam - Anderson • JB Anacostia - Bolling • JB Little Creek - Story JBs where Navy affected but not Lead • JB McGuire - Dix - Lakehurst (AF Lead) • JB Andrews – NAF Washington (AF Lead) • JB Charleston AFB/NWS, SC (AF Lead) PROGRAMS Joint Basing (JB) update • USDs issue supplemental guidance • USD (AT&L) issue Memorandum Of Agreement template • Installations Capabilities Council (ICC) issue Joint Base Performance Standards (CNIC hosting JB Breakout session at BRAC conference 14 March) Joint Basing Implementation Guidance signed 22 Jan 2008. Two-month target (22 March 08) to complete the following: NAVFAC

  23. PROGRAMS Europe & Southwest Asia (SWA)Expanding Focus • MILCON • DAL MOLIN BDE COMPLEX VICENZA IT • $400 Million Design Build program • Italian Contractor Requirement • DJIBOUTI Military Construction • $120 Million investment • FSC/BOS • Base Operation & Support Contracts • Several FY09 contracts: Under $1M threshold • Rota Multi-Function FSC (FY10) • Bahrain: Capabilities Based Requirements Doc. Contract (FY10) NAVFAC

  24. PROGRAMS Extraordinary Small Business Advocate • NAVFAC Performance Trends • FY02 - FY06: Exceeded goals + • Multiple Awards/Recognition for Small Business achievements • *FY07: End-of-year “Actual” data not yet available from FPDS-NG • (expect to meet/exceed goals) • FY08: Continued focus on Small Business support NAVFAC

  25. PROGRAMS Asset ManagementMajor Initiatives GSIPs -- Global Shore Infrastructure Plans • Lays groundwork for preparation of POM 10 issues & Navy Ashore Vision 2035, providing “Gap Analysis” (Needs vs. Current Condition/Deficiencies) • GSIPs Status: • To Support Providers: GSIPs for CNIC, MPT&E, & NAVSUP – “in the works” • To Warfare Enterprises: • GSIP Complete: USE • GSIP Drafts “in the works”: NAE, SWE, NECE, NNFE, and FRE • GSIPs – global focus, leading to follow-on studies/plans (for regions & installations), ultimately influencing identification of future, shore facilities construction projects NAVFAC

  26. Saufley Field, NAS Pensacola Portsmouth NSY, NH SUBASE New London, CT S. Depot Annex, Norfolk, VA PROGRAMS Asset ManagementMajor Initiatives EULs -- Enhanced Use Leases • A tool to leverage the value of our under-utilized and under-performing assets (facilities and land) • Several Phase I Market & Feasibility Analyses on-going • Industry Forums for Phase II EULs • Saufley Field - Pensacola FL (11 Mar 08) • NNSY (Portsmouth NH) - Durham NH (16 Apr 08) • SUBASE New London, CT – (May 08) • South Depot Annex, Norfolk, VA – (TBD) • EUL website: www.navyeul.com • Contains info on: project status, FAQs, links, and Contacts NAVFAC

  27. 1. Visit our webpage @ www.navfac.navy.mil 2. Go to “Organization” Tab 3. Select desired NAVFAC component 4. Go to “Contact Us/Visitors” Questions? • Learn more about NAVFAC … • Contact the Public Works Department in your area. NAVFAC

  28. Fleet Fighter Family Wrap-Up • Big construction opportunities FY08 & beyond in support of our … Counting on your Help, Talent, and Partnership to Make It Happen! NAVFAC

  29. Additional Information Backup Slides • Project Lists: FY08 (Unawarded) and FY09 • Organization Charts: General NAVFAC

  30. Project Lists

  31. PROGRAMS FY 2008 (unawarded) MCON, MCNR, BRAC, DoD Agencies Project List NAVFAC Atlantic NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic Marine Corps Air Station New River, NC Construct New Gymnasium and Music Room Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, NC SOF MARSOC Academic Instruction Facility SOF MARSOC Special Ops/Equipment Facility SOF MARSOC Supply and Predeployment Facility Academic Instruction Facility, Camp Geiger Aircraft Maintenance Hangar, Phase 2 (MCAS New River) Bachelor Enlisted Qtrs, at Battalion (HADNOT Point) Bachelor Enlisted Qtrs, (French Creek) Bachelor Enlisted Qtrs, (MCAS New River) Child Development Center, Tarawa Terrace Field Medical Services School (Montford Point) Jet Engine Test Cell (MCAS New River) Main Gate Security Upgrades (MCAS New River) MARSOC Community Support Facilities (Rifle Range) MARSOC Fitness Center/Training Pool (Rifle Range) MARSOC Special Operations Support Fac (Rifle Range) MARSOC Training Facilities (Rifle Range) MOUT Enhancements (Basewide) BEQ- Wounded Warriors Battalion Landfill Cell Main Gate – Physical Security Upgrades Multi-Purpose Machine Gun Range, G10 Physical Security Upgrades – Piney Green Wastewater System Modification (Basewide) Maintenance/Operations Complex – 2/9 (HADNOT POINT) NAVFAC

  32. PROGRAMS FY 2008 (unawarded) MCON, MCNR, BRAC, DoD Agencies Project List NAVFAC Atlantic NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic (cont.) Norfolk, VA LANTFLTHQSPACT Joint Forces Command HQ, Building One Mobile User Objective System Instn (NW Chesapeake) Naval Station Norfolk, VA E2/C2 Aircrew Training Facility MH-60S Hangar & Airfield Improvements Naval Environmental & Preventive Med Unit 2 Repl Naval Support Activity Mechanicsburg NMRC Reading to NMRC Lehigh Valley Dam Neck VA NSPECWARDEVGR SOF Operational Training Facility SOF Operations Facility Naval Air Station Oceana VA SOF Parachute Drying Tower Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek VA EODMU-6 Detachment Boat Shops SOF Seal Team Ops and Support Facility SOF Special Boat Team Operations Facility Naval Support Activity Norfolk NSY Ship Maintenance Engineering Facility Modernization Engineering Management Facility Conversion Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, NC Hangar Renov, Fac Upgrades Navy F/A 18 E/F (NADEP) NAVFAC

  33. PROGRAMS FY 2008 (unawarded)MCON, MCNR, BRAC, DoD Agencies Project List NAVFAC Atlantic NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic (cont.) Naval Submarine Base New London CT Submarine Learning Center Training HQ Naval Station Newport RI Hazardous Materials Storage Building Waterfront Improvements Portsmouth Shipyard Consolidated Emergency Control Center SERE School and Addition to Building 315 Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst NJ Joint Installation Road Improvements Fleet Logs Ops Fac (MCGUIRE AFB) Inc 1 of 2 Joint Use Reserve Training Ctr (MCGUIRE AFB) Inc 1 of 2 NAVFAC Washington Washington DC Bolling AFB Communication Frame Facility NNMC Bethesda MD Medical Center Add/Alt Naval Support Activity South Potomac Adv Energetics Research Lab Electromagnetic Launch RDT&E Facility Naval Air Station Patuxent River MD Aircraft Prototype Facility E-2 Advanced Hawkeye RDT&E Facility JPALS Addition to Building 2110/2122 NAVFAC

  34. PROGRAMS FY 2008 (unawarded)MCON, MCNR, BRAC, DoD Agencies Project List NAVFAC Atlantic NAVFAC Washington (cont.) Quantico VA MCCOMBDEV CMD MSGBN Headquarters & BEQ Phase 1 Student Officers Quarters – TBS Phase 2 (Camp Barrett) Warfare Programs Support Center Reserve Training Center Additions (Camp Upshur) Collocate MILDEP Investigative Agencies Inc 1 of 2 NAVFAC MidWest Naval Hospital Great Lakes IL Federal Health Care Facility ADDN/ALTN Naval Station Great Lakes IL Joint Armed Forces Reserve Ctr (NOSC Sioux Falls) Marine Corps Reserve Center (NMCCRC Dayton OH) Small Arms Markmanship Trainer (SAMT) Naval Support Activity Crane IN Secured Engineering Facility Special Weapons Assessment Facility NAVFAC SouthEast Naval Air Station Pensacola FL Fire Station Expansion (Corry Station) BRAC-(USAF) CSO Applied Instruction Facility BRAC-(USAF) Navigator Training Hangar NAVFAC

  35. PROGRAMS FY 2008 (unawarded) MCON, MCNR, BRAC, DoD Agencies Project List NAVFAC Atlantic NAVFAC SouthEast (cont.) Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Ft Worth TX Child Development Center Joint Air Traffic Control Facility Joint Indoor Training Tank Joint Multi-Level Parking Facility Marine Corps Reserve Training Center (Austin TX) BRAC AFR Add Electronic Counter Measures Shop Headquarters, Fourth Marine Aircraft Wing New Orleans LA Marine Corps Vehicle Maintenance Facility (Mt Clemens) BRAC-Relocate 214 EIS Operations BRAC-Relocate 214 EIS Maintenance Offices BRAC-Relocate 214 EIS Supply Library Flag Housing General Administrative Building Shaw AFB SC Base Infrastructure BRAC-Visiting Officers Quarters BRAC-Transient Lodging Facility BRAC-Child Development Center BRAC-Fitness Center Naval Air Station Whiting FLD FL Clearzone ACq. & Runway Ext (NOLF Evergreen) Naval Air Station Key West FL Construct New Pumphouse to Replace Pumphouse A-933 NAVFAC

  36. PROGRAMS FY 2008 (unawarded)MCON, MCNR, BRAC, DoD Agencies Project List NAVFAC Atlantic NAVFAC SouthEast Marine Corp Air Station Beaufort SC Nuclear/Biological/Chemical Facility Structural Fire Station Marine Corps Security Force Blount Island FL Slipway Barrier, Blount Island Naval Air Station Corpus Christi TX Aviation Trainer Facility Base Support Battalion Kings Bay GA Engineering Services Facility (NOTU Cape Canaveral, FL) Naval Air Station Atlanta GA RIA-14 Facility Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island SC Motor Transportation Facility Third Recruit Training BN Complex Ph1 Enlisted Dining Facility Consolidation Naval Air Station Meridian MS Fire Station Naval Support Activity Panama City Littoral Warfare Systems Facility Stennis Space Ctr MS SOF Riverine and Combatant Craft Ops Fac Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany GA Main Gate Improvements-Blount Island Warehouse, Combat Vehicle NAVFAC

  37. PROGRAMS FY 2008 (unawarded)MCON, MCNR, BRAC, DoD Agencies Project List NAVFAC Atlantic NAVFAC NorthWest Naval Station Everett WA Fleet Region Readiness Center Operational Facilities MIUW 110/IBU 13 (NOSC Portland, OR) Naval Air Station Whidbey Is WA EA-18G Facility Improvements Indoor Wash Rack Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton WA CVN Maintenance Pier Replacement Missile Assembly Building 3 Ocean Engineering Support Facility Ship Maintenance Engineering Consolidation (PSNSY) NAVFAC SouthWest Fleet & Industrial Support Center San Diego CA Replace Fuel Storage Tanks Naval Base Point Loma San Diego CA Magnetic Silencing Facility Modification Pier 5002 Sub Fender Installation Naval Amphibious Base Coronado CA SOF Special Boat Team Operations Facility Pacifici Missile Test Center Pt Mugu CA Medium Range Target Missile Launch Facility Naval Air Station Fallon NV Range Improvements TGTB-20 NAVFAC

  38. PROGRAMS FY 2008 (unawarded) MCON, MCNR, BRAC, DoD Agencies Project List NAVFAC Atlantic NAVFAC SouthWest (cont.) Naval Support Activity Monterey CA Global Weather Operations Ctr (Navy School Annex) Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach MOMAU 15 Collocation to Building 78 Travis AFB CA C-17 Road Improvements C-17 Southwest Landing Zone Global Support Squadron Facility Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton CA MARSOC Academic Facility MARSOC Equipment Storage Warehouse MARSOC Paraloft/Dive Locker Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (Chappo Area 22) Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (HQ Area) Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (Margarita Area 33) Fitness Center (Margarita Area 33) ISR Camp – Intel Battalion MARSOC Supporting Facilities (Las Flores Area 41) Traffic Improvements (Main Gate Area 20) 1STMLG Armory 1ST MLG Group and Battalion Headquarters 1ST MLG Headquarters – HQ Area BEQ- Wounded Warrior Battalion Facility Consolidated Comm/Elect Maintenance & Storage NAVFAC

  39. PROGRAMS FY 2008 (unawarded)MCON, MCNR, BRAC, DoD Agencies Project List NAVFAC Atlantic NAVFAC SouthWest (cont.) Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton CA Force Intel Operations Center – HQ Area BEQ and Enlisted Dining Facility – HQ Area Armory-Regimental and Battalion HQ ISR Camp-Intel Battalion-4000 Marine Armory-Intel Battalion-HQ Area EOD Operations Complex Hangar 02 Additions Tactical Support Van Pad Expansion Company HQ – MP Company Armory – 5th Marine Regiment BEQ and Armory-HORNO Naval Base San Diego CA Child Development Center Main Gate (Gate 6) Improvements COMINEWARCOM Headquarters Renovations Marine Corps Air Station Miramar CA Hangar Modifications Marine Corps Reserve Training Center Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake CA Weapons Survivability Complex NAVFAC

  40. PROGRAMS FY 2008 (unawarded)MCON, MCNR, BRAC, DoD Agencies Project List NAVFAC Atlantic NAVFAC SouthWest (cont) Marine Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms CA BEQ & POV Parking Structure Armory Landfill Mil. Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT) Multi-Battalion Operations Center Regimental Combat Team HQ Facility Marine Corps Air Station Yuma AZ Bachelor Enlisted Quarters, Main Base Tow Way “G” NAVFAC Europe/SouthWest Asia US Army Installation Vicenza Italy BDE Complex – Barracks and Support BDE Complex Maintenance & Operations Naval Support Activity Bahrain Waterfront Development Phase 1 SOF NSWU Waterfront Ops Facility NAVFAC

  41. PROGRAMS FY 2008 (unawarded)MCON, MCNR, BRAC, DoD Agencies Project List NAVFAC Pacific NAVFAC Hawaii Marine Corps Base Kaneohe Bay HI MCB Bachelor Enlisted Quarters Z/VARLOCS MILCON Wharf Utilities Upgrades Naval Station Pearl Harbor HI Arizona Memorial Visitor Center Replacement NOAA Bldg 130/Marine Tanks/Seawall Communication Center (WAHIAWA) Dry Dock Ship Support Services Sub Drive-In MSF, Beckoning Point Pearl Harbor HI PAC NFEC NOAA Weather Service Office NAVFAC Marianas Andersen AFB GUAM Strategic Air Command Upgrade NW Field Infrastructure Naval Activities Guam Fitness Center, Guam Harden Electrical System Phase 1 KILO Wharf Extension Potable Water System Recap Phase 1 Wastewater Treatment Plant Repairs & Upgrade NAVFAC Far East Naval Support Activity Diego Garcia Wastewater Treatment Facility NAVFAC

  42. PROGRAMS FY 2009MCON, MCNR, BRAC, DoD Agencies Project List NAVFAC Atlantic NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic NAVFAC

  43. PROGRAMS FY 2009MCON, MCNR, BRAC, DoD Agencies Project List NAVFAC Atlantic NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic (cont.) NAVFAC Washington NAVFAC

  44. PROGRAMS FY 2009MCON, MCNR, BRAC, DoD Agencies Project List NAVFAC Atlantic NAVFAC Washington (cont.) NAVFAC SouthWest NAVFAC

  45. PROGRAMS FY 2009MCON, MCNR, BRAC, DoD Agencies Project List NAVFAC Atlantic NAVFAC SouthWest (cont.) NAVFAC

  46. PROGRAMS FY 2009MCON, MCNR, BRAC, DoD Agencies Project List NAVFAC Atlantic NAVFAC NorthWest NAVFAC Europe/SouthWest Asia NAVFAC MidWest NAVFAC SouthEast NAVFAC

  47. PROGRAMS FY 2009MCON, MCNR, BRAC, DoD Agencies Project List NAVFAC Atlantic NAVFAC SouthEast NAVFAC

  48. PROGRAMS FY 2009MCON, MCNR, BRAC, DoD Agencies Project List NAVFAC Pacific NAVFAC Hawaii NAVFAC Marianas NAVFAC Far East NAVFAC

  49. Our Alignment with CNIC NAVFAC

  50. Facilities Engineering Commands (FEC)(Echelon IV) NAVFAC

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