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Vision and Mission Statements PowerPoint Presentation
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Vision and Mission Statements

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Vision and Mission Statements
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Vision and Mission Statements

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  1. Vision and Mission Statements

  2. Taken Together... • Our Vision is ... our dream…where we are headed ...what we aspire to be • Our Mission is ... our purpose…why we exist

  3. A Vision Statement for the University Libraries Karla Block John Butler Jerilyn Veldof

  4. A vision is a ... ... compelling conceptual image of our desired future It’s about greatness. It electrifies and invigorates. It is the ultimate standard toward which progress is measured.

  5. A Vision Statement Answers These Questions: • What are our aspirations? • What is our ideal future? • What do we desire to accomplish? • What will our organization look like in the future? • How do we wish to be known by our customers, members and our community? • How will our organization enhance the quality of life for those who use our services/products?

  6. Brief Memorable Inspiring Challenging Descriptive of the ideal Appealing to all stakeholders Descriptive of future service levels A Vision Statement Should Be:

  7. Who should a Vision Statement be for? • Us? • Our community? • All stakeholders, but how it’s pitched reveals a truth about our aspirations.

  8. Vision Statement Sampler

  9. Vision: HealthPartners We will be the best and most trusted provider of health care, health promotion, health care financing and health care administration in the country.

  10. Vision: U Washington Libraries • We envision a library… • Responsive to the diverse needs and expectations of the University community with users at the center of all that the library does • Inviting, comfortable, accessible, and safe for all • Rich in resources and collections both within and beyond the walls of the library • Joining with others to develop collaborative and innovative teaching, learning, and research environments.

  11. Vision: North Carolina State U The Libraries: NC State's competitive advantage.

  12. Vision: Minneapolis Public Library The Minneapolis Public Library, an essential public institution for the active exercise of democracy and intellectual freedom, helps shape a future...

  13. Vision: Minneapolis Public Library where… • people of all ages successfully navigate information for work, study, and play • the city, its businesses, and residents prosper • each library is a vital center in dynamic and diverse neighborhoods • cultural life is rich and varied • literacy is widespread • everyone is enlivened by the joy of discovery, reading, and lifelong learning.

  14. The U Libraries’ Current Vision Statement The University Libraries is the center of choice at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities for immediate access to high quality information. • The Libraries' knowledgeable, innovative, and service-oriented staff: • Integrates information resources and skills into the broader teaching, research, and service mission of the University • Develops unique digital resources and services • Collaborates in creating an economically sustainable model of scholarly communication.

  15. A proposed vision for discussion... We will provide our community with an extraordinary information experience... that is: • is integral to and highly valued by the University • provides a model for research libraries throughout the country • brings the Libraries recognition as a world renown resource for scholarship

  16. Do either of these… Inspire you? Energize you? • Do these communicate to you: • what our aspirations are? • our ideal future? • what our organization will look like in the future? • how we wish to be known by our community? • how we will enhance the quality of life for those who use our services/resources?

  17. Vision Group’s Inspiration & Sources A library -- University of Arizona A health care organization -- HealthPartners An ice cream company -- Cold Stone Creamery

  18. A Mission Statement for the University Libraries Beth Kaplan Shane Nackerud Judy Wells

  19. Developing a Mission Statement • Criteria for an effective mission statement: • Is short and sharply focused • Is clear and easily understood • Defines why the organizations exists • Does not prescribe means • Is sufficiently broad

  20. Criteria for an effective mission statement • Provides direction for doing the right things • Addresses our opportunities • Matches our competence • Inspires our commitment • Says what, in the end, we want to be remembered for

  21. Questions to ask when drafting a mission statement • Who is the audience for the mission statement? • Library Staff • Faculty, Students • Library Users • University Administration • Community, State, World

  22. Questions to ask when drafting a mission statement • Whom does the library aim to serve? • What term do we use to describe library users? • Customers, Library Users, Patrons • User Community • Students, Faculty, Staff • Community, State, World

  23. Questions to ask when drafting a mission statement • What action do we take with/for our library users? • Connect Support • Partner Enhance • Enable Collaborate • Enrich Deliver • Create Provide access • Advance Meet information needs

  24. Questions to ask when drafting a mission statement • What qualities or characteristics come to mind when you think about the library? • Why is the library important --to individuals, the community, the parent institution?

  25. About the Mission Statement... • Does it communicate the most important thing you want people to know and remember? • Does it inspire enthusiasm? • Is it simple and memorable? Does it pass the T-shirt test?

  26. About the Mission Statement... • Are the language and content current? • Does the tone complement the image you wish for the library?

  27. University of Minnesota Libraries’ Existing Mission Statement • The mission of the University of Minnesota Libraries is to enhance access to and maintain the public record of human thought, knowledge, and culture for current and future users. The University Libraries support the University’s threefold mission of research and discovery, teaching and learning, and outreach and public service through the development of collections, delivery of services, and creative applications of information technologies.

  28. Mission Statements from Other Academic Libraries • We connect our customers to information that furthers their education and research goals. • University of Arizona Libraries

  29. Mission Statements from Other Academic Libraries • The University of Washington Libraries enriches the quality of life and advances intellectual discovery by connecting people with knowledge. • University of Washington Libraries

  30. Mission Statements from Other Academic Libraries • The Ohio State University Libraries are committed to meeting the diverse and changing information needs of the University’s students, faculty, and staff, and to participating in resource sharing programs throughout Ohio and the world. • Ohio State University Libraries

  31. Mission Statements from Other Academic Libraries • The University Library exists as an archive of accumulated knowledge, a gateway to scholarship, and a catalyst for the discovery and advancement of new ideas. In fulfilling its obligation to provide knowledge to the University and the scholarly community at large, the University Library collects, organizes, and provides access to recorded knowledge in all its formats. The Library Faculty initiate discussions and propose creative solutions to the information challenges facing the University and the scholarly community. The University Library’s faculty and staff actively participate in providing quality service, access, instruction and management of scholarly information. • University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

  32. A Starting Point for Discussion... • We connect our users to the resources that support their education and research goals and advance intellectual discovery throughout the University of Minnesota community and beyond.

  33. Sources • Drucker Foundation Self-Assessment Tool: Content • How to Develop a Mission Statement • • Wallace, Linda K. Libraries, mission, & marketing : writing mission statements that work / Linda K. Wallace. Chicago : American Library Association, 2004. vi, 82 p. ; 23 cm.TC Wilson Library Z678 .W327 2004 Regular Loan