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Keys to Pitching

Keys to Pitching

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Keys to Pitching

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  1. Keys to Pitching A helpful and intuitive guide for presenters to effectively deliver a investor targeted pitch.

  2. I. Introduction • Provide a 20 second overview as follows: • Who you are and what your role is in the business. • What do we do or make? • Who buys it? • Why do they buy it? • What are we asking for today?

  3. II. The Problem • Summarize the business problem or “pain” that is addressed by the product or service. • Quantify the problem. Use dollars or units or other such measures. • Demonstrate that the problem is real and exists today. • Demonstrate that solving the problem actually matters. • Do not state your solution in this slide.

  4. III. The Solution • Summarize your solution. • Be extremely clear and succinct about your solution. Don’t get into “how” at this point; discuss “what”. • Quantify the solution. Use dollars or units or other such measures. • Demonstrate that the solution is “achievable” by your product or technology. • Demonstrate that your solution matters. • Do not disclose proprietary information.

  5. IV. The Market • Summarize yourknowledge of the market. • Be extremely clear and succinct about your solution. • Quantify the solution. Use dollars or units or other such measures. • Show that the market is big and growing. • Demonstratethe “addressable market”. • Show that you are focused and not chasing all segments.

  6. V. The Competition • Summarize the competition. • Show your main competitors. • Show key differentiators. • Figure out a visual graphic to rate competitors. • Don’t say that your competition, for example, is Microsoft. That kind of example doesn’t help. • Don’t assert that you have no competition.

  7. VI. Technology • Summarizeyour technological advantage. • Describe your technology. • Show that it is scalable. • Show how you will protect your IP – e.g. patents. • Don’t get too technical. • Don’t get too enamored of your technology.

  8. VII. Approach to Market • Show how you find and retain customers. • Describe the customer (i.e. the one who has the pain). • Explain your go to market strategy. • Identify current customers. • Don’t try to sell to everyone. • Sell the benefits, not the technology or the features.

  9. VIII. Business Model • Show how you make money. • Follow the money. Show every step graphically. • Show all types of revenue. • Show how you make money at each stage. • Show the impact of scaling on your margins.

  10. IX. Forecast • Show how much money you can make. • Show scenarios, not just one version. • Keep it simple for this slide. • Show when you break-even. • Forecasts for investors must be bottom up. • Show when subsequent capital will be needed.

  11. X. Team • Show current team. • Show well known people if you have them. • If no one has heard of your team, show their strengths. • Show advisory board and board. • Show gaps or vacancies and ask for help. • Show your own expertise as leader/founder.

  12. XI. Milestones • Show you and your team can execute. • Show that your team made past progress. • Produce milestones, customer/market milestones. • Show advisory board and board. • Show what the money will accomplish. • Show metrics of future success.

  13. XII. The Deal • Show what you are asking for (money and help). • Show past money in. • Show money needed and proposed structure. • Show other non monetary help you need. • Show a time frame and a call to action. • Show exit strategy. • Show use of funds.