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Do Now. Using the notebook application on your ipad answer the following questions: #1 Why do teens have sex? (write down as many reasons that you can think of) #2 Why do teens wait to have sex? (write as many reasons you can think of) 5-8 minutes. Why Teens Have Sex.

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Do Now

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  1. Do Now Using the notebook application on your ipadanswer the following questions: #1 Why do teens have sex? (write down as many reasons that you can think of) #2 Why do teens wait to have sex? (write as many reasons you can think of) 5-8 minutes

  2. Why Teens Have Sex

  3. Why teens wait to have sex

  4. Wrap Up: • There are only a few reasons that they think are “healthy” reasons to have sex • Many teens are having sex for reasons that aren’t very healthy ones • There are many reasons for teens to wait to have sex, many of those reasons come from positive self-esteem

  5. How Can I Protect Myself??? • ABSTINENCE • Is the only 100% effective method for avoiding unintended pregnancy, STI’s and HIV • CONTRACEPTIVE METHODS • Become Knowledgeable about and explain ALL of the contraceptive methods

  6. Contraceptives: • Birth control pills • Spermicides • Male Condom • Female Condom • Injectables: Depo-Provera • NuvaRing • The Patch • Emergency Contraception (Plan B) • Diaphragm • Abstinence

  7. Answer the following questions: • 1. What are they • 2. How to use it • 3. Effectiveness (%) • 4. How and where to obtain it • 5. Approximate cost • 6. Positive and Negative Aspects (possible side effects) • Your group will have 10 min to research this information. Be prepared to present!

  8. Birth Control Pills • 1. Pills are made of hormones (similar to the one’s made in ovaries)…This increased level of hormones stops ovaries from releasing an egg each month • 2. Take pill the same time everyday for 3 weeks, 4th week “dummy” pill • 3. 99% for preventing PREGNANCY if taken everyday! • 4. Obtain at a clinic or pharmacy. Must be prescribed • 5. $10-$50 • 6. Pros and Cons….

  9. Spermicides • Foam, gel, suppository, or film which contains chemicals that kill sperm • Inserted into vagina before intercourse • 75%-85% for pregnancy prevention, 98% if used with a condom • Drug Stores • $10-$15 • Pros and Cons…

  10. Male Condom • Thin membrane made of latex or polyurethane – fits over penis to catch semen • 88% when used alone, 98% when used with a spermicide (Pregnancy, STI’s, HIV) • Drug Stores • .50-$1.00 each • Possible allergic reaction

  11. Female Condom • Polyurethane pouch that fits inside the woman’s vagina • Insert before sexual intercourse • With consistent and correct use female condoms are very effective against the spread of HIV, STI’s and pregnancy • Drug Stores • $2.00 Each • Could break or move

  12. Injectable: Depo Provera • Hormonal form of birth control • Progesterone shot given every 3 months – prevents egg from being released • 98% - 99% pregnancy prevention • Doctor or Clinician • $45-$90 • Irreg. bleeding, absence of menstruation, wt. gain, headache, nausea

  13. NuvaRing • Contraceptive vaginal ring that contains hormones that stop ovaries from producing egg • Insert into vagina and leave it for 3 weeks • 99% for preventing pregnancy • Doctor • $35-$40 • Same as those associated with other hormonal methods

  14. Ortho Evra (Patch) • Transdermal contraceptive patch contains • Applied once a week on the same day each week for three weeks in a row. Can be worn on the abdomen, butt, upper torso, upper arm. 4th week it is not worn • 99% effective for pregnancy prevention • Doctor • $15-$35 per month • Similar to other hormonal methods

  15. Plan B • Plan B consists of hormone pills, taken within 3 days (72hrs) of unprotected intercourse for the purpose of preventing pregnancy. These hormones disrupt the lining of the uterus so a fertilized egg will not implant. • Plan B does not cause abortion – if a woman were already pregnant Plan B would not work. • 85% if taken w/in the 72 hr. period • Pharmacy behind the counter if you are 18+. (Call first) Prescription if 17 and under. • $10-$45 • Nausea, vomiting, breast tenderness, headache, irreg. bleeding • NOT A FORM OF BIRTH CONTROL – EMERGENCY USE ONLY

  16. Diaphragm • Soft rubber cup, inserted into the vagina and fits over the cervix. Barrier Method • Put spermicide cream in and around the cup, insert into vagina up to several hrs before intercourse. Do not remove for 8+ hrs. after intercourse. • Highly effective against pregnancy prevention • $35-45 • Allergic reaction

  17. Abstinence • Defined differently by different ppl • Not engaging in vaginal sexual intercourse is the most common definition • Broader: Not engaging in any sexual activity that involves the exchange of bodily fluids • 100% when used correctly • Free • Alcohol may impair one’s ability to remain abstinent

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