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Tree houses

Tree houses

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Tree houses

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  1. Tree houses One wonderful world

  2. Old Tree houses This is a tree house which issited in the bush fringe of Separation Creek in Victoria, perched on a steep forested hillside above the Great Ocean Road and Bass Strait. It is a site that enjoys a unique combination of bush environment with intimate views of Separation Creek, the beach and the Wye River Peninsula to beyond.

  3. A bush tree house The tree must be an integral part of the structure, and it must have the ability to stay in the air. In some cases, minimal ground support may be necessary to ensure safety, but if the tree is removed and the structure is standing, it's considered a playhouse. The shape of the tree will largely dictate the design, but there are many other architectural details to consider during the design process. First, the tree is still growing, and the design needs to accommodate the growth to keep the tree in good health. 

  4. Mouton tree house

  5. The remote Kimberley region in Western Australia features dramatic landscapes filled with river gorges and sandstone formations that were featured in the 2008 film Australia. The Kimberley is also home to the massive boab tree, close relative of the African baobabs. Boab trees have for long been used for supporting tree houses. Boab Trees, Kimberley