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CARE, NRC, Shelter Centre PowerPoint Presentation
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CARE, NRC, Shelter Centre

CARE, NRC, Shelter Centre

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CARE, NRC, Shelter Centre

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  1. 2. NFI standard setting project CARE, NRC, Shelter Centre

  2. Project overview Shelter Centre was asked by the Emergency Shelter Cluster (ESC) to support standard setting and climatic design Shelter Centre is leading the development Current partners include CARE, IFRC, NRC, UNHCR and UN/OCHA Overview Standards NFI kits Climatic guide Questions

  3. Standard setting for most common NFIs Overview 1. Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) is to derive a series of Emergency Shelter Cluster Standards for major shelter NFIs from existing agency specifications, list all specifications in a matrix, find commonalities and develop a range Standards NFI kits Climatic guide ESC STANDARD FOR BLANKETS Questions Blanket specification fromAgency 1 Blanket specification fromAgency 2 Blanket specification fromAgency 3

  4. NFI kits Overview 2. CAREInternational is to derive a series of ESC shelter NFI kits by researching how NFI kits are combined and distributed, and defining a series of core shelter NFI distribution packages Standards NFIkits Climatic guide Questions

  5. Climatic guidelines for NFI distributions Overview 3. Shelter Centre to integrate the NRC work and CARE work along with guidelines for distribution within different climatic zones Standards NFI kits Climatic guide Questions Shelter Centre is consulting with the WASH cluster and other major agencies involved with NFIs in order to maximise impact and prevent duplication

  6. Questions for the breakout group A longer introduction will be given to start each group.Then participants will be asked what they would like to discuss Overview Standards NFI kits Should standards be generated from the specifications of major agencies? Climatic guide Questions What defines a shelter NFI? Should there be a distinction between shelter NFIs and others, such as WASH NFIs