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Student Initiated Projects PowerPoint Presentation
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Student Initiated Projects

Student Initiated Projects

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Student Initiated Projects

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  1. Student Initiated Projects Maddie BurkeSean Harriman Kevin Ferraro Andrew Nauss Marie Rohrbaugh Robert Hughes

  2. FSAE Turbocharger Problem Statement: Successfully implement a turbocharger system on the current WR450 single cylinder engine.

  3. Background Information • Turbocharger system must be light weight, reliable, serviceable, and efficient • Appropriate size will be determined based on intake restrictor, spool time, and chassis space • Heat management and cooling aspects are essential • Turbo is favorable over supercharger due to vibration issues and torque curve • Added weight must be justified through reduced lap times, power increase, and increased fuel efficiency

  4. Stakeholders • RIT FSAE Racing • Lead Powertrain Engineer – Phil Vars • Project Manager – John Scanlon • Potential hardware sponsor – (Honeywell, Garrett, Borg Warner, etc.) • FSAE Project Mentor – Alan Nye

  5. Affinity Diagram

  6. Alternative Fuel Vehicle to Compete in the Green Grand Prix at Watkins Glen Problem Statement: If the Rochester Institute of Technology is focusing on a more sustainable and green future and Watkins Glen International is only an 1.5 hours away WHY IS RIT NOT COMPETING IN THE GREEN GRAND PRIX?

  7. Green Grand Prix: An educational and competitive event which showcases motoring technology that aims for a cleaner environment. Only Official SCCA road rally that promotes entry of all road- legal vehicle types and fuels in North America. Time Speed Distance (TSD) Rally Fri:130 mile fuel economy event on WGI 2.45 mile track Sat:140 mile fuel economy event on public roads around Seneca Lake Current Teams Cornell 100+ mpg Car Redshift Alfred State Honda Insight Edison2 Roo Pod Background Information

  8. Different Vehicles

  9. Relevant RIT Courses Intro to Automotive Design and Manufacture Basic overview of vehicle design Internal Combustion Engines Learn theory and faults/inefficiencies of IC engines Vehicle Dynamics Powertrain System and Design Research Activities RIT eBike Club Center of Sustainable Mobility Human Powered Vehicle Background Information Continued

  10. Sean Harriman (me) Captain of former WIHS Solar Car Team, 1st in 2005 Tour De Sol. Bob Gillespie Chairman of Green Grand Prix Dr. Alan Nye Assistant Department Head, Head of SAE Unidentified Faculty Member of Golisano Institute of Sustainability Center of Sustainable Mobility WHY: Knows electric vehicles, TSD races, car fabrication Running event past 8 years, offshoot of Tour De Sol Knows vehicle design, ME department faculty and space, former senior design projects $4 Million Dollar Grant from U.S. Department of Transportation to assess impact of different alternative fuel and propulsion technologies Stakeholders

  11. Affinity Diagram (Work In Progress)

  12. Water Tunnel at RIT Problem Statement: Build a water tunnel for use within the Kate Gleason College of Engineering

  13. Background Information • Water tunnels used for hydrodynamic testing • Water tunnel has applications in research and educational use • Many past projects would have benefitted from such a testing capability

  14. Background Information • Applicable courses- • Thermofluids Lab I • Fluid Mechanics • Transport Phenomena • Relevant topics • Incompressible Inviscid flow • Aero/Hydrodynamics • Dimensional analysis • Lift/Drag of objects • Energy harvesting

  15. Benchmarks- ELD Model 503

  16. Benchmarks- MSE FlowLab

  17. Benchmarks- Rolling Hills Research 0710

  18. Stakeholders • Dr. Ghosh (initial project idea/educational uses) • Mr. Ed Hanzlik (educational uses/testing) • ME Students • Dr. Lamkin-Kennard (education/testing) • ChemE Department (lab use) • Dr. Steven Day (research) • Sarah Brownell (sustainable projects)

  19. Initial Affinity Diagram

  20. Affinity Diagram

  21. Nanomanipulator Phase Two Problem Statement: Broaden participation and collaboration in nanoscale science by creating remotely accessible instrumentation.

  22. What Is a Nanomanipulator? • Ultra high precision position instrument • Maneuver objects at micro and nano scale • Many uses in research • Inject into individual cells

  23. Motivation • Commercially available manipulators are ~25k • Not controllable over the internet • Increase access, interest and participation in nanoscience • Accessible Via Internet • Affordable (Goal 1K)

  24. Phase One

  25. Stakeholders • Prof Schrlau (RIT Mechanical Engineering) • Prof Stevens (RIT Mechanical Engineering) • Nano-Bio Interface Laboratory Staff • Phase 1 Senior Design Team • End users of product (Students/Scientists)

  26. Affinity Diagram

  27. Summary/Questions? FSAE Turbo • Successfully implement a turbo on the WR450 engine • Compile a reliable, light weight, and efficient turbo system Green GP • High Efficiency road registered vehicle • Funding, Space and University Support Water Tunnel • Useful water tunnel for education, research, and testing • Control flow and visualization capability Moog External Leakage • Minimize leak of test stand • Well developed utilization plan of improved equipment Nanomanipulator Phase 2 • Develop remote control nanomanipulator • Make nanoscience more accessible