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Building for the Future April 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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Building for the Future April 2011

Building for the Future April 2011

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Building for the Future April 2011

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  1. overCity School District Building for the Future April 2011

  2. Community Meeting Welcome School Facilities Update Our Opportunity

  3. Agenda • Welcome - Introductions Randy Longacher, Board of Education Robert Hamm, Superintendent • Hammond Construction – Jeff Tuckerman • MKC Associates – Dave Zeller, Project Architect • – Steve Miller, Educational Facility Planner • District Update • Ohio School Facilities Commission (OSFC) • Dover’s OSFC Opportunity • Community Input

  4. What has been done since 2002? OSFC Assessments-2002 & 2008 2009 Financial Task Force Updated DHS Staff Surveyed Meeting with Community Experts Renovation with New 5th Street Wing Discussions DHS Local Facility Study MKC Input with Construction Options and Costs 2010 Board of Education Review of All Options OSFC Meeting to Discuss Funding Options Community Meeting to Gain Feedback on Renovate or New ENP Eligibility Notification from OSFC City Council Update ENP Application Submitted OSFC Assessment of DHS Notification that Dover is #1 on ENP Eligibility List 2011 Staff Engagement Regarding Facilities Review & Selection of Architectural Firms Times Reporter Staff Tour of DHS Meeting with Bond Counsel Environmental Assessment of DHS Program of Requirements (POR)-MKC & Hammond Construction Work with MKC Facility Planner on How to Proceed

  5. Ohio School Facilities Commission • OSFC Program initiated in 1997 • Separate & Distinct State Agency • Mission: • “To provide funding, management oversight, and technical assistance to local school districts for construction and renovation of school facilities in order to provide an appropriate learning environment for Ohio’s school children” • Future of the OSFC • More Information:

  6. OSFC Terminology OSFC: Ohio School Facilities Commission Master Plan: District wide facility plan and associated costs ENP: Exceptional Needs Program Equity Rank: Determines State Share and Local Share of Project Cost LFI: Locally Funded Initiative • Examples: Auditorium, BOE Office, Bus Garage, Auxiliary Gymnasium LEED Certified: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

  7. OSFC Project Delivery OSFC bases all projects on: • Condition of current facility • Building Assessments • Projected number of students • Enrollment Projection • Community Engagement • Local Input

  8. Ohio School Design Manual OSFC • Structured to provide a district with variety of options in the design of buildings • Emphasis on classroom spaces, not on extracurricular activities • Establishes building sizeand projected cost

  9. OSFC • Taxable Valuation Determines OSFC “Equity Rank” • Property Wealth ÷ Student Population • Dover Schools currently ranks 437 of 612 school districts • Currently Serving Equity Number approx. 400, 4-5 years until OSFC will get to Dover 38% State of Ohio • Shares • 2009 Equity Rank #437 • Dover Local Share 72% • State Share 28% • Dover was pushed ahead because of ENP

  10. Dover School Finances Why a Bond Issue now? Our Students, Staff, and Community deserve it now!

  11. Dover’s OSFC Opportunity First Step - ENP Plan

  12. Dover’s OSFC Opportunity Exceptional Needs ProgramThe Exceptional Needs Program (ENP) is a building replacement program that provides school districts with the ability to protect the health and safety of their students with a new facility. The focus of the program is to identify the facilities in most need of replacement from among the eligible applicants. The program has a single building orientation, so it will not necessarily fund a district’s entire facility needs. Districts awarded an ENP building may also participate in the Classroom Facilities Assistance Program (CFAP) or Expedited Local Partnership Program (ELPP) to complete the balance of their facility needs.

  13. Heating/Ventilation Systems Foundations Emergency Lighting Asbestos Windows Roofing Walls-Chimneys General Finishes Loose Equipment Security/Fire Alarm Systems Handicap Access Life Safety Issues Waters & Sewers Plumbing Interior Lighting Site Conditions Technology Dover’s OSFC Opportunity Master Plan: OSFC Building Assessment Data

  14. Dover High School Exceptional Needs Program Site Visit Score Card Health Life Safety Structure Heating and Ventilation Electrical

  15. Dover’s OSFC Opportunity Master Plan: Enrollment History * Does not include full time JVS Students Source - Enrollment study by DeJong-Healy

  16. Dover’s OSFC Opportunity Master Plan: Enrollment Projection * Does not include full time JVS Students Source - Enrollment study by DeJong-Healy

  17. How Much Will it Cost?(OSFC Guidelines) • Total required square feet • X Cost per Sq. Ft. • = Total ENP Facilities Budget Dover’s OSFC Opportunity ENP Formula - Scope & Budget • How Much Space is Needed?(Enrollment Projections) • # Students (high school) • X Sq. Ft. allocation (high School) • = Total Required Square Feetbuilding

  18. Dover’s OSFC Opportunity • Exceptional Needs Program (co funded) • Project Scope: • Build 1 New 9-12 High School • 887 Students • 148,680 sq. ft. (co funded) • Total building size = 148,680 + LFI sq. ft. • Replacing total sq. ft. of 198,690 • LEED Silver Certified Building • Sell, abate/demo or repurpose Dover High School

  19. Dover’s OSFC Opportunity Co-Funded Master Plan Considerations Items OSFC Will Not Co-Fund Potential Locally Funded Initiatives (LFI’s)

  20. Dover’s OSFC Opportunity LFI Examples to Consider -Purchase of Land • Easy Access • Utilities • Not in Flood Plain • Meets OSFC Acreage Requirements • Cost Savings in SitePreparation

  21. Dover’s OSFC Opportunity Additional LFI Examples to Consider Additional Academic Classrooms Additional Athletic Space Auditorium Auxiliary Gym Outdoor Athletic & Music Facilities Community room Additional Locker Rooms & Storage Enhanced Technology Package Main Gym-Additional Seating

  22. Dover’s OSFC Opportunity • The Simple Truth • Modern education has outgrown some of the buildings where our children are preparing for the future. It makes a difference where they learn.The OSFC is working to ensure every Ohio student has a quality learning environment. Education has advanced to electronic whiteboards, portable computers, expandable networking and interactive video where students can communicate with students on other continents. Students are more likely to prosper where their environment is conducive to learning.

  23. Master Plan Option

  24. Estimated Ballot Millage Ballot Millage Calculation * Includes ½ mill for Maintenance

  25. Dover City Schools Potential Timeline

  26. Getting Organized Board Background Core Committee • Structure • Process Building Advisory Committee INFORMATION / QUESTIONS RECOMMENDATIONS / CONSENSUS Sub- Committees Dover School’s Community DISCUSSION / PROCESSING

  27. Facility Committee Building Advisory Committee - Recruitment • Represents Community • Study Proposed Co-funded Plan for New High School • Develop Building Plan Consensus - Including LFI’s

  28. BAC Meeting Dates May 4, 2011 - Understanding the OSFC opportunity, LFI discussion, and sub-committee assignments May 18, 2011 - LFI sub-committee update and discussions June 1, 2011 - Consensus of LFI items to include in the Dover CSD facilities project June 13, 2011 - Presentation of LFI findings to Board of Education

  29. Community Input • Sign Up for Building Advisory Committee • Name – Phone Number – Email Address • Your input on: • OSFC Partnership • Exceptional Needs Program (Master Plan) • Locally Funded Initiatives • General Thoughts • Directions • One response per note card • Name and contact information optional • All thoughts collected will be: • - Recorded / Database • - Categorized • Answers and conclusions • -Published on web site / media

  30. Dover City Schools Every child……every day!!!