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Building Mathematical Literacy PowerPoint Presentation
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Building Mathematical Literacy

Building Mathematical Literacy

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Building Mathematical Literacy

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  1. Implementing Current Events into Instruction Building Mathematical Literacy

  2. Why current events? • Relevance. Why do I need to learn this? • Regardless of which pathway a student chooses, they need to be aware of the world around them. • I learn more, and that makes me very versatile. • Alignment to Literacy, Culture, Global, and Cross-Curricular • Opens a world to students….it did for me.

  3. NC Professional Teaching StandardsSTANDARD III: TEACHERS KNOW THE CONTENT THEY TEACH • Know subject beyond the content they teach • Direct students’ curiosity into an interest in learning • Relate content to other disciplines • Promote global awareness and its relevance • Help students use technology to learn content, think critically, solve problems, discern reliability, use information, communicate, Innovate, and collaborate

  4. Q1: List the 5 types of literacy our students must develop for the 21st Century. P21 is Partnership for 21st Century Skills.

  5. 21st Century Interdisciplinary Themes • Global Awareness • Financial, Economic, Business and Entrepreneurial Literacy • Civic Literacy • Health Literacy • Environmental Literacy

  6. Q2: Who is Arthur Nielson? /

  7. Inventor of the Nielson Ratings • Midwesterner: Chicago Electrical Engineer: University of Wisconsin Innovator in Market Research • Developed equipment and statistical analysis of radio and television . • $398 million annual earnings. • Introduced the Audimeter in 1936, only about 200 television sets in use worldwide. • 1950 average 1 TV per household and 3 networks • 2010 average of multiple TV’s and 100’s of stations. • Measure TV, Computer, Portables • Measure over 40% of the what the world views.

  8. Where do we get current events?

  9. Q3: What is the difference between a million, billion, and trillion?

  10. Convert it to Time or Money • A million seconds is 12 days. • A billion seconds is 31 years. • A trillion seconds is 31,688 years. • 1980 First Million Dollar Athlete • First Billion Dollar Athlete 2009 • So far in fiscal 2010, the government spent $1.169 trillion more than it made.

  11. Q4:What is the definition of a snapshot?

  12. Average Prescription Drug Prices USA Today Educate

  13. Q5: List and rank the 5 types of renewable energy.

  14. Progress Energy Grants

  15. Q6:What is acrophobia?

  16. Grand Canyon Skywalk

  17. Q7: Where are these bridges?

  18. Building Bridges Web Quest Step 1 Wilmington Star News Archives Skyway contract slated for ’09 . Step 2 Slide Show Step 3 Bridge Types Step 4 Components to a Bridge Step 4 Project Gallery Step 5 Why does it work?

  19. Q8: How does a tower crane get assembled?

  20. They grow themselves.

  21. Q9: What do Brad Pitt and Hurricane Katrina have in common?

  22. His foundation is rebuilding the 9th ward in New Orleans. Mike Holmes on HGTV built this one below.

  23. Q10: Financial Literacy If the average American will see around a 2.5% raise in salary regardless of the career choice, then how much of a raise will a student make if they choose to stay in school, graduate, and take a college class?

  24. Financial Literacy

  25. Q11: Do you know your scales? • Richter Scale • Decibel Scale • Mohs Hardness Scale • Likert Scale What is the Scoville Unit Scale?

  26. The Scoville scale is a measurement of the spicyheat (See: Piquance) of a chili pepper, due to its capsaicin content. Capsaicin is a chemical compound that stimulates chemoreceptornerve endings in the skin, especially the mucous membranes. The number of Scoville heat units (SHU)[1] indicates the amount of capsaicin present. • The scale is named after its creator, American chemist Wilbur Scoville, who developed a test for rating the pungency of chili peppers. His method, which he devised in 1912,[2] is known as the ScovilleOrganoleptic Test. An alternative method for quantitative analysis uses high-performance liquid chromatography, making it possible to directly measure capsaicinoid content.

  27. Q12: PANIC ATTACKS Can you describe a time when you had a panic attack based on something you heard only to find out it wasn’t anything to panic about?

  28. Cartoons

  29. Q13: In the News When is a backpack a source of food? Do alligators go to school? How many students graduate on time?

  30. In the News 106 backpacks for the children of Moberly Every Friday afternoon, the backpacks are placed carefully on the floors of the hallways in the elementary schools of Moberly, Missouri. Alligator wanders into Florida middle school Looking for love, or perhaps just for some cafeteria food or spelling lessons, an alligator was found Monday inside a middle school in suburban Tampa, Florida. Feds: On-time graduation for U.S. remains flat at about 75 percent One out of four U.S. high school students fails to graduate on time, according to a report released Wednesday by the National Center for Education Statistics.

  31. Q14:If you were president, what would you do?

  32. Wyclef Jean for Haiti president. President Wyclef Jean? If I Were President Jean's campaign for the presidency of Haiti is expected to have a lot of popularity among Haiti's young population, who Jean says "doesn’t believe in [its] politicians anymore." His hopeful attitude for the future contributes to his plan to modernize Haiti—something the country hasn’t been able to do because of its history of poverty, violence, natural disasters and often dishonest leaders.

  33. What is Creeping? Investigate and share your ideas for implementing current events into your curriculum. Thank you! Marty