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Yang xinhai

Yang xinhai

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Yang xinhai

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  1. Yang xinhai By Timothy Baxter “Killing people is very usual, nothing special”

  2. Serial Killer • A serial killer is someone who kills multiple times. • Most of the time a serial killer did not have a normal childhood • The reason for killing is not for money but because something has made the killer want to dominate other people. • Before a serial killer kills they normally have a stage where they commit smaller crimes.

  3. History • Yang Xinhai was born in July, 1968 • His family was one of the poorest in their village • He was considered the most cleaver out him and his 3 siblings in his family, but he was also considered to be the most shy.

  4. Rebellious Stage • In 1985, at only the age of 17, Yang had dropped out of school. • Yang spent several years traveling around China, working as a hired labor man. • In 1988 he committed his first real crime, theft; comparatively small as what was to come. • He stole again in 1991 and both times he was sent to a labor camp.

  5. Messing with Fate • In 1996, Yang was sentenced to five years in prison for attempted rape but was released early, 1999. • Before Yang went to prison, he had a girlfriend. When Yang got out this was no longer the case. Yang’s girlfriend had left him because of his sentences. • Yang’s killings began in 1999, shortly after he was released from prison.

  6. Killings Begin • All of Yang’s killings were similar • Weapon choice: axes, hammers, shovels, etc. • Time that killings occur: At night. • Type of people he killed: Farmers. • Choice of attire during killings: Different clothes every time and large shoes.

  7. Last Known Attack • In 2003, Yang entered a home and killed a husband, child, and raped a wife. • After he raped her he beat her to death, or so he thought. • She survived the attack was a big help in the investigation, but she died just a couple days later.

  8. Arrested • On November 3, 2003, Yang was accidently arrested. • Cops were suspicious when they were doing a routine search of a local venue, and decided to bring Yang into questioning. • They later found out that Yang was wanted for rapes and murders in 4 different provinces.

  9. “Monster Killer” • The media named Yang the “Monster Killer” after he confessed to killing 65 people, and raping 23 women. • All this was done in a span of 4 years. • On February 1st, 2004, Yang was sentenced to death and on February 14th he was executed by gunshot to the back of the head.

  10. Motives • The media thought that Yang’s motives for all his killings is to rebel against the world for his girlfriend breaking up with him. He had other thoughts. • “When I killed people I had a desire (to kill more). This inspired me to kill more. I don’t care whether they deserve to live or not. It’s none of my concern. I have no desire to be apart of society. Society is not my concern.

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