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Catalogue Fall 2012 New titles

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Catalogue Fall 2012 New titles

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  1. ÉCRITURE Catalogue Fall 2012New titles Document 2 Politics 3-4 History 4-5 Biography 6 Essay 6 Books of interviews 7 Novels 8-11 Thrillers 11-12 Young readers 13-17 Psychology 17 Health 18 Spirituality 19 Proverbs 19 Forthcoming titles 20 • Founded in 1991, our group publishes approximately 200 titles per year. • Books appear under four imprints : • L’ARCHIPEL (mainstream, both fiction and non-fiction) • PRESSES DU CHATELET (spirituality, health, self development) • ECRITURE (literary fiction and essays) • ARCHIPOCHE (massmarket paperback)

  2. Document China: The New Red Billionaires (Chine : les nouveaux milliardaires rouges) Laure de Charette et Marion Zipfel On the tarmac of Sanya airport, in the tropical island of Hainan in Southern China William Shi, unkempt hair, denim shorts and white shirt, has come to buy a new jet for his father. While the young heir rushes into a car with tinted windows, a small group boarded a forty million dollar private jet for a very private business lunch.Welcome to the world of China’s super rich. “To Get rich is glorious”! Deng Xiaoping’s famous slogan started China on the way to capitalism thirty years ago freeing up entrepreneurial forces of an entire generation. From the “cosmetics queen” Yue-Sai Kan, to the drinks tycoon Zong Qinghou or the young internet mogul Robin Li, Marion Zipfel and Laure de Charette have met these billionaires that have built fortunes in less than a generation. Their fascinating characters and stories give a glimpse of the economic transformation of China. Impatient, workaholics, devoured by ambition and very well connected, they embody the “capitalism with Chinese characteristics”. However, these success stories, sometimes built on corruption, create a deep sense of injustice in a country that is getting more and more unequal. How Communist China has become one of the largest factories to billionaires? Who are these new emperors of business alike and how do they live? How do they spend their billions of yuan? Laure de Charette, 29, is a French journalist living in Singapore since 2010. She works as the correspondent of “The New Economist”, a French leading business review. She has written several books, such as the successful Gotha City - Investigation inside the secret and powerful French aristocracy. She worked during 5 years for the political section at “20 Minutes”, a French daily newspaper, in Paris.  Marion Zipfel, 33, is a French journalist. She lived in Beijing and Hong-Kong for five years. Back in Paris in 2005, she worked 4 years for a weekly radio program about China, “Chine Hebdo” on the authoritative business radio BFM. She’s also been the anchor of SinoSphere a talk show about China on the French TV channel France Ô. She is now in Singapore and works for different medias. Publication: January 2013 - Pages: 300 c. 2

  3. Politics Obama and the Nine American Plagues (Obama face aux neuf plaies de l’Amérique) Guillaume Sérina Based on former advisors’ testimonials, Barack Obama’s close friends and celebrities, Guillaume Serina’s narrative offers a radiography of the biggest democracy of the world. In office since 2008, Obama disappointed those who thought he was a reformist. Health, economy, education and access to knowledge, immigration, Iraq and Afghanistan…: the nine plagues of America are still a pain. By the same author:In America’ s Neck! Publication: August 2012 - Pages: 192 * Israel against Israel (Israël contre Israël) Martine Gozlan Seventeen years after Israeli Prime Minister’s murder, Martine Gozlan, journalist specializing in Islam and the Middle East, recounts reasons and steps of Jewish nation’s fracture. This is the story of the two Israel. This book decodes future crises and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as well as Israeli elections scheduled for Spring 2013. Whereas the split between the two Israels seems bound to last for eternity, everywhere in the world the Jewish Diaspora sheds tears, divided between those who support Israeli policies and those who denounce it. By the same author:Tunisia, Algeria,Morocco: people’s anger 3 Publication: October 2012 - Pages: 256

  4. Sex, Lies and Politics (Sexe, mensonges et politique) Pierre Lunel Pierre Lunel gives a quick outline of politicians who made history through their sexual escapades. A lot of politics are seducers more faithful to their promises than to their wives. The author shows that the link between power and sex is very strong, but paradoxically the latter is their biggest weakness. He discloses great leader’s obsessions and secrets, and doesn’t hesitate to make their characters, sometimes that can be so charismatic, less prestigious. Joseph Staline, Benito Mussolini, Mao Zedong, Jean-Bedel Bokassa, The Kennedys, Bill Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, François Mitterrand, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, Silvio Berlusconi, Jacques Chirac, Dominique Strauss-Kahn Publication: May 2012 Pages: 312 History Russia. Revolutions and Stalinism (Russie. Révolutions et stalinisme) Pierre Vallaud and Mathilde Aycard The two historians Pierre Vallaud and Mathilde Aycard recount Stalinism in Russia, from its origins to its end: a half-century of agricultural collectivism, forced industrialization, imperialist expansion, cult of personality and political terror. The authors present men who have built this utopia – Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin –, the Russian people, the International and “satellite” nations involved in the adventure of “socialism in one country”. A original synthesis with maps, photographs, documents, chronology and bibliography. Publication: August 2012 - Pages: 360 4

  5. Shambhala Operation Nazis in the land of the dalai-lama (Opération Shambhala) Gilles van Grasdorff In 1938, a group of SS were sent by Hitler to Tibet to find the origins of the Aryan race and thus the foundations of Nazi ideology. They tried to look for Aryan remains among the Tibetan population. Gilles Van Grasdorff recounts the experiments performed on the Tibetans, then continued in Dachau and Auschwitz death camps. He reveals SS Heinrich Harrer’s connections with the current Dalai Lama and asks: What was Harrer’s influence on the system and his methods of education and the adoption of Tibetan children? Publication: November 2012 - Pages: 480 c. * Biography Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Bernard Marck Volume 1. A desire to live (La soif d’exister) Volume 2. Bitter glory (La gloire amère) Bernard Marck tells the short but bubbling and frenetic life of Saint-Exupéry, postal hero, seducer, adventurer, and one of the most gifted writers of the twentieth century, who disappeared between sky and sea, on July 31st, 1944, off Marseille. - The result of over twenty years of investigation and exclusive interviews with dozens of witnesses and close ones to Saint Exupery. - A rare documentation, extracted from many public and private archives (Saint-Exupery family, La Rocque, Latécoère, Air France, Bouilloux-Lafont, Winston Churchill...)  . - Bernard Marck’s reputation, biographer of great aviators and author of The Universal Aviation dictionary (Tallandier). Publication: April andSeptember 2012 - Pages: 576 and528 5

  6. Ties in with Edith Piaf's 50th anniversary of death (oct. 2013) Edith and Theo A love story Christie Laume Born in Paris in 1942 to the Greek 'Lamboukas' family, she sang for her family with her older brother Theo, bit initially trained as a beautician. Her life changed in 1962 when her brother (now known as Theo Sarapo) married legendary French singer Edith Piaf (1915-1963). Not only was Christie invited to live with the newly weds but also given a singing role opening several of Piafs concerts and touring with her. Piaf also gave Christie her more French-sounding name 'Laume'. In 1967 she was offered a recording contract with the 'Odeon' label, releasing 4 EPs . Now living in Princeton (New Jersey), she recounts the 18-month love story of Edith and her last husband Theo Sarapo. My Life (Au bal de la chance) Edith Piaf Foreword by Jean Cocteau Piaf’s memoirs, originally published in 1958 and never republished since, offers a vivid self-portrait of the star in her own words: her first years singing in the streets, her ‘début’ in a trendy cabaret, men of her life… 208 pages Rights sold in Poland (Jeden Swiat), Czech Republic (BB Art), Great-Britain (Peter Owen), Latvia (Jauna Daugava), Brazil (Martins Editora), Spain (Global Rhythm Press), Sweden (Bakhall), Estonia (Tapanaev), Russia (State Radia Broadcasting Company), Italy (Castelvecchi) EDITH PIAF (Piaf, le livre d’Edith) by Silvain Reiner Rights sold in Russia (Eksmo), Italy (Arcania), Korea (Imago) A LADY NAMED PIAF (Piaf secrète) by Jean Noli Foreword by Charles Aznavour Rights sold in Japan (Ongaku no Tomo Sha), Czech Republic (Etc), Latvia (Valters un Rapa) 6

  7. Books of interviews The Score of a Lifetime (La partition d’une vie) Jean-Claude Casadesus Jean-Claude Casadesus represents the great French conductors’ heritage, as were Charles Munch, Pierre Monteux and Georges Prêtre. He recounts his childhood in Paris, his family’s odyssey during the Occupation, his Algeria’s war, the introduction to music theory, his Conservatoire’s first prize, but also his relationships with Igor Markevitch, Pierre Boulez, José Van Dam, Edith Piaf and Jacques Lacan. This interviews’ collection, as rich as fascinating, made a real sobering autobiography. Publication: October 2012 - Pages: 392 * Artist’s Life (Vie d’artiste) Daniel Mesguich Unalterable actor, effervescent director, audacious author, and temporary rebel, Daniel Mesguich evokes his childhood in Algiers, his discovery of Tintin, Camus, then Dylan and Brassens; his first theater’s excitement and his boards learning in Marseille; his radio and television’s experience, and his meetings with Margueritte Duras, Ariane Mnouchkine and François Truffaut. Theater, cinema, opera, television, literature, Daniel Mesguich is all that! Publication: November 2012 - Pages: 280 c. In the same collection: I go forward with a mask by Michel Tournier Free Spirit by Jean-Claude Carrière Investigator of History byJean Tulard Cinema in the Blood by Bertrand Tavernier 7

  8. Essay Edward Hopper, the Dissident Claude-Henri Rocquet Edward Hopper (1882-1967) is the most representative painter of Americanness, the Pop Art and hyperrealism’s precursor. By its realism, its classicism and its personal conception of abstraction, his painting invites us to another modernity pictorial’s approach. In this biographical essay, rich in literary, psychoanalytic, cinematic and philosophy’s parallels, Claude-Henri Rocquet offers a true aesthetic reflection of American painting, adorned with paintings’ analysis. Publication: October 2012 - Pages: 344 * Novels Zugzwang Émile Brami When Elie Ben-Itah, a Parisian bookseller, learns his son intended to commit suicide, all his past, marked by disillusionment, misunderstandings, brutality and humiliation, reappears: his childhood in Bourguiba’s Tunisia, his father’s hatred, this feeling to be excluded in the French pension, his meeting with Maud de Bernis and her parents. Until this Auschwitz’s visit with Raphael, his son. This route seems to lead Elie Ben-Itah in a situation of Zugzwang: when the best move, at chess, would be not to play. Publication: August 2012 - Pages: 160 By the same author: History of the Doll (novel) Art brut (novel) Céline (biography) 8

  9. Love in Front of the Wall (L’amour au pied du mur) François Salvaing Summer 1989. They are twenty and meet in a forest of Austria. Renate is an actress who flees East Germany. Vincent, a French musician, immediately falls in love and proposes to put her up in Fontenay-sous-Bois, a Paris suburb. But Vincent’s parents, Gilbert and Nuria, communist activists, don’t approve of accommodate a dissident. Renate, free of thought as morals, spreads troubles in the family. While the Berlin wall falls, in Fontenay-sous-Bois all markers totter and a family breaks up. Serious but not humourless, A Love in Front of the Wall is François Salvaing’s new novel, speaking about one part of his existence: communist commitment. Publication: September 2012 - Pages: 206 * The Saint-Auberts* (1st volume) Raphaël Confiant The first volume of a five-volume saga, covering Martinique’s history from 1900 to 2000. May 8, 1902, Ferdinand Saint-Aubert dies during the eruption of Mount Pelee. He leaves behind him his wife and four children, Saint-Just, Tertullien, Fulbert and Euphrasia. Forced to take refuge in Fort-de-France, The Saint-Auberts try to rebuild their lives while the First World War breaks out. Tertullien goes to war and comes back amputated. Saint-Just becomes a teacher and Fulbert a jeweler. While their mother is sinking into madness, they try to relocate to Saint-Pierre. Publication: November 2012 - Pages: 288 c. 9

  10. Tzu-hi, The Fatal Empress (L’Impératrice fatale) Gerald Messadié Gerald Messadié recounts the destiny of one of the most fascinating personnality of China: Tzu-hi (1835-1908). Orchid-Girl* (La Fille-orchidée*) In 1851, Tzu-hi enters as a concubine at Forbidden City. Thanks to her beauty and intelligence, she gradually becomes the Emperor’s mistress, gives birth to the heir, and, at 26, is named Dowager Empress. The one who will be the last Empress of China will shrink from no crime to protect Q’ing Manchou’s reign of outside world’s intrusion. Publication: September 2012 Pages: 374 Phoenix’s Stake** (Le bûcher du phénix**) In this second volume, the Empress Tzu-hi is about to set her views to the imperial government and carry out her foreigner rejection’s policy. Face to military, economics and commercial pressures, she will require until her death to isolate China of the rest of the world. But the Sino Japanese war breaks out, China lost important territories, and Boxer rebellion signals dynasty’s end. Tzu-hi dies 15th November 1908, at 73. Publication: November 2012 Pages: 352 By the same author: 4000 YEARS OF HISTORICAL MYTHS (4000 ANS DE MYSTIFICATIONS HISTORIQUES) 432 pages. RIGHTS SOLD in Turkey ((Pegasus Yayincilik) JOSEPHINE, NAPOLEON’S OBSESSION (JOSÉPHINE, L’OBSESSION DE NAPOLÉON) 384 pages RAMESSES II, THE IMMORTAL (3 vol.) 330 pages each. RIGHTS SOLD in Russia (Family Leisure Club) SUCH A STRONG HOPE (3 vol.) The Iron Years*, The Silver Years**, The Golden Years***. 374, 374 and 352 pages SALADIN, WARRIOR AND PROPHET 312 pages. RIGHTS SOLD in Turkey (Dogan Egmont) MARIE-ANTOINETTE, THE WRENCHED ROSE 440 pages. RIGHTS SOLD in Romania (Nemira) SAINT-GERMAIN, THE MAN WHO DIDN’T WANT TO DIE (2 vol.) 480 and 440 pages. RIGHTS SOLD in Russia (Eksmo) JACOB, THE MAN WHO DEFIED GOD (2 vol.) 308 and 330 pages COULD THIS BE JESUS? a novel 330 pages. RIGHTS SOLD in Russia (Eksmo) THUNDERSTORMS OVER THE NILE (3 vol.) Nefertiti’s Eye*– Tutenkhamon’s Masks**– The Thief of Eternity*** Each volume: 360 pages RIGHTS SOLD in Turkey (Everest Yayinlari), Czech Republic (Argo), Hungary (Gold Book), Russia (Family Leisure Club), Spain (Styria), Romania (Nemira) JEANNE DE L’ESTOILLE (3 vol.) La Rose et le Lys* - Le Jugement des loups** - La Fleur d’Amérique*** Each volume: 408 pages RIGHTS SOLD in Turkey (Ithaki Yayinlari), Czech Republic (Argo), Russia (Inostranka) 10

  11. The Hautefort’s saga(La saga des Hautefort) Jacqueline Monsigny From the mid-nineteenth century to the Second World War, the destiny of three women with strong character. The Master of Hautefort* (Le Maître de Hautefort*) Noémie Hautefort is not a farmer like other girls. In the mid-nineteenth century, this beautiful country girl can read, write and count. But despite her success, she will experience the grief of a mother, the jealousy of a wife and the torments of war. Publication: April 2012 - Pages: 608 Publication: May 2012 - Pages: 504 The Lady of the Grove** (La Dame du Bocage**) Noémie is now an old woman. Valentine, her granddaughter, is like her and she knows what she wants: to espouse Lucas, a young man without fortune. To test her feelings, her grandmother takes her on a cruise aboard… the Titanic. The wreck will upset the two women. The Tower of Pride*** (La Tour de l’orgueil***) The young Noémie is proud to have the same name as her foremother. Devoting a real passion for horses, she madly falls in love with a married man: Jean de Noisy, her neighbor and famous riding champion. But dark events are coming and the Second World War breaks out… Publication: Aug. 2012 - Pages: 624 Thrillers Go and say nothing(Pars et ne dis rien) Philippe Bouin Witness to a crime, Jovien Porol cowardly fled at his engagement’s eve for not denouncing one of the culprits. When he comes back seven years later, his close relatives meet a different man again who will do anything to do justice himself and punish the culprits at his own way. His investigation will lead to a disturbing truth. Will he have the courage to reveal it? Or will he listen again to the insidious advice from the three monkeys: “Go and say nothing”? By the same author: Publication: October 2012 - Pages: 312 11

  12. “Black Heart” : a place a historical event big names of French thriller A new collection I Leave Tomorrow for an Unknown Destination (Je pars demain pour une destination inconnue) Maud Tabachnik May 1947. While the British government places limitations on Jewish immigration to Mandatory Palestine, Serge Menacé, son of deportees, tries to carry out a delicate operation: to embark more than 4500 survivors of the death camps on a clandestine boat bound for the Promise Land. A dangerous and perilous trip begins for these men and women, which will turn into a nightmare. Supported by a complete and accurate historical documentation, this thriller tells the great adventure, marked by people’s courage and will to live, of the Exodus. Publication: September 2012 - Pages: 242 * The Rings of Shame (Les Anneaux de la honte) François Thomazeau Summer 1936. Albert Grosjean, journalist to Sport – a French weekly newspaper close to the Communist party – is sent to Berlin to cover Olympic Games. But he has too a secret mission: to support Spanish republicans and stop German weapon’s export to the Iberian Peninsula. And he hopes to take advantage of this trip to honor a promise: to give to Anna, one of his friend’s fiancée, a ring, pledge of their love. But during a party, Albert sees Anna on Goebbels’ arm. Has the pretty German Jewish fencer accepted to support the Nazi Government? 12 Publication: August 2012 - Pages: 264

  13. Young readers Twilight’s Shadow (L’Ombre du crépuscule) The Last Aguri* (Le Dernier des Aguris*) Jane Kinkster Saved by a stranger from an attack of a barbarian horde, Lorella and Jonas are left in front of a strange institution, destinated to train the future elite of the world. Students learn cruelty and manipulation, then strongest are selected. The last vestiges of culture, knowledge and humanity are set aside. In this disturbing atmosphere, Lorella and Jonas will discover the strange personality of their colleagues at the occasion of a series of unexplained deaths. But heroes come too close to the truth and are victims of a real manhunt. Publication: October 2012 - Pages: 272 * The White Death Chronicles (Chronique de la mort blanche) Nicolas Cluzeau FANTASY The island of enchanting legends Orlandia is in danger. An unknown epidemic is decimating wizards, druids, and fairy-beings of the island. The Lord of one of the North’s Steps, Endrew O’Finn, takes advantage of this misfortune and makes himself High King of Orlandia, and gives the order to destroy every enchanted creature. But the South’s Steps refuse his authority, and deny this monstrous order. War has started; darkness is invading magic and people’s hearts. Hope gradually slides away… A heroic fantasy tetralogy of a great erudition written in a lyrical style. Before Darkness* (Avant les ténèbres*) - October 2011 - 304 pages Black Sapphir** (Noir saphir**) - May 2012 - 336 pages Dragon of Mists*** (Dragon des brumes***) - September 2012 - 336 pages The fourth volume will be published in Spring 2013. 13

  14. Dreams’ Skin (La Peau des rêves) Charlotte Bousquet BIT LIT In the ruins of the Sagrada Familia, Najma, a mysteriously gifted Gipsy, is the prisoner of Itzan’s clan. She uses the magic of her tattoos and tells stories, in order to gain time and delay her execution. But who is she? Why does she usurp the identity of the real target, Ximena, daughter of Itzan’s sworn enemy? Will the Chimeras discover the truth? A five-volume paranormal romance (three volumes already available). Tattooed Night* (Nuit tatouée*) October 2011 - 240 pages Burnt Night** (Nuit brûlée**) February 2012 - 240 pages Chimeras of Dawn*** (Les Chimères de l’aube***) November 2012 - 240 c. pages * The Black Trilogy (La trilogie noire) Martial Caroff Karl, Layla, Ronan. Three students from different backgrounds, three contrasted personalities that should have never met, will stick together, through the terrible events they will have to cross. Karl* Vaison-sur-Marne, a Paris dark suburb. Karl, a fellow flirting with crime, meets at the police station Ronan, son of a cop. His path crosses with Layla, the daughter of a rich art dealer. Chance will bring these three in the streets of Vaison. Into a trap where they will face bullies, their lieutenants and a swarm of young devils... They will have only a few hours to get out. Publication: March 2012 Pages: 224 Layla** Layla, Karl and Ronan rush in a gear and will do the best they could to find the murderer of Layla’s father and help the young girl to overcome this tragedy. The three friends will discover the famous art dealer was not a stranger to drug’s world. In spite of terrible events they will have to go through, nothing will separate them. Publication: September 2012 Pages: 224 The third volume, Ronan will be published in Spring 2013. 14

  15. Nervous Sushi (Sushi nerveux) Jérôme Noirez At Japanese heaven kingdom, the young goddess Sû, kami of the sun, has one more time a fight with Susanowo, her little brother, and decides to be locked at home. Then, the sun disappears and a terrible winter beats down on Earth. Susanowo is punished by his father to live seven years among mortals and two goddesses, Omoikane (wisdom’s goddess, but fairly depressed) and Uzumé (happiness’ goddess but a bit too party girl) have the perilous mission of convincing Sû to stop the Cold and restoring order. Publication: September 2012 - Pages: 144 * Zigomette’s Adventures (Les Aventures de Zigomette) Pénélope Pastel The exploits of a Super Heroin for children from 10 to 13. A series full of humor which announces the girls’ revenge on boys! Zigomette’s Adventures* (Les Aventures de Zigomette*) Clara, a smart schoolgirl, is fed up with her cousin Alexis and his band who lay down the law at school. Helped by gadgets inherit of her uncle and by her practice of combat sports, she becomes Zigomette, a masked avenger. Publication: May 2012 - Pages: 128 Show Biz** The masked avenger is back! During “Pop Academy” selection, two young girls are competing: Ambre, who is beautiful but has not exceptional talent in singing, and Mahault, who has an uncommonly voice. Jealous of her, Ambre risks one’s all to eliminate her rival, with Clara cousin’s help: Alexis. But things go too far. Supported by an unknown ally, Zigomette decides to handle things and forestall this conspiracy. Publication: November 2012 - Pages: 128 c. 15

  16. Blue Water (L’Eau bleue) A Perfume of History*** (Un parfum d’Histoire***) Béatrice Égémar After the Middle Ages and the Court of Louis XIV, Béatrice Egémar takes us in the Interwar period. Thanks to the correspondence between Suzanne Maurier – Tombarelli’s descendant – and her friend Edith, we discover the creation of the first modern perfume, the bewitching scents of flowers fields of Grasse, the Paris of the Roaring Twenties and its celebrities: Picasso, Coco Chanel, the poet Jean Cocteau….Family secrets, girl’s professional ambitions and loves that come and go: Blue Water bring memories of two young girls back. Volume 1. Angels’ Water (L’Eau des anges) Volume 2. King’s Water (L’Eau du roi) Publication: October 2012 - Pages: 208 * Will you still love me…? (Et vous m’aimerez encore… ?) Laurie Cohen ILLUSTRATED BOOK The subject of divorce is always difficult to tackle, especially with children. That’s why Laurie Cohen proposes to address with a poetic and tender tone this painfully and difficult time, during which parents are often overwhelmed by the situation. A family that breaks is a real tragedy for a child; this book aims to explain gently why parents have no desire to live together anymore. Publication: November 2012 - Pages: 36 - 180 x 240 mm 16

  17. Psychology Such a man, what mother? (Tel homme, quelle mère ?) Jean-Claude Liaudet Jean-Claude Liaudet seeks to identify the effects of mother’s role in her son’s future love life, examining the different stages of their relationship from birth to adulthood. He also describes the role of the mother in the difficulties that can cross a couple (fear of commitment, excess or inhibition of desire…). This book tackles a key issue for the balance of the couple, and can be useful to both men and women. Publication: November 2012 - Pages: 288 c. By the same author: FREUD EXPLAINED TO PARENTS (FREUD EXPLIQUÉ AUX PARENTS) 312 pages BELIEVING IN ONESELF (CROIRE EN SOI, OU LA CONFIANCE PERDUE ET RETROUVÉE) 240 pages DAUGHTERS AND FATHERS (TELLE FILLE QUEL PÈRE ?) 264 pages PSYCHOANALYSIS WITHOUT COMPLEX (LA PSYCHANALYSE SANS COMPLEXES) 216 pages. Rights sold in Greece (Savvalas) DOLTO EXPLAINED TO PARENTS (DOLTO EXPLIQUÉE AUX PARENTS) 316 pages. Rights sold in Greece (Patakis), Portugal (Pergaminho), Turkey (Guncel), Spain (Plaza y Janes) 17

  18. Health The Virtues of Clay (L’Argile et ses vertus) Bernard Baudouin Clay is now seen as a miracle cure for feeling good and be in great shape. Before he gives many healing properties of clay, the author explains the processes of extraction and production thereof. Then, he lists the different types of clays and details in which case each must be used. Finally, Bernard Baudouin suggests a lot of recipes, formulas and beauty tips. With all its virtues (revitalizing, purifying, antiseptic…), clay is the natural product we cannot do without. Publication: May 2012 - Pages: 192 In the same collection: The Virtues of Vinegar by Pierre Vican The Virtues of Essential Oils by Pierre Vican The Virtues of Bicarbonate by Pierre Ripert The Virtues of Lemons by Anne Lavédrine * Floral Waters, a New Art of Live (Les Eaux florales, un nouvel art de vivre) Jean-Charles Sommerard Floral waters are known to protect, calm down, flavour a cake or a fresh drink. These “waters”, with sophisticated property and several virtues, are a gift of nature reachable for all. Many floral waters exist and each has its application. Jean-Charles Sommerard suggests a complete practical guide to discover properties of floral waters: therapeutic, culinary, aesthetic and well-being. He also gives us general information about history, origins, and preservation of these waters. Publication: October 2012 - Pages: 296 18

  19. Spirituality I communicate with the Dead (Je communique avec les défunts) Alain Joseph Bellet Alain Joseph Bellet is confronted to paranormal phenomena and communicates with dead people since he is six. Thanks to this gift, he has quickly understood that his mission on Earth is to help those suffering from the lost of a beloved. Thus, he delivers precious messages to dead persons family and friends. In this autobiography, Alain Joseph Bellet recounts the birth and development of his psychic faculties and explains the difficulties to accept and share them. Publication: June 2012 - Pages: 264 Proverbs The Big Book of Russian Proverbs (Le Grand Livre des proverbes russes) Prince Constantin Mourousy This book gathers more than one thousand proverbs together, reflecting spirit of Russian folk, its essence and originality. Russian language, famous for its aphorisms and brevity, is full of proverbs as just as accurate. Although, Pushkin used to say: “What splendor, what subtlety, what wisdom in a Russian proverb! They are worth more than gold!” Publication: November 2012 - Pages: 224 In the same collection: Arabic Jewish African Caribbean Tibetan Indian Chinese 19

  20. Forthcoming titles January-February 2013 Novels A Shadow on the Shore (Une ombre sur la rive) by Yveline Gimbert Closed Town (Ville close) by Franck Maubert Desperately Looking for a Cat (Cherche chat désespérément) by Vénus Khoury-Ghata Suspense Lion of Flanders (Le lion des Flandres) by Roger Facon Essays Imperative of the living (L’impératif du vivant) by Thierry Gaudin Testimonies She-Wolf Muslim (Louve musulmane) by Amale el Atrassi An Uncle named Hergé (Un oncle nommé Hergé) by Georges Rémi Jr Biography Fidel Castro, a Life (Fidel Castro, une vie) by Jean-Pierre Clerc History Hannibal, the Man who Frightened Rome (Hannibal, l’homme qui fit trembler Rome) by Luc Mary Guides 3000 House, Garden and Kitchen Tricks (3000 trucs et astuces) by Marie-Françoise Loock Cooking Do-it-yourself : bread, pastries and cookies (Et si vous faisiez vous-même pain, viennoiserie et gâteaux secs) by Pierre Ripert Do-it-yourself : marmalades, jellies and chutneys (Et si vous faisiez vous-même confitures, gelées et chutneys) by Marie Borrel Self Help The Virtues of Teas and Herbal Teas(Les bienfaits des thés et tisanes) by Pierre Ripert 20