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Catalogue 2011/2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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Catalogue 2011/2012

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Catalogue 2011/2012
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Catalogue 2011/2012

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  1. Catalogue 2011/2012

  2. Established in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on March 8th 1969, (International Woman’s Day); Embelleze is proud to bring the transforming power of beauty to millions of women, all over the world. Embelleze knows very well about physical beauty and the human soul. Thanks to the great diversity present in Brazil, Embelleze has had the special advantage to study and developed what is best for women hair needs. About us “Since 1971 Embelleze is dedicating with body and soul to create solutions to help women to transform herself in every moment of her life.”

  3. MARKET SEGMENTS HAIR TRANSFORMING (relax & perm) Solid leadership in sold units and value Share around 37% of sales to consumers Source: Nielsen – July/August-2010 HAIR COLOR Leadership in sold units since 2004 Share around 19% of sales to consumers Source: Nielsen – July/August-2010 HAIR TREATMENT Leadership in sold units since 2008 Share around 30% of sales to consumers Source: Nielsen – July/August-2010

  4. The brand – Strong and with Professional results which have conquered the hairstylists. Leader in value in the Treatment segment. Its innovative formula has high technology, different from the regular creams and making the cream into a real nourish for hair. Novex Women –She is tuned and always in search for novelties. She is a contemporary and strong personality woman. Above all, she is a remarkable woman, dynamic and confident of her beauty. Verb –To treat / To Nourish Intelectual Alibis –It last more, it is more concentrated, has a good scent, and contains A to Z vitamins. This cream was approved and tested. It is an ultra-deep treatment that nourish and acts as a weapon to have optimal results. Why do we act like this –We want to make this brand into a “safety island” for women, that means that, regardless of what she makes with her hair, Novex will be there to nourish the hair again.

  5. Keratin is a natural protein that reinforces the structure of the hair filaments, giving elasticity ,ensuring shine and softness as well as increasing the natural movement of hair. Suitable for lifeless hair. The 15 Brazilian Active ingredients present in the formula bring life and protection to the hair. After the application of this product the hair will be healthier, softer and moisturized. Deep hydration and condition for all type of hair. Ingredients: Guarana, Avocado, Coconut, Acai, Cupucacu, Coffee, and more …

  6. NOVEX BAMBOO Novex brings the valuable asset of Bamboo to give strength and growth to your hair. Its moisturizing properties protect and nourish, leaving hair healthy, soft, with hair fiber growth and strengthened.

  7. NOVEX OLIVE OIL The modern formula of Novex provides a deep treatment for the hair that combines protection, hydration and nutrition. Olive Oil is an excellent natural emollient that provides softness and vitality.

  8. Argan Oil The Argan Oil is extracted from the seed of a rare Moroccan tree. It has as asset the Vitamin E and is rich in essential fatty acids. After each application prevents frizz and dryness, leaving hair silky and more hydrate. Moroccan Oil Recommended for dry, split ends and frizzy hair

  9. Recovering Mix Composed exclusively of actives such as Silicone, Keratin, Ceramides and Avocado, Novex Recovering Mix treats the hair fiber deeply and specially, restoring the health, shine and softness of hair chemically treated. For chemically damaged hair by formaldehyde or other straightness agents. 12 Actives - BellezaPura The combination of the 12 actives that this formula contains, form a complex system of restoring, protection and nourishment of the capillary fiber. In addition, its properties bring an amazing shine. Ingredients : Chocolate, Honey, Keratin, Silicon, Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Milk Protein, Vitamins, and more … Recommended for shine less and dry hair. Body Builder The Novex hair Body Builder contains lanolin that provides brightness and smoothness, it contains a powerful moisturizing effect. The lanolin acts along with the vitamin E, which has an early antioxidant, an anti-ageing action, preventing dryness and dehydration of the hair. Suitable for hair dyed, relaxed, and permed

  10. One application sachet

  11. The brand –Natural hair coloring that uses nutrients from herbs, flowers and fruits from the worldwide flora, mainly from Amazônia. No ammonia nor peroxide in its formula, just mixed with potable water and it turns into a cream for easy application. Natucor Women –Women that search for more natural and less aggressive proposals. They care about beauty and what they consume. They want to integrate with nature, feeling her moments. They are concerned with the environment and the ecological causes. They don’t believe in every new “fashion” and neither in that whatever comes from “abroad” is better. Verb –To Dye / To Feel Intelectual Alibis –No ammonia and peroxide. It mixes with potable water. It has extracts of natural actives in its formula. It has a fragrance of Green Leaves. Why do we act like this –Because we believe that the difference of the brand is the “natural”, and that nowadays the world is already heavy and artificial enough.; that’s why we always need to offer less aggressive and more natural proposals to our consumers, highlighting their beauty more and more .

  12. 12 Color Shades Ammonia and Peroxide Free Natucor is a powdered permanent and semi permanent hair color, 100% compatible with relaxed hair and all kinds of chemically treated hair. For all types of hair

  13. 12 Color Shades • Special Pack: • Permanent Color Pack with 36 units • Semi Permanent ColorPack with 36 units 6 colors per Special Pack

  14. Spontaneity Sensuality Colorful Versatile Respect for nature Our Contact: Embelleze USA Tustin – Ca – 92782 Ph: 714-326-9493 Toll Free: 877-439-0437 Ana Paula Pereira – California Sales & Distribution Building our partnership • Why you should work with us : • Brazilian wave -> World Cup + Olympic Games + 7th Biggest Growing Economy in the world. • Brazilian way of life: President Obama in Rio de Janeiro March 2011