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Lily The Black Bear PowerPoint Presentation
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Lily The Black Bear

Lily The Black Bear

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Lily The Black Bear

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  1. Lily The Black Bear

  2. Lily Information Lily lives in a den in Ely, MN. Ely is 250 miles or four hours north of Maple Grove. Ely Maple Grove

  3. Lily is being observed by researchers. They are studying black bears. They want to help protect bears and teach people about them.They are at the North American Bear Center in Ely. Lynn Rogers Sue Mansfield Biologists and Researchers Pictures of the Bear Center in Ely, MN

  4. Lily Facts • Lily is a three year old wild black bear. • Researchers put a video cam in her den. • Lily had a cub on January 22, 2010. • Many people watched her give birth live on the web cam. • There was a contest to name the cub. The female cub is now called Hope. • Now you can watch Lily taking care of Hope live on the web cam. • or •

  5. Black Bear Facts • Black bears in Minnesota hibernate for six months. (September or October until April) • Black bears do not sleep the whole time. They may wake up and leave their den or take care of cubs. • They have good hearing and sense of smell but poor eyesight. • Bears are good swimmers and tree climbers. • Bears communicate with growls, whines and sniffs. Woof- woof sounds mean danger is close by. • Bears live alone except for mothers with cubs. • Cubs are usually born in January or February and stay with their mother until they are 16-17 months old. • Black bears rarely attack humans. Grizzly bears may attack.

  6. Lily and Hope • Now that Hope is getting bigger and it is getting warmer, Lily is leaving her alone in the den. • Lily goes out to get more bedding for the den. • Hope gets mad and cries for Lily. • Lily gives Hope comfort by making a woo-woo sound.

  7. Hope leaves the den Hope crawled out of the den on March 21st. Many people were worried about her. The researchers told everyone it was ok. Lily and Hope went back to the den later. They may leave more as Hope gets bigger. So watch soon because the bears are on the move! or or

  8. Another fun show… • Tune in to Bearwalker of the Northwoods on Animal Planet's Wild Kingdom • April 4, 2010 at 7:00 pm • This is about Dr. Lynn Rogers who is the biologist/researcher who is in Ely, MN and studying Lily and Hope. The bear in the show is June, Lily’s mother. • You can watch a preview at this web site:

  9. You are listening to Hope’s happy sounds! Created by: *Tre’aunna* * Eric * * Kaleb * *Alex * *Anjoel* * Spencer * *Kaitlyn* *Victoria* Special Guest Stars: Lily and Hope Executive Producer: Mrs. Meester