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Black Bear

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Black Bear

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  1. Black Bear By:BenM.

  2. Introduction The black bear is a really cool animal. I chose this animal because I like it and it’s interesting. Did you know that the black bear can be black , white , blue and more colors. Now I’m going to describe the black bear.

  3. LIFE CYCLE • Now I will tell you about the black bear’s life cycle. The second year is the hardest for young black bears because they need a place to live. If a cub learns its lesson well, it will live for ten to fifteen years. Before a cub can run off, the cub and its mother sleep until the end of winter. If a black bear runs out of food, it’ll eat a twig. It only mates from June to July. In January and February, it has one to five cubs are born they are blind. In the spring, the cubs weigh ten to eleven pounds.

  4. Body Characteristics Now I’m going to tell you about body characteristics. The black bear’s average weight is 375 pounds, but it can weigh up to 600 pounds! It has short, round ears, small eyes, and stocky legs. Did you know the black bear has short, curved claws and walks flat footed? It can also get up to 5-6 feet tall if it is a male.

  5. Habitat Now I’m going to tell you about the habitat for the black bear. The black bear only lives in North American forests. Black bears live near creeks, streams, or lakes. It lives near places with nuts and acorns. Did you know a black bear’s range is from Alaska, Canada, to Mexico? Black bears like swamps, mountains, and woodlands.

  6. Interesting Facts Now I will tell you about interesting facts. There are many interesting facts to know about the black bear. One fact is if there is danger, a black bear will scratch a tree and then passing animals will know there is danger. Did you know a black bear can be black, white, brown, or more colors? Sometimes if you’re walking in the woods and see a black bear it won’t hurt you because if you don’t harm it, it won’t hurt you. If you do harm it, it might hurt you.

  7. Enemies and Survival Functions Now I will tell you about the black bear’s enemies and survival functions. Black bears have a lot of enemies but they always try to survive them. The black bear’s biggest enemy is a grizzly bear. Sometimes a wolf or two will come around and usually lose. It’s dangerous for a cub to be by itself because a wolf or grizzly bear could eat it.

  8. Food and Nutrition Now I will tell you about food and nutrition. The black bear eats any meat or plants found. It loves honey, blueberries, strawberries, and apples. It also likes nuts and acorns. Sometimes black bears will eat some fish or sometimes another black bears.