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cherished number plates

cherished number plates

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cherished number plates

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  1. Cherished number plates

  2. TIPS TO FIND PERSONALISED NUMBER PLATES • Today one can find the growing popularity of personalised number plates on the cars. The • number plates are no longer a luxury but these are cheaply available in the market. all the • personalised number plates have different values with combination of various numbers and • letters to make it unique. The way in which the characters are combined that the personalised • number plates are set apart from the ordinary car registration. • The personalised number plates enable to read the name of the people, specific words or • contain numbers pertaining to the owner. The popular choice is to purchase personalised • number plates which contain your initials. These are easily available at an affordable price.

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  5. If you are considering buying new registration for your car then it is very essential to understand how personalised number plates are made of. Personalised number plates are used often to represent letters. One of the classic examples is the combination of letter E with 3. The other number which letter to represent I, 2 is usually read as R and so on. The combination of these helps in the formation of unique personalised number like MAS 732S. In the same way there are various other number combination can also be uses like 11 to represent H or U and all this needs an ominous bolt between the numbers. The alteration of number plate is illegal and the keeper is liable to a fine and the car can fail an MOT inspection.

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  8. After purchasing the personalised number plates, the number plate should be created according to certain format laid down by the DVLA. Dateless number plates are the oldest private registration numbers and do not have any identification of the user and hence can be assigned to any vehicle irrespective of the manufacturing year. The personalised number plates come in two types, firstly letter followed by numbers and numbers followed by letters. The dateless number plates with the numbers first came about when the original dateless series were exhausted. Later the local councils reversed the format to double the amount of combinations available. The dateless number plates with numbers first are called reverse dateless number plates. It is more desirable to have the format of letters followed by numbers as shown in the number plates as an original issue and is more valuable.

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  11. Some of the other type of personalised number plates include suffix and prefix car registrations. There are suffix number plates which have 3 letters followed by 3 numbers and the last letter denotes the year of issue. Prefix personalised number plates are just the opposite of suffix registrations and contains a letter denoting the year of issue which is followed by 3 numbers and then 3 letters. DVLA was introduced in September 2001 and according to it the format was 2 letters followed by 2 numbers and then 3 letters. It was assumed that the new format would not incur much results but with the passage of time there was much development and one can see the plates with BL07 GGS(Bloggs) and RU55 ELL(Russell). One of the most important things to remember is that the car cannot be made to look younger. But one can make it appear older.

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