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PH-DT Group Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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PH-DT Group Meeting

PH-DT Group Meeting

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PH-DT Group Meeting

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  1. PH-DT Group Meeting M.Capeans, A.Catinaccio 7/05/2013

  2. Outline • Meetings: a summary of how we are running the group • o   DTCM • o   DTTM • o   Technical seminars • Safety status in the group and next talk by Mark on WS conformity and PH safety.

  3. Overall Meeting Framework DT Management and Coordination Meeting DDH, GL, DGL, SL, Senior staff and invited PLs DT Technical Meeting Chaired by DGL GL,SL, DSL of EO, EM1, EM2 Section meetings SLs, PLs of DI, DD

  4. DT Coordination meetings • Use coordination Meetings as management forums to discuss news, projects, resources and priorities in first place • Participants: DDH, GL, DGL, SL’s, PL’s, Safety Linkman, Senior Staff, ad hoc invited, Veronique. • The information is then shared via the DT Technical meetings and Section meetings propose your input

  5. DT Technical Meetings Information flow, regular follow up of technical matters and workload, discuss & assign priorities, distribute tasks, collect direct feedback. Participants: GL, DGL, SL’s, DSL’s and Supervisors of EO, EM1, EM2, Safety Linkman, ad hoc invited, Veronique propose your input New entries DT EO, EM1

  6. Coordination & Technical Meetings 12 events since last September Need now to re-start Section meetings

  7. Wide Audience Meetings Seasonal Group meetings DT Seminars • Focus: INFORMATION • CERN, PH and DT news • Presentations on DT and CERN wide topics and projects • Projects • Services • Specific Technical Training

  8. DT Technical Seminars • 1 technical seminar / 2 months organized by SLs • 1 topic/section/year • At DTCM we concentrate on strategy, priorities, manpower, costs, management issues (5 to max 10 slides by project). • Instead, a long and exhaustive presentation, could be perfect for the technical seminars organized by the sections every 2 months. • In those technical seminars (open invitation to the group) the all group and the management should profit to have a good overview of the project on-going.

  9. PH/DT Group – A word on Safety Vacant position But: each of us is responsible for safety in our work;

  10. Safety in the group • This year focus: • Machine conformity AND Workshop conformity in 10 DT facilities. • Support and coordinate local WS supervisors. • The goal: to be completed by fall. • What’s next: • Improve safety in laboratories, assembly areas, experimental areas, equipment, facilities, storage, offices, buildings (with TSO’s), etc. • Coordinate and support TSO’s (TSO’s will be centrally coordinated by Mark Hatch, PH safety officer, via the new DT Safety Linkman) on issues like building status, electrical conformity, chemicals, hazards and other safety related issues. • Next detailed presentation by Mark on Conformity in DT Workshops and new directives by the department

  11. Material

  12. PH-DT MECHANICAL WORKSHOPS & NON-CONFORMITY OF FIXED MACHINES - STATUS Work completed in 166 cost share agreed with ATLAS. Work completed. cost share and guaranteed usage agreed with ALICE. Work started Work on-going in 20, 21, 155, 3, 25 by Nicolas Bourgeois Price estimates given and budget obtained from PH Objective End 2013 (PH-DT team) Andrea Catinaccio & Mark Hatch