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Back Pain Treatment PowerPoint Presentation
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Back Pain Treatment

Back Pain Treatment

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Back Pain Treatment

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  2. Back pain is pain in the back area, whether there's an underlying condition or no condition can be found. It is a very serious problems, there are numerous treatments depending on your related condition Best way of back pain treatment is Endoscopic laser spine surgery

  3. Endoscopic laser spine surgery is a minimally invasive method of performing spinal surgery with advanced computer with least intrusive which can permanently relieve upper and lower back pain, its mental stress and the inert life that one has to lead because of it.

  4. The surgery • Firstly a tube is put into the spinal cord via a small incision on the spine. • Skin and muscles are gently expanded by putting larger tubes on smaller ones. • After the insertion of the final tube the operation is done using lasers, fiber optic camera and microscopic magnifying equipment's. • The small portion putting pressure on the nerve endings and spinal cord is removed leaving the rest of the disc completely unharmed. • With the use of laser the chief cause of the back pain- the herniated discs and nerves are untangled.

  5. This surgery entails none of the risks of general anesthesia as it is done under a combination of local anesthesia and intravenous sedatives. It is very non- intrusive involving no major incisions on the back. The duration of the surgery is about one hour and the time taken for recovery is short too.

  6. Conditions treated Some of the most painful conditions like sciatica, arthritis, herniated discs, spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease leading to back, neck and leg pain can be treated by laser spine surgery.

  7. Compressed Nerve Roots Bone Protrusions A surgical procedure known as Foraminotomy can even treats Bulging Discs Scar Tissue

  8. Advantages of Spine treatment over traditional surgery Unlike conventional surgery, the entire spinal cord need not be cut up for laser spinal surgery. Complete surgery is done through small incisions ensuring less blood loss as well. Few scars are left reducing future risk of scarring tissue leading to more pain. There is no need for long hospitalization and the danger of other organs being affected is also very less. Post-operation there is a small and often no need at all of physical therapy. Other than lifting heavy weights you can soon go back to living your normal life.

  9. Recovery from spine treatment • Minimum 6 weeks activity level is limited to walking and daily activities • Avoid heavy lifting, bending, twisting or turning, climbing motions • Consult a physical therapist for regular exercises for quick recovery • Avoid staying in one posture for long time • A healthy diet will help in healing • Avoid carbohydrates and fat contents • Drink plenty of liquid fluids everyday • Apply an ice pack to the surgical area. Ice packs relieves pain and increase blood flow to promote healing

  10. Back pain need not mean the limiting of your active life, the minimally intrusive spine surgery at spine treatment can quickly make you as fit and healthy as you were before the back pain.