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Lower Back Pain Treatment PowerPoint Presentation
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Lower Back Pain Treatment

Lower Back Pain Treatment

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Lower Back Pain Treatment

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  1. Lower Back Pain Treatment The five vertebrae in the lumbar region of the lower back are the largest and strongest in the spinal column. However, because the weight of the whole upper body rests upon the lower back pain, lumbar pain and stiffness is the single most common problem of the muscular and skeletal system, accounting for more sick days than nearly any other medical condition. During their life, 80% of people will experience lumbar pain at some point, and many will be plagued by it for a large portion of their adulthood.

  2. Due to the frequent occurrence of lower back pain and its effect on the quality of life, chiropractors have developed considerable skill and experience in dealing with it. Since lumbar pain can be caused by several conditions, having a knowledgeable chiropractor is particularly important in order to choose the correct form of Lower Back Pain Treatment and help to prevent recurrence. The majority of lower back pain is due to muscle and ligament strains and sprains of non- specific origin, usually through a combination of overuse, overloading (carrying or lifting heavy objects), poor posture and lack of exercise. Non-specific back pain is benign in that it is not caused by a structural problem in the spine, but can still be immensely painful and disabling for the time it takes the muscles to heal. Our Location Active Family Chiropractic 60 Market Street Suite 215 Gaithersburg, MD 20878 (301) 963-8333