communicating your agency performance through citizen centric reporting n.
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Communicating Your Agency Performance through Citizen Centric Reporting PowerPoint Presentation
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Communicating Your Agency Performance through Citizen Centric Reporting

Communicating Your Agency Performance through Citizen Centric Reporting

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Communicating Your Agency Performance through Citizen Centric Reporting

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  1. Communicating Your Agency Performance through Citizen Centric Reporting

  2. Evie Barry Director of Performance & Accountability Reporting AGA 1-703-684-6931, ext. 324

  3. Association of Government Accountants 15,000+ Members in 2011 43% are employed by state/local governments in the area of accounting, auditing, budgeting, investigations, finance, performance, grants Certification offered – Certified Government Financial Manager (CGFM)

  4. AGA’s Mission The Association of Government Accountants serves government accountability professionals by providing quality education, fostering professional development and certification and supporting standards and research to advance government accountability.

  5. S Strategic Goals Member Value Thought Leadership Empowerment Certification – CGFM Collaboration

  6. S Government Accountability as defined by AGA: “A government’s obligation to its people for its actions and use of resources.”

  7. THOUGHT LEADERSHIP ACCOUNTABILITY PROGRAMS Citizen Centric Reporting Certificate of Excellence in Accountability Reporting Certificate of Achievement in Service Efforts & Accomplishments Reporting

  8. Certificate of Excellence in Accountability Reporting Federal Agency Performance and Accountability Reports are reviewed and evaluated by AGA Awards are given to those agencies whose reports are deemed excellent

  9. Certificate of Achievement in Service Efforts and Accomplishments (SEA) Program’s Mission: to stimulate and help state and local governments prepare comprehensive performance reports that inform the public, elected officials and management about their governments efficient and effective use of taxpayer dollars.

  10. Certificate of Excellence in Citizen Centric Reporting CCRs are: Intended to foster innovative means of communication between governments and their citizenry To make governments more accountable to their citizens, and help Americans become better educated and better able to participate in government activities.  

  11. CURRENT STATE OF GOVERNMENT REPORTING The Problem Citizens Believe AGA Survey (2008 and 2010) • Dissatisfied citizens • Reporting too technical • Distrust in government • Entitled to transparent financial information • Governments have an obligation to provide this information

  12. CURRENT STATE OF GOVERNMENT REPORTING Conclusions • 75% of Americans believe that the availability of government financial management information is very important • Approximately 80-90% voted; 75% indicated that financial management information was an important factor in their vote • Overspending and/or wasting money is top concern from voters PEW Survey (2010) • 80% respondents in CA, IL, and NY distrusted their state government

  13. CURRENT STATE OF GOVERNMENT REPORTING Commitment • AGA is committed to increasing the levels of transparency and accountability and driving understanding among the general public. • AGA recognizes that citizens have a right to an understanding of how governments are spending their money. • AGA is dedicated to improving communication to the public that is neither technical nor lengthy.

  14. CURRENT STATE OF GOVERNMENT REPORTING The Answer • Citizen Centric Reporting • General Guidelines • Short (four pages) • Understandable • Easy to read • Informative

  15. Constructing a Report – Page 1 What is the Government Chartered to do? • Vision Statement • Strategic Goals • How the government is organized • Demographics • Table of Contents

  16. Page 1 • Elements • Table of Contents • How entity is organized/operates • Key Accomplishments • Organization Mission/Goals • Key Tips • Reuse existing content • Refer to existing sources

  17. Constructing a Report – Page 2 Performance Information on Key Missions and Service (cont’d)

  18. CURRENT STATE OF GOVERNMENT REPORTING Performance Measurement “Public sector performance measurement involves a systematic and continuous assessment of how much and how well services are delivered”

  19. CURRENT STATE OF GOVERNMENT REPORTING “Performance measurement is the promise of efficiency, effectiveness and improved performance, accountability and building trust.” Kathryn Kloby, ASPA 2006

  20. CURRENT STATE OF GOVERNMENT REPORTING Performance Measures should be: • Practically quantifiable • Based on data • Should indicate how much, how well, and what level product/services are provided



  23. Page 2 Elements • Selected performance measures (from CAFR) • Incorporates pictures and other graphics Key Tips • Provide multi-year context • Compare to similar cities

  24. Constructing a Report – Page 3 Revenues and Expenditures • Include revenue and cost data for major areas • Use pie charts • Reference audit conducted • Reference website for detailed financial information

  25. Page 3 Elements • Free of technical language • Charts to display revenues and expenses • Audit statement • Location of complete financial information Key Tip • Seven or fewer categories on bar and/or pie charts

  26. Constructing a Report – Page 4 Future Challenges and Economic Outlook • Include items specific to the community that will have future effects (economic changes, tax cuts or increases, major new employer, employer leaving, unemployment, technological improvements, infrastructure improvements, education, environmental aspects, being transparent, etc) • Ask for feedback by including a contact name and contact information

  27. Constructing a Report – Page 4 Future Challenges and Economic Outlook (cont’d)

  28. Page 4 Elements • Future challenges affecting the entity • How to follow-up and provide feedback Key Tips • Distribute report both electronically and in print • Issue in timely manner

  29. Constructing A Report Design Guidelines • Visual Appeal & Readability • Use of Pictures and Graphics, Color • Ample White Space (not text heavy • Free of technical jargon • Professional designer or publishing software

  30. Tools and Guidance Online • Content Guidelines • Design Guidelines • Templates – • Microsoft Publisher • Microsoft Word • In-Design • Completed Reports

  31. Best Practices in Developing a Report

  32. Distribute the Report/Feedback • Print in local newspaper • Post to website • Print bulk copies – libraries, grocery stores, city hall • Hold a press conference • Governor’s office and government officials • Activist groups • Ask for feedback • Web statistics • Calls to office • Mentions in the media

  33. Completed Reports AGA Local Governments: Beavercreek Township Fire Dept, OH Benton County Treasurer, WA Blount County, TN City of Bellevue, WA City of Boise, ID City of Columbus, IN City and County of Denver City of Jefferson, MO City of Kentwood, MI City of Lancaster, MA City of Las Vegas, NM City of Lexington, KY City of NAPA, CA City of Palo Alto, CA City of Portland, OR City of Portsmouth, VA City of Saco, ME City of San Mateo, CA City of Scottsdale, AZ City of Stamford, CT City of Tallahassee, FL Cumberland County, PA District of Columbia Guilford County, NC King County, WA Maricopa County, AZ

  34. Completed Reports Local Governments (cont’d): Metro Govt of Nashville/Davidson Cnty, TN Palm Beach County Tax Collector, FL Springfield-Greene County Health Dept, MO St Louis County, MN The Village of Los Lunas, NM Town of Sahuarita, AZ Educational Institutions: Evansville School District Guam Community College Guam Public School System University of Guam AGA Chapters: Aroostook County, ME Greater Columbus, OH Guam

  35. Completed Reports (Cont’d) State Governments: Idaho State Police State of Idaho State of Maryland MA Developmental Disabilities Council State of Nevada State of New York State of Oregon State of South Carolina TN Comptroller of the Treasury State of Texas State of Washington State of Washington Audit Federal Government: US Coast Guard Denali Commission General Services Administration National Science Foundation The Architect of the Capitol Treasury Franchise Fund USAID US Department of Defense US Department of the Interior Other: FMI Canada

  36. Awards Program • Certificate of Excellence in Citizen-Centric Reporting (and Achievement Certificate) • Peer Reviewed • No Charge to Participate

  37. AGA Online