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  1. Legend: = Optional SDM-RAD Business Issue Phase Task Breakdown Phase 1

  2. 2.0 User Design Phase 2.01 Kick off the User Design Phase 2.02 Prepare for Iterations 2.03 Execute Iteration 1 2.04 Execute Iteration 2 2.05 Execute Iteration 3 2.06 Confirm the Solution 2.07 Plan the Sprint Phase 2.08 Conduct Phase-End Decision Point Meeting Conduct Project Profile Review Meeting Schedule JAD Sessions Conduct the JAD Session Conduct the JAD Session Conduct the JAD Session Conduct the FOIA Assessment Decompose the Solution Create the Decision Point Meeting Presentation Create the Kickoff Presentation Create the Initial Requirements Work book Refine the Prototype Refine the Prototype Refine the Prototype Conduct the HIPPA Assessment Create the Sprint Plan Distribute the Decision Point Presentation Review Team Member Roles & Responsibilities Create the Initial Data Model Refine the Requirements Refine the Requirements Refine The Requirements Establish “Shortlist” of Solution Alternatives Create Sprint Kickoff Materials Conduct the Phase- End Decision Point Meeting Review Overall Project Goals Create the Initial Business Process Models Refine the Models Refine the Models Refine The Models Complete the Solution Alternatives Document Create the Test Strategy & Plan Execute Communication Plan Review User Design Phase Goals Create the Initial Prototype Prepare for Iteration 2 Prepare for Iteration 3 Baseline the Iteration Deliverables Document the Technical Architecture Create the Backout/ Recovery Plan Review Lessons Learned Establish the Development Infrastructure Create the Risk Analysis – Scope Workbook Create the Deployment Strategy & Plan Review Team Procedures & Standards Conduct the TRB Design Review Update the Project Management Plan Review Phase Exit Criteria Create Specifications Update Cost Benefit Analysis Update Project Team Wheel Legend: = Optional SDM-RAD User Design Phase Task Breakdown Phase 2

  3. 3.0 Sprint Phase 3.01Kick off the Sprint 3.02 Construct Sprint 3.03 Execute Sprint UAT 3.04 Execute Sprint Performance Testing (O) 3.05 Deploy Sprint 3.06 Prepare for Next Sprint 3.07 Plan Production Support 3.08 Conduct PSC Decision Point Meetings Install “Golden Build” Into UAT Environment Install “Golden Build” Into Performance Test Environment Review Overall Project Goals Establish the Remaining Infrastructure Prepare the Deployment Sites Update the Sprint Plan Create Solution Overview Create the Decision Point Meeting Presentation Review Team Member Roles & Responsibilities Code & Unit Test Software Update the Project Management Plan Document App Support SLAs Conduct the Decision Point Meeting Execute Sprint UAT Test Cases Execute Sprint Performance Test Cases Install “Golden Build” Into Production Environment Review Sprint Goals Create/Update User Documentation & Training Materials Update the Cost/Benefit Analysis Document Network Support SLAs Execute Communication Plan Manage Defects Manage Defects Activate the New Solution Review Team Procedures & Standards Prepare/Configure Defect Management Tool Prepare for Next Sprint Kickoff Document System Availability SLAs Conduct Sprint UAT Signoff Meeting Conduct Performance Test Signoff Meeting Conduct Sprint “Go/No-Go” For Deployment Establish “Golden Build” For Production Establish “Golden Build” For Production Review Sprint Exit Criteria Create Sprint Test Cases Document Support Roles & Responsibilities Execute Backout/Recovery Plan * Establish “Golden Build” For System Testing Document Problem Ticket Workflow Conduct Post-Mortem * Create Production Support Turnover Checklist Install “Golden Build” Into System Test Environment Meet with Project Steering Committee * Execute Sprint System Test Cases Manage Defects Conduct UAT Turnover Meeting Establish “Golden Build” For UAT SDM-RAD Sprint Phase Task Breakdown Phase 3 Conduct Vulnerability Scan Legend: = Optional = These activities are executed iteratively for each sprint = Executed only if there was a “NO-GO” Decision “*”

  4. SDM-RAD Closure Phase Task Breakdown Phase 4

  5. Document Attributes Document Revision History PMO USE ONLY