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International trade facilitators PowerPoint Presentation
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International trade facilitators

International trade facilitators

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International trade facilitators

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  1. International trade facilitators

  2. Company presentation 2010

  3. introduction FORMA MG, LLC (Forma) is an American and Mexican owned Texas company established in 2008 but with over 40 years combined experience working with Mexican manufacturers and North American customers. FORMA’s core competency is developing private label programs for retail, distributor and wholesale customers through combining the strengths of the various manufacturers we work with. We form an integral part of our Mexican client’s export sales force by assuming responsibility for and developing key accounts. With offices in Mexico and the U.S. we are always close to both the producer and the customer. In Mexico, FORMA has a staff of professionals at our Monterrey office that assists the factories with order processing, artwork approvals, logistics, invoicing, collection, customer service, etc., monitoring each step and making sure that the manufacturers meet the customer’s needs and expectations. Our Mexico City office manages the partner factories in Southern Mexico. In the U.S. our sales office manages key accounts and coordinates the activities of sales associates (external reps and brokers) throughout North America.

  4. value added At FORMA we add value to the supply chain by drawing on our strengths, which include: longstanding manufacturer relationships that facilitate negotiations Extensive knowledge of how to do business in Mexico with no language or cultural barriers, allowing us to get things done quickly and reducing misunderstandings and risks for the customer In-country presence with fully staffed offices in Mexico that communicate daily with our manufacturing partners Years of experience in the U.S./Canadian market selling a variety of products into both retail and wholesale channels The ability to manage and monitor all steps of the private label process from the initial processing of orders and approval of artwork, approval of production samples, shipping, clearing customs, and through to the final delivery We also do warehousing and distribution out of Laredo, TX, allowing our customers to buy in full or less than truckload quantities.

  5. mission Our mission at FORMA Is twofold: To go beyond the typical sales representation relationship providing our manufacturing partners with an integrated and effective sales team dedicated to export markets To fully meet the customer’s needs by ensuring that they receive no less than the expected levels of customer service, product quality and on-time delivery from their Mexican suppliers Our focus is on bringing together manufacturers and customers to the benefit of all

  6. values Our values are what have brought the members of FORMA together, and include: Honesty and transparency in all our business dealings Striving to benefit all members of the supply chain with respect and fairness to all Hard work and attention to detail Generating employment and the opportunity for our associates to grow within our organization

  7. organization

  8. products FORMA prides itself on its knowledge of a diverse range of product categories like those mentioned below. We continually seek out high-potential manufacturers and locate factories according to customer needs. We also partner with external sales and marketing firms that specialize in specific product types (i.e., food brokers, etc.) Cleaning products (household chemicals, cleaning tools – brooms, mops, brushes, sponges, etc.) Food products (candies, pastas, cookies) Candles (decorative, religious) Health & beauty (hair gel, shampoo, soap)

  9. contact Please contact us to discuss how we can help you take advantage of our years of experience in facilitating international trade with Mexico. We look forward to working with you!