wind damage a potential harm caused by storm n.
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Wind Damage - a Potential harm caused by storm PowerPoint Presentation
Wind Damage - a Potential harm caused by storm

Wind Damage - a Potential harm caused by storm

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  1. Wind Damage – A Potential harm caused by Storm

  2. Context • Introduction • Preparing before the Storm • Preparing after the Storm • Conclusion

  3. Introduction • Wind Damages caused by Natural Disasters like Hurricane and Storms can have severe effects on any kind of property. • Wind with more than 50 mph speed has the tendency to uproot the trees and cause structural damages to the properties. • The ramification of wind damage will cost a lot to a homeowner. • So it is necessary to safeguard our property before it hits and to reduce the chances of damaging the property to the least.

  4. Preparing before the Storm • Some areas are very prone to hurricane and storm than any other areas. And Florida is one such state. • If you live in the Hurricane zone like Florida, then you must prepare your home and other property hurricane and storm proof, which can do by taking some safety measures. • Try to renovate the roof on time by replacing the broken shingles and repairing the roof system and for windows, you can install hurricane shutters to safeguard it from the strong winds.

  5. Preparing after the Storm • The aftermath of the storm cannot be described. The strong winds have the potential to destroy or uplift your total rooftop and to damage the property by inclining the trees. And also the property can get damaged by the water intrusion in the storm. • In this situation, one can claim the insurance from the insurance company for their financial support and restoration service. • For the insurance claim, homeowners should file the claim and for Restoration service, home owner’s can hire a Professional Restoration contractor in their city.

  6. Conclusion • Wind damage can leave devastating experience to a homeowner and in that repairing the damage can be stressful. • It will be easy to handle the repairing part by hiring a Professional Restoration company for their service. Some Wind Damage can be avoided by taking safety measures. • Despite the safety precaution, sometimes natural disasters will toll our life and our property. So it is important that one should take necessary safety measures and hope for the best.