lets get real n.
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Lets get real. PowerPoint Presentation
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Lets get real.

Lets get real.

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Lets get real.

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  1. Lets get real.

  2. The town is contaminated, the site is contaminated.

  3. Is it making people sick, and could people be dying from it? We say yes, they say noblah-blah-blah

  4. They say the site is clean, I say its not.

  5. They say the stuff won’t hurt you, we’ve been here our hole life were ok, but we all know people who are sick or died!

  6. Human nature is until it happens to you you don’t care, until it does happed to you, and then the whole world should care.

  7. If that’s what you’ll want, lets wait “great”, you want it to be another 35 years or until something happened to you.

  8. A man greatest wealth is accumulated in the last 20 years. Insurance policies, investments, Ira’s and the such.Get sick what happens? The community looses as a whole when it happens over and over.

  9. Ever meet any of those people who are so stupid, they don’t even know there stupid.Did you know a study was done on Blackwell and the IQ average lost by living here lowered by 7.

  10. What is the vice presidents name?

  11. 90% forgot, that was a unfair question, cause who cares.

  12. Seriously, if you remember vote on March 3rd, this is why we made 250 signs that say vote March 3rd.

  13. Of course we are in trouble where we put some of the signs. The rules always change.

  14. Last time I did this, the city only wanted them put on designated areas. Those areas were where the signs were at the parks, now they say NO NO NO. That was back when Byron was code man.

  15. Sorry, I’ll remove the signs, until I can find the old code.

  16. Go drive around town, there are other peoples signs everywhere, out by the street, intersection, on light poles, a cannon next to the street, signs all along Doolin and Main, almost all are out of CODE.

  17. But by God, if O Deffner puts any signs up, remove them.

  18. So people come gets these signs!Just put the one in that says VOTE MARCH 3rd

  19. And every registered voter in Blackwell can vote. You do not have to live in the Ward, this is an “at Large Vote”, which simple means every vote counts no matter which Wards are up for election.

  20. So if you are voting for Bechtel you vote on March 5th, cause he didn’t put any signs out.Just kidding,,,sort ofVote March 3rd

  21. FYIFor Your InformationA hearing date has been set for February 18, to discuss the Grand Jury’s Final Report

  22. As to the City wanting 5% of all cable profits for the use of the easements and the legality of such request. We requested an attorney general opinion, it is being worked on, and we should know soon.

  23. As far as the lawsuit against the city in Which Get LLC filed, we are exchanging info and preparing for trial.

  24. The allegation in the Journal by a Ponca City resident, that I can’t operate the cable system and be on the council is just plain stupid.

  25. The Franchise provides for free Basic cable service to the City and its departments.

  26. I have provided Free cable and internet to the Library, City Hall, Fire Dept, Museum, Police Dept, and other places to save the taxpayers money.

  27. As they say no good deed goes unpunished.

  28. Thanks for reading!