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Lets Get Excited

Lets Get Excited

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Lets Get Excited

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  1. Lets Get Excited Advisers Guide to Community Councils

  2. Advising vs. Supervising Lights, Camera, Action

  3. Study This! • Take a moment and discuss the Case Study with the members of your table.

  4. Election Packet Review • Election Packets on Table

  5. Required Positions Senator- Liaison between ASG and Community Council RHA rep- Liaison between RHA and Community Council Optional Positions President Vice-President Financial Director Programming director Communications director Community outreach director Any other position that you or your students would like to have. Calling ALL Leaders

  6. If you invite them, they will come… • Be excited during hall opening. Have a sign up sheet for interested students. • Create personal invitations for individuals that sign up at hall opening. • Share leadership opportunities through Community Council. • Let students know this is THEIR money and they should be apart of the decisions on how to spend it. • Information session within building/ quad. • Promote during LLC Kickoff and first corridor meetings.

  7. MOM METHODS OF MOTIVATION • Provide incentives for council members (i.e. Gift certificate to the member who brings the most people to the next program) • Recognition and awards for council members • Bring fun snacks to council meetings • Spring semester have a welcome back pizza party • Have a surprise meeting and take the council some where exciting

  8. Who’s Supporting you? • Ways to find support • Each Community Council will have a member of the RHA executive board as a hall liaison. • Keep open communication with this member. • There should be closer collaboration between the Student Staff Members and the Community Council • Having the Community Council meetings directly after staff meeting. Have the RA’s sit in on the Community Council meetings • Have a RA be the Community Council Co-Adviser as a collateral assignment.

  9. Things my dad never told me. • Benefits of the Hall Council vs. Community Council • You do not have to create a Community Council, it is at the advisers discretion whether or not their building will combine with another. Provides autonomy for the advisers in the building • Look at the dynamics and interest of the students. • Review the dynamics from the annual report from last year. • Ask the Student Staff members what they think works best for the population of students living in the building.

  10. North Quad McFarland Brandon Hepburn East Quad Dennison Collins Wilson Western Campus Havighurst Thomson Clawson Central Quad MacCracken Richard Minnich Hamilton Porter South Quad Dodds Anderson Stanton Academic Quad Wells Bishop Stoddard and Elliot Ogden Met Quad Emerson Tappan Morris How many combinations can you find?

  11. End of Year Report • Please explain the function of your Community Council? Some items to include would be… • Please discuss your recruitment strategies for your Community Council. Some items to consider would be… • Please discuss your training strategies for your Community Council. Some items to consider would be… • Please explain the advising structure for you Community Council. Some items to consider would be… • Please discuss any other items that are pertinent to your Community Council that may not have been addressed in the previous questions. • Please discuss the overall effectiveness of the training for Advisors of Community Councils. Some items to address would be… • Do you have any suggestions regarding RHA or Community Councils for the future. Some areas to consider would be…

  12. Questions and Comments